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Altair Club Cars NEW 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Review: Cadillacs Very First All-Electric SUV

NEW 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Review: Cadillacs Very First All-Electric SUV

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Originally suvs were not designed to be fuel efficient but modern designs are getting better fuel mileage and becoming increasingly popular did you know in 2014 u.s sales of suvs were over 5 million vehicles and in 2021 full-sized suv sales in the us were the fastest growing segment up to 21 welcome today we’re talking about the brand new suv cadillac which has

Been dubbed the suv of the future the 2023 cadillac lyric is the brand’s first all-electric vehicle and the vanguard of a bunch of new evs from parent company general motors before we get into detail about the suv just a reminder that we have an interesting bonus fact for you towards the end of the video with that out of the way let’s get into it what does suv

Mean suv is an american term that was first applied to cars with a lot of passenger and boot space that were capable of driving off-road over rough terrain they were aimed at the kind of people who spend their weekends doing outdoor sports like canoeing and mountain biking the term is now applied to a much broader range of cars some are very small and some are

Large luxury cars such as the range rover some even drive like sports cars like the porsche cayenne for example most are excellent family cars within that wide spectrum there are a few things that link suvs and mark them out from other types of cars they all have suspension that puts them higher off the ground than a saloon or hatchback most have comparatively tall

Bodies and many are available with four-wheel drive what is the lyric it’s considerably bigger than the chevrolet bolt and has a long wagon-like profile think of it as being a little longer but a little shorter than a subaru outback besides being all new the lyric also introduces a new generation of battery technology and cadillac’s latest technology features the

Limited edition lyric debut edition starts at 59 hundred and ninety dollars while the more mainstream versions will begin at sixty two thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars both prices include destination within cadillac’s suv lineup that puts it between the xt6 midsize suv and the escalade number one power and range the first lyric to go on sale comes with

A 100 kilowatt battery pack and one electric motor driving the rear wheels this combination supplies 340 horsepower and an epa estimated 312 miles of range that range estimate is similar to what you get from the tesla model y long range and a bmw ix and more than the audi e-tron or jaguar i-pace there will also be a dual motor lyric this model will have all-wheel

Drive and an estimated output of around 500 hp cadillac also says its ultim batteries built under a partnership with lg energy solution and similar to those powering the gmc hummer ev can withstand an impressive amount of stress engineers said that lyric owners can confidently charge up to a full 100 capacity without significantly degrading the battery which is

Designed to outlast the life of the vehicle itself number two the drive first impressions after driving the 340 horsepower lyric debut edition is that the acceleration is brisk yet controlled you get the sensation of instant torque that has become synonymous with electric vehicles but it’s muted out smoothly rather than in aggressive bursts the brakes are easy to

Control comfortably and a one pedal drive setting is available allowing the lyric to slow down to a stop automatically when you come off the accelerator it’s a significant plus for ev owners who often consider one pedal driving an appealing feature and important part of the electric experience as an added treat you can also squeeze the left steering wheel paddle

To apply additional braking force like the handbrake of a bicycle if you prefer to avoid the foot braking pedal entirely the rest of the driving experience is comfortable if rough around the edges it’s easy to operate the lyric which starts up quickly and feels especially maneuverable at low speeds you will hear road noise through the cabin and some speeds produce

Wind noise as well which are not uncommon for evs without the white noise of an engine number three the interior the interior of the cadillac lyric makes a great first impression the front seats have plenty of space and the cabin features an appealing mixture of leather wood and metal that will set a tone for electric cadillac’s going forward the view from the

Driver’s seat is dominated by a continuous 33-inch screen that curves around the dashboard and climate control switches account for the only hard buttons inside cadillac paid impressive attention to detail throughout the interior this focus encompasses everything from laser etching in the wooden door panels to interesting metal textures and controls with grippy

Knurling it provides the sleek ultra modern cabin space with a tactile nature missing in some rival evs the lyrics combination of space and sophistication presents well considering its price number 4 tech features the lyric has a long list of advanced attack features two highlights include an impressive head-up display and the hands-free driver assistance feature

Known as supercruise these features will not be included on 2023 vehicles being delivered to customers because the lyric is being released nine months sooner than originally scheduled the head-up display will instead debut on 2024 models and super crews will be delivered via an over-the-air update by the end of 2022 cadillac says the massive touchscreen serves as

The gateway for performing nearly all vehicle functions from selecting drive settings to opening the glove box the screen directly in front of the driver can be controlled through steering wheel buttons but some commands need to be made by touch with the driver’s left hand which takes some getting used to number five cargo space in terms of cargo space the lyric

Falls on the high end of electric midsize suvs it comes with 28 cubic feet of room behind the rear seats which is more than the genesis gv60ev at 24.0 cubic feet but less than the gas powered cadillac xt5 mid-size suv at 30 cubic feet it appears similar to the tesla model y though tesla does not release comparable figures in all the lyric provides a useful cargo

Area for luggage groceries and light camping equipment especially if you fold down the rear seats and now it’s time for the promised bonus fact but before we get into it we would like to thank you for staying with us throughout the video the term sporty utility vehicle came into popular use in the late 1980s until then they were marketed as station wagons an early

Example of marketing a civilian off-roader as a sports utility is the two-door pickup version of the 1966 ford bronco what do you think about the brand’s first all-electric vehicle let us know all about it in the comment section below if you enjoyed the content uplift the channel by hitting like subscribe and ring the youtube bell to meet us again in the next video until next time you

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