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Hi everybody welcome to george moore chevrolet my name is sam martin today i’ll be showing you this 2023 uh traverse chevy traverse high country and then yes you heard it right this is a 2023. so as far as the exterior goes for the 2023 traverse you still get that redesigned front end and body exterior of course so that extremely aggressive front for the traverse

Uh it being a high country now you do get the bronze accents here on the grill as well as of course the high country badging here on the side of the vehicle as you can see there plenty of chrome to go around on the vehicle you have those um silver and gray rims with the chevrolet symbol in the center of course this is a mosaic black metallic exterior and it has a

Jet black interior with uh some brown inserts and i’ll show you that in just a second this vehicle comes equipped already with roof racks keyless entry and of course it is packing a 3.6 liter v6 you can’t open it via the button right here on your key e you have a sensor underneath you can put your leg under and it will open the tailgate as well or simply collapse

It by collapse it by this button right here this vehicle does have your piston assisted deploy seats so they can go up and down by a simple pistons you don’t have to push them yourself blind spot sensors on your mirrors and take a look at that interior all right everybody now we’re in the inside of our traverse plenty of things to go over so start off here at the

Very top this vehicle does it have a dual sunroof system so you have an upper sunroof and one in the rear for our passengers those controls are sitting right over here you even have of course a sun cover which is for the rear mirror goes back in front like so power deployed for both the front and back and tilt control this is still an onstar enabled vehicle so you

Have anti-theft vehicle recovery engine kill and the app on your phone that allows you full control of your vehicle down from that is another really cool addition as a camera mirror is located in your rear view mirror that is customizable with brightness control zoom control and height control down from that we have the infotainment system very large eight inch

Screen of course it does come with a navigation system like so apple carplay and their auto standard bluetooth as well as wi-fi connectivity through uh onstar very responsive system two rear end frontal climate control and if we go right here this is a 360 surround camera system you have a frontal and rear camera connections for charging right over here wireless

Charging pad right over here for your phone in terms of center console plenty of space in there as well it’s not collapse or anything of this sort you have for front to collision warning sensors right over here as well as your heated steering wheel that is also shared here with your heated and cooled seats for both passenger and driver power folding mirrors like

So with the blind spot sensors as i mentioned memory seats tailgate deployment from the inside both speaker systems if we take a look in the back we can see how the leather interior looks with those uh indented um brown accents so if you’re looking for a family suv being the top of the line model equipped with everything that you can get for these uh traverses

And 12023 early access to the vehicles as well come down to georgetown chevrolet and see me sam martin hopefully we can have you drivers eddie home

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NEW 2023 CHEVROLET TRAVERSE FWD 2LZ By George Moore Chevrolet

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