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New 2023 Electric Rolls Royce Spectre

This is a sneak peek at the first ever electric Rolls Royce, the Rolls Royce Spectre. This is going to be one of the coolest cars in the world and is expected to come out in late 2023. Today Sergi shows you around the coolest features of the Rolls Royce Spectre and shows you what makes this car so special

Foreign this is the world’s first ever electric rolls-royce it’s set to come out in late 2023 but today we’re going to show you guys some images of the front the back the interior and some of the coolest features that rolls royce is bringing to their upcoming rolls-royce specter a little bit of an unofficial reveal based on our research and investigations let’s

Get started now i can’t think of a single company that’s better suited for electrification than rolls-royce apart from all of the obvious luxury and fancy flexes rolls-royce has established an unparalleled driving experience that they call the magic carpet ride being in a rolls-royce feels so smooth that it literally feels like you’re floating on a magic carpet

And that’s with a huge v12 now replace that v12 with dead silent electric motors and swap the gear shifting with one continuous acceleration what do you get you get a magic carpet ride on steroids but not like the angry aggressive kind i mean like you know just a more magical carpet or something in fact during the making of the rolls-royce specter rolls-royce

Achieves such an absurd level of silence inside of the cabin that some of the engineers began feeling sick from sensory deprivation and that’s a true freaking story which is insane you don’t hear anything literally nothing like the tram is just going you don’t hear anything nothing a moving car with absolutely zero sound can completely mess with your sense of

Balance and orientation anyways rolls royce fixed that getting back to the outside of the car a lot of you guys might look at this thing and think bro that looks like a raid and you’re not wrong but you are wrong at the same time according to the team at rolls-royce the specter is based on the same architecture of luxury as the pulling in the ghost thank you and

The phantom but the dimensions and the proportions of the car are going to be similar to that of the phantom coupe getting into the finer details you guys might not have noticed that the spirit of ecstasy is getting a complete makeover it used to be like this and now it’s more like that if that makes any sense you can now see that the spirit of ecstasy is in a more

Lower crouched down stance like for more power and more physicality and it’s got one leg forward representing progress all rolls royces after the specter are gonna have this new spirit of ecstasy on them additionally you’re also probably going to be able to get an illuminated version of the spirit of ecstasy rolls royce already offers this but it’s banned in a lot

Of areas if we’re electrifying the car electrify the spirit of ecstasy make that thing glow anyways the car is coming out in late 2023 but rolls-royce is already accepting deposits to buy the car and you guys know who paid that deposit supercar blondie baby foreign that’s right we like the rolls royce specter so much that we’ve already paid a deposit to get one

Okay not me but like alex from supercar blondie we can just ask her straight up how that experience was how do you buy a car that’s not even out yet so i paid thirty thousand dollars for a reservation but it’s not guaranteed that i’m actually going to get it because they’re only sending under 200 of them to the uae so fingers crossed i get an allocation and i’m

Gonna get it in the next year but i haven’t yet seen it so let’s see all right so anyways it’s time to reveal the car we’ve seen the camouflage shots and with the help of digital advancements and innovations we have a pretty good idea that the rolls-royce specter will look something like this let’s start off with the front below the new spirit of ecstasy is the

Rolls-royce grill but some of you deep thinkers out there might have thought hold up if it’s an electric car they don’t really need a grill to cool the engine right yeah you’re right to be honest that grill is going to be there mainly for decoration because they’re kind of obligated to have it there the grill is probably the most iconic part of a rolls-royce and if

They were to erase that can you just imagine seeing a rolls-royce without the grill so even though they don’t need a grill they’re gonna have a grill but this grill is probably going to be functional whether it’s to cool the batteries or the brakes i don’t know but it will be a functional grille the other option is that it’s a sealed grill because rolls-royce is

Owned by bmw and bmw already offers sealed grills on some of their cars even on my car when the car is off the grill is completely sealed off and when i turn the car on the grill opens up it’s pretty cool but for an electric car if it’s not functional you might as well just have a sealed grill and you know what i’d like to see rolls-royce do that’s 100 not gonna

Have open an illuminated grill that fills up according to battery charge anyways i don’t see rolls-royce doing that at all but it would be pretty cool moving on let’s talk about the headlights yet again we see the split headlights design we literally just did a video revealing the ferrari porosang way that also had this and we mentioned how this look is trending

Now many car companies are going for this look but i think the most famous split headlight design comes from bmw and their 7 series when bmw first revealed the 7 series everybody was going apesh and since bmw owned rolls royce boom here it is again speaking of bmw we can also expect the specter to use some bits and bobs from the bmw i7 we already know that the

Batteries have been built in collaboration with bmw anyway speaking of headlights i actually went to the rolls-royce headquarters over in the uk and i saw the new phantom starlight headlights and i think they look incredible this is crazy this is the first ever starlight headlight 520 individual stars in there inside of a headlight these headlights on the specter

Look way too thin to have that feature which kind of stinks because that would have been an excellent touch anyways moving on the wheels we got 23 inch rims coming standard obviously because it’s an electric car you have a little bit more of that covered kind of style that everyone’s going for and of course you’re going to have the weighted rolls-royce logo in the

Middle as always on the side obviously judging by the positioning of the door handles we’re gonna get suicide doors again which is always great and you have the slope shape which makes people think that it looks like a wraith but again it’s supposed to have the same kind of dimensions as the rolls royce phantom coupe and that brings us to our second render the back

Not a crazy amount to observe the tail lights look great and obviously there’s no exhaust pipes because this car is electric still though we can expect a more refreshed sporty look than what we have on the rolls royce today all right lastly it’s time to talk about the inside now this is a tough one to figure out and this is purely speculation but we know that

Rolls royce has a pretty go-to look i expect this car to be one step below the phantom on the rolls-royce hierarchy but definitely in the highest end of the rolls royce lineup of course we can expect soft leather seats with glossy textures and potentially a phantom-esque gallery with whatever you want to put in there the galleries on the phantoms are incredible

They look so freaking good and you can pretty much request to have just about anything you want on there this single piece of glass going from end to end which i don’t know how it looks on camera but in person it’s pretty shocking i mean it is a thing of beauty people have even requested to have their deceased family’s ashes on there so if you want to put a piece

Of wood from your childhood favorite tree or you want to put anything else they can pretty much do it in fact there’s even a strong chance that this thing is going to be able to play nfts that’s right the game is changing also the starlight roof should come standard and we can expect this car to start at about four hundred thousand dollars the car should have a

Range of about 600 to 650 kilometers and be the most aerodynamic rolls-royce ever built and by the way this is a dawn of a new era because absolutely all new rolls-royces will be fully electric by the year 2030 and the specter getting the party started what do you guys think let me know like the video and subscribe to the channel see you guys next time foreign

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