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Altair Club Cars New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 – BDS Lifted | Stock # NR34308 – Redwater Dodge

New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 – BDS Lifted | Stock # NR34308 – Redwater Dodge

The latest and greatest New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 is ready for you, exclusively at Redwater Dodge!

What’s up everybody travis here from redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and now we buy your ram park behind me 2022 ram 3500 laramie crew cab rig ready ram high output 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel asian transmission 37’s those are neato trail grapplers you’ve got a beautiful 20 inch black and machined moto metal rim right that’s a four

Inch bds lift upgraded fox 2.0 shocks as well as fox dual steering stabilizers you have these painted to match pocket style bushwacker fender flares with the heavy duty kickback flaps beautiful patriot blue in color if you’re feeling patriotic trailer tow mirrors on this one as well for added horsepower and accessibility when it comes to viewing your own rear

Okay you’ve also got keyless entry and proximity entry now it’s hard to see the proximity entry because you’ve actually got painted to match everything on this truck including your door handles right very cool i didn’t get close to you for no reason guys i got a secret for you i’m gonna show you uh oh sorry there you go i was holding it too low now i’ve got a

Secret i’m gonna show you the key fob here so this is unlock this is lock right auto tailgate down look at that like butter and jemima would be proud yeah i don’t think you can say aunt jemima anymore pearl milling company would be proud and we’ve also got our remote start now guys circle x2 well one two i guess what happens what do you think happens pam um it

Blows up nope oh god no if you i just stopped it before it blew up no good okay now what you guys just heard was the high output 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel and we’re gonna go to the front and learn a little bit more about that well guys we’re at the front of the brand new rig ready ram you’ve obviously got your dwayne the rock johnson solid front bumper you

Do have your parking sensors there on that one as well hd or heavy duty tow hooks beautiful black grille inserts your lexan coated ram led headlights you do have your led fog lamps down here below marker lights or commonly referred to as cab lights on the roof there or the cab pop open the hood now if this comes up to six feet how tall am i pam six six six maybe

See back there there’s the dealership high output cummins turbo diesel giving you an edge in torque in towing in horsepower bulletproof acen transmission i know i’ve brought it up a hundred times but the acen is truly bulletproof guys it’s built for towing it’s built to be put under duress and stress and pressure it actually essentially exterminated that’s a

Lot of alliteration it essentially exterminated the standard transmission for the ram hds because it performed so much better right anything you’re going to want to do here under the hood on your own without a licensed professional or the supervision of one at least is going to be clearly marked your battery terminals are clearly marked guys engine oil dipstick

Your engine oil cap windshield washer fluid very important guys i don’t want to see you hanging water bottles out your window it just wouldn’t make sense right your truck is worth as much as a house and you just pour water on it from the inside of the cab let’s just get it together okay gentlemen and ladies cut along to the passenger side more of the same we kept

The window sticker in there for you no funny business coming around to the back you’ve got that beautiful patriot blue even in your box look at this box it’s nice it is you’ve got the upgraded bed utility group as well guys was going to give you your in-box lighting and four additional tie-down points so uh giving you a total of eight you’ve also got some in-bed

Wiring power sliding rear window as well as a cargo camera now that cargo camera gonna give you a bird’s eye view into your box there which is always nice but the main purpose is to help you back up to a fifth wheel right so no excuses you’ve also got an additional backup camera tucked safely away into the tailgate handle beautiful matte black rams head seven and

Four pin wiring your receiver again color matched doing the rock johnson solid rear bumper with parking sensors down there as well and for more fun features we’re gonna go inside i don’t know how i don’t have power running boards but i’m going to jump up into this thing i guess tarzan hopefully i don’t get a hernia well guys we’re on the interior of the brand new

Rig ready ram laramie beautiful upgraded leather and premium suede upholstery guys the seats are ventilated they’re heated heated leather wrapped steering wheel you have power options for the driver and the passenger seat driver side quick demonstration oh you’re waiting for me to say something sorry it goes forwards um you could also send it back to like get it

Get back i will it’ll listen and then say what’s up well your chair is up then you know what’s going down while your chair what did kiana reeves do in that matrix movie he leaned back right amazing well yeah well that’s here about now it’s coming back up because you called right and you’ve also got lumbar support because where would we be without a little bit

Of support in today’s day and age probably exactly where we are anyway and i don’t know the generations are getting softer as time goes on but you and i would be fine without the support right pam that’s right well maybe now i need the lumbar support i’ve been doing pretty heavy squats in the basement um you’ve also got these power folding trailer tow mirrors

Absolutely beautiful feature to have power windows power door locks and memory settings guys you know i was just messing around with the seat let’s make it a little bit more comfortable we’re moving forward we’re moving on up kind of lean back to the lower east side i’m going to push s for setting and then i’m going to push one now my memory profile is set i have

An additional one so you and whoever else will predominantly be using the vehicle you just pop in you push your settings that’s one or two and it’s going to go back and set it all up for you it’s going to save you probably five to seven minutes of dilly dallying and screwing around essentially instead of just getting on your way you’ve also got power pedals here

Steering wheel mounted audio controls just behind the steering wheel there and we’re gonna talk about some more features once i figure out how to get in here okay so let’s just do that okay yep i’m getting in oh yeah the light’s pretty rough at 240 honestly i didn’t want to bulk up this much but here we are it does have a push button start as well guys 12

Inch touchscreen display pairs absolutely perfectly with your 17 speaker harman kardon audio system now one of my favorite parts sorry about that pam we’re gonna blow you away there one of my favorite parts about the 12-inch touchscreen is the customization features available now you’ll notice we’re on our home screen here you got climate on the bottom you got

Media on the top or now playing now you can actually go ahead there’s little buttons here you can adjust what’s on the bottom let’s change it to heated seats or maybe we want to okay sorry or maybe we want to change it to pitch and roll or maybe we want to change it to phone whatever it is right but it goes beyond that because you can actually click my pages down

Here in the bottom left just above your taskbar click my pages add a page now the customization is completely up to you there’s four different layouts to choose from let’s pick uh layout one so now you’ve got three sub sections for different widgets or applications you can use let’s make the top one climate because in plus 900 there’s nothing more important and

Then on the bottom here we can do now playing and then down here we can hook our phone up and have everything going down there right but the customization is really endless you can actually rifle through them you can reorder them right for whichever one you’re feeling like should be priority at the time you can delete current pages right opportunities are endless

There clicking into our media button this is going to be pretty straightforward it’s got your sirius satellite radio as long as you choose to entertain or upkeep that subscription am fm usb usc bluetooth cell phone right hd memory cards that’s all going to be here anything music related gonna be in media comfort this is gonna give you access to your heated and

Cooled seats your heated steering wheel as well as your climate it is dual climate control so no reason for any disputes whatsoever you also have climate options available analog on the side of the screen if for whatever reason you find the 12-inch touchscreen um too intimidating if it appears as if it’s too daunting of a task for you to set up the climate in

Your 12-inch touchscreen we got the original buttons there you have navigation in here as well incredibly easy to use um your apple carplay actually will pair up to the nav on your phone as well but this is a totally separate application now with this nav it actually will pinpoint any potential construction or impediments to your path give you really approximate

Estimates about how long it’s going to take to get through you know the construction and the impediments it’ll also tell you where the red light cameras are which personally i enjoy phone obviously where you pay your phone you have apple carplay android car play and all the features and benefits that come along with those things you go into vehicle you’re gonna

Have all kinds of options here mirror dimmer you have your rear view camera and you’re going to have your cargo camera there so there’s our rear view cam tailgate camera and so you can see the rear bumper cargo camera look at you now you can watch your precious cargo or look at your blue box let’s get out of that you can also go to off-road options that’s where

Your pitch and roll and your accessory gauges and stuff are going to be vehicle dynamics right steering angle what your altitude is where you’re at you know apps button it’s going to give you absolutely every single application available through your 12-inch touchscreen you’re also going to be able to find all your settings and everything here as well now your

Settings are going to control everything as far as the display how you see things the size the font the language used what type of notifications or noises you get from your parking sensors or from low battery or whether or not you want the locks to auto lock when you leave the vehicle enclosed or things along those lines right it’s all going to be available in

There you’ve also got this integrated trailer brake from factory six auxiliary switches for pairing all kinds of different things lights train horns whatever you’re after tow haul mode exhaust brake you can turn your parking sensors off i mean and i guess on technically as well um got a ram wireless phone charger down here it’s called the ram charger which is

Funny boom look at me now i got battery i also have about 87 notifications i’ve only been under here for four minutes so that’s not making me anxious at all you’ve also got a 400 watt three-prong plug-in down here in your deep center console right the sliding mid-range right here cup holders shallow console here with this beautiful like suede plushy type interior

With your usb charging port flip that up let’s get it cracking super deep we did this once before and i’m not going to mess it up there’s wheel locks in here i’m not going to say a bag or not so did that once and we were out here for too long you also got your speedometer calibrator because obviously when you’re changing tires and rims and the sizes are going

Up and down this that and the other thing you’re going to have to make particular adjustments just to make sure that your speedometer is in fact on points to avoid any potential tickets and before we go guys you uh you know i’d be remiss if i didn’t mention the protractor so there it is take a gander it’s still here in dash storage up here guys right behind the

Laramie badge a little bit down here as well beautiful carpeted mats from factory and with that it concludes the front portion of our tour let’s take this party to the back shall we barely made it well guys we are in the back of the crew cab brand new rig ready ram again you’ve got this beautiful premium leather upholstery right seats do flip up for additional

Storage and you got this nice little bin under here as well and this flips out to create pretty well a completely flat surface whether it be for hauling stuff around whether you’ve got some little pupperoonis you want to put in the back i’d put like 15 yorkies in here if it was up to me you’ve also got heated rear seats three-prong plug-in 400 watts in the rear

You’ve also got usb and usc charging and heated seats in the rear guys under these beautiful carpeted mats from factory guess what we have we have these ram bins and they’re removable right you can clean them out quick hose boom wipe them down they’re super clean shine them up stick them back in good as new carpet clips down into the floor so no reason for it to

Be traveling all over the place or looking yucky a little bit of storage here behind the seats as well look at this territory divider kids are acting up your co-pilots are not co-operating you can enforce personal space and they can put their chalky milks in there as well right power sliding rear window i might have already said that but if i didn’t it’s nice to

Mention right amazing chef’s kiss well guys thank you for joining me on this brief overview of our brand new 2022 ram 3500 laramie patriot blue crew cab rig ready ram high output cummins turbo diesel acen heavy duty bulletproof transmission right full rig ready ram build it’s not going to last long none of them ever do when i say it in every video i don’t know

Why i don’t just trust me by this point so you may as well just pick up the phone 780-942-3629 and some sun in my eyeballs no one needs to be able to see except for the people at home i’m gonna have to get whatever that eye surgery is for old people cataracts as a grown-up i would yeah i’d find miss frizzle i’d find her magic school bus and we’d make some magic

In there me and her i’d kiss her right now i’m just telling you miss frizzle and then there was the whoever the villain girl from kim possible holy i never seen like that in my life absolutely incredible i’m telling you cherries i got pears i got apples i also have rhubarb beets carrot lettuce onion tomatoes golden spark yellow tomatoes as well as regular tomatoes

Potatoes peppers cilantro basil it might be basil basil it’s basil i would love to be named basil how do you go about changing your name no one’s marrying me anytime soon okay i’ve got stuff going on up here i think i just had a little bit of a heart attack there but we made it

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New 2022 Rig Ready Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4 – BDS Lifted | Stock # NR34308 – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge

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