new 2022 ram 1500 sport crew cab
Altair Club Cars NEW 2022 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 – Uconnect 5 with NAV | Stock # NR16211 – Redwater Dodge

NEW 2022 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 – Uconnect 5 with NAV | Stock # NR16211 – Redwater Dodge

The NEW 2022 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 featured with Kearstyn at Redwater Dodge has what it takes to dominate on whatever adventurous path you’re following.

Hey guys kirsten here at redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and now we buy your ram behind me there’s one of our newest vehicles this is a 2022 ram 1500 sports let’s take a peek up at the front of the truck you have your color match bumper with your built-in park sensors this one has your built-in fog lights down low as well as your projector

Headlights this one has all of your blacked out grille and your blacked out emblems that has the sport hood and then underneath the hood it has your 5.7 liter hemi the track just like the front you have your color match bumper with your built-in park sensors this one has your dual exhaust your hitch receiver four and seven pin wiring just like the rest of the truck

You have all of your blacked out emblems uh this one has your backup camera built right into the handle it has the soft release tailgate with the spray and bed liner and this one has the five foot box inside of this truck you have the heated seats that have the cloth insert with the leather trim really comfortable and then you have tons of storage in this truck

So you have your two center console areas so this piece flips up and you have a usb port here and then you can flip up the bottom piece which gives you tons of storage this piece slides forward and you can fit like your entire arm down here and then you can slide the cup holder area back and you have even more storage down here in the front of this part you do

Have a 115 volt plug-in and then you have two phone holders and then four different usb ports as well as your auxiliary port and then you have lots of storage for your passenger and your two glove box areas uh in the main part of this truck you have the 12 inch screen you can turn your front and rear park sensors off individually you have your tow haul mode your

Traction control and then this truck has the built-in trailer brake controller this is the new 12-inch touch screen so they completely redesigned everything on it so you can it still functions pretty much the same but you can access your rear view camera and then you can turn on and off your heated seats and your heated steering wheel right here um and then this

Vehicle also has your navigation looking for a gas station because it knows we’re low on gas right now um you also have a 12 volt plug-in up at the top here you have your dual climate control on this truck um this one has your your shifter knob your four wheel drive controls are all here it is the push button start you have all of your cruise control settings

On the right hand side of the steering wheel you have your bluetooth settings on the left hand side and then all of your audio settings are on the back this truck has your power folding mirrors and we’ll check out the back seat this truck is a crew cab so you have tons of space back here for all of your passengers it has tons of storage in the back of both front

Seats uh your front headrests they do adjust as well i forgot to mention that in the front but it just tilts down and then if you just push it it it snaps back so you have the same seats back here with the cloth insert and the leather trim you have lots of cup holders in this truck so you’re going to have two in your flip down armrest as well as two more up here

And the two cup holders up here also have a tablet holder as well you have 115 volt plug-in back here for your passengers as well as four different usb ports for all of their charging needs and then these seats flip up in a 60 40 split and i’ll flip this side up so that you can see underneath here this piece it can sit a couple different ways so it can sit like

That and then if you need a little bit more space it can flip out like that you have all weather floor mats back here and then underneath the all-weather floor mats you’re going to have your ram bins as well if you’re interested in 30 plus pictures and pricing of this truck click the link below or give us a call 780-942-3629

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NEW 2022 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 – Uconnect® 5 with NAV | Stock # NR16211 – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge

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