new 2022 ram 1500 classic expres
Altair Club Cars New 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Express Crew Cab 4×4, stk 145529, for sale in High Prairie, AB

New 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Express Crew Cab 4×4, stk 145529, for sale in High Prairie, AB

New 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Express Crew Cab 4×4 in Bright White with black cloth 40/20/40 bench seat

Okay it’s just a beautiful evening here in high prairie and i’m going to stay late a little bit tonight and just try to get this extra video done just before i head home so this is a brand new 2022 it’s around 1500 crew cab short box a couple of nice things about this one it’s got a backup camera with it which of course is standard now on all vehicles it also comes

With a block here it’s got air cruise tilt power windows power locks one of the nice things i like about it’s got the sport hood if you take a look at it we will walk across the front it’s got a nice looking stance from it looks pretty sharp with that sport it’s a few extra bucks for that but i really think it’s nice to have it also has the express package you’re

Going to notice that the bumpers are all the same color like the front and rear they’re all painted white to match same with the grille so everything’s basically white all blends out really good with the truck and it just really accentuates the vehicle i think it looks excellent with that with everything matching it also comes with fog lights with that package

Dual exhaust out the tailpipes when we get to the back we’re gonna point that out so you can look at the bumper instead of an exhaust come out the side it comes out through the bumper it’s kind of a distinct uh dodge pickup thing and i think it looks nice uh dual zone climate control which is great you got the ability to set the temperature for the driver and the

Passenger plus it also has eight and a half inch touchscreen inside normally they come with a smaller screen this has got the bigger screen which is a lot nicer for the interface for your apple carplay android auto that kind of stuff so it’s a lot easier to use also comes with satellite sirius xm radio for one year after that it’s subscription based uh i think

It’s like 25 bucks a month or something like that so you can subscribe to that if you want uh inside we got uh the wheel and sound group so you got the 20 inch rims instead of the the smaller tires so it’s a bit nicer that way it also has the storage bins in the back so we’re going to take a look at that when we open the doors there’s some extra places to keep stuff

Also comes with keyless entry in that uh that package as well a couple other things we have it’s got 392 with the anti-spin reaction uh 392 gears are better for pulling the trailer than the standard gears they’re a little bit lower geared so um they’re they’re a bit torque here that way and then the anti-spin is nice to have if you’re doing a bit off-roading you’re

Gonna really appreciate that especially they’re getting out in the muck and the guck and that kind of thing a bigger fuel tank in this 121 liters so the standard tank i think is like 95 or 98 liters so you’re picking up like another 20 30 so it’s nice to have that it just gives you the ability to get longer range you don’t have to get to the gas station as often

Which is always kind of depressing when you gotta go there uh class five our class four hitch on this so it’s got the two inch uh receiver hitch on the back so if you’re pulling the trailer that’s nice it also comes with the electric brake controller so you don’t have to add that so if you’re pulling a trailer more than i think it’s a thousand pounds i recommend

You use electric brakes so you don’t have to worry about that with this one because it already has it okay so let’s start with the truck here we’re gonna kind of toss that clipboard up top we’re gonna kind of walk around so first thing crew cab so there’s two co cabs there’s a crew cab and the quad cab is the crew so there’s a lot more space in the back we’ll

Take a look at that when we get to the back but across the front i want to point out the uh the color matched grille and the sport hood with like the uh extra louvers in here so these just they don’t do anything but man they look cool so that’s what those are i think there’s kits you can buy like you want to do a cold air intake you can buy them and then you can

Actually run your cold air through those vents and turn them into functioning but uh they just look nice nice fog lights down below as well you kind of see they’re great to have those you’re forgetting you’re going to really appreciate these if you’re driving the first time you’ve got to drive in a nice fog you flick those suckers on it kind of lights everything

Up a lot better for you makes it easier to see what you’re doing down the side let’s take a look inside heated mirrors uh so inside i guess i should point that out so those are kind of nice to be able to have particularly if you get in the fog again nice seats uh you know it’s good bolster support on the sides nice fabric durable cloth uh it’s nicely stitched nice

Cloth sides too so they stand up pretty well over time so it’s not something you’re going to have to replace in 30k that kind of thing they they wear well then see this slips up out of the way so with the bench so they can put three people across the front there’s a seat belt in here as well so you can put the third passenger there inside this little lid opens

Up got a place here for some usb ports to charge your phone up a little coin holder over here and you’ve also got some nice cup holders across the front okay over here we’ve got a little storage shelf we’re putting some stuff in i’ll try to get the camera angle so the sunlight glare isn’t too bad but this is just a nice storage area and then underneath you got

Your owner’s manuals and everything in your glove box in there it comes with floor mats nice little hooks to hold them in place too so you just kind of loop through the hole there it stops them from sliding around turning into a big ball in the corner you know so it’s uh it’s handy to have that i don’t know why they didn’t do that years and years and years ago

I remember when i first started selling cars they were always kind of getting jammed up underneath your gas pedal and stuff now they just don’t do that so kind of a nice touch power windows power locks nice big storage pocket at the bottom a little opening at the front if you want to pour some stuff in there you can so fill it up in the back we’ve got a bench

Seat in the back uh so you can put three people across here this seat also flips up out of the way and it gives you a nice little storage bin underneath places to put your stuff so you can put like a can of bug juice or something in here and it’s not it’s fairly deep um probably doesn’t show too good in the camera depth perception sometimes off on a video but it’s

Fairly deep you can put something in there and it’s just got the nice rotating like this wall here to kind of hold it back so it’s not going to end up all over the place also got these nice storage bins in the floor these are great just flip that floor mat out of the way there’s two of them there’s one on the passenger side as well but these just flip up they got

A nice little storage tray in here and this you can just take out the hose off if you want to go clean it up so what’s nice about this is a great place to put things like oh gosh tie downs you know um safety kits jumper cables you know anything you can really think of that you want to keep in your truck but you hardly ever need it’s a great place to put it tucks

It out of the way and then when you need it it’s still there more map pockets back here power windows for the rear passengers and it’s a true full door like you can put like a full-size adult can sit back there i’m six foot three and i can fit in there as well so a decent sized cab so if you’re going on a long road trip it’s not you know horrible to sit back there

So the back of the vehicle we can look at look at the dual exhaust sticking out the bumpers on either side i think those look great it also has these backup sensors built right into the bumper so they’re going to start beeping if you’re about to back into something that’s what those little guys are two inch receiver hitch built right in nice easy access to the tow

Hooks i’ve had vehicles i’ve owned in the past where the safety chains don’t fit on these are super easy to get to because they’re nice and big and open and easy to access so it’s one of the things i liked about that another thing i like is i’ve had a vehicle in the past where this toilet plug was down by the by the down below it used to get rock beat like crazy

It’s a little bit better up here it’s protected a bit more because it’s up higher in the bumper so i think that’s a good idea four prong wiring harness here this flips up there’s your seven prong if you’re pulling your trailer you can just hook right into it so all your wiring is all there nice chrome chrome rams head back up camera built right into here so in the

Box nice and clean tidy there’s a tow hooks in all four corners you can see that little loop there there’s also a couple of one inch corner at the front so if you’ve got to tie like your motor bike down with some tie-down straps or barbecue or something whatever it’s nice and easy to get access to tie points not rooting around trying to find something to hook into

Okay down the side here we’re going to go look at the back seat on this side i just want to kind of show you a couple of things on the seat when it flips up i always like to point out when i’m over here so much storage in there everybody kind of ignores how far back this goes this goes back a ton so you want to keep some more stuff in there too you can slide it

Way back underneath the seat so lots of lots of places to keep things there also in there another map one of them storage bins we talked about earlier okay so inside we got power windows power locks and power mirrors that’s all those buttons right there it’s pretty straightforward with how those work i do want to point out the automatic headlights so as soon as it

Gets dark enough out your headlights are going to automatically turn on so you just hit that right there which is great so the nice thing about that is with your daytime running lights your daytime running lights just turn on your headlights these here the automatic headlights when they actually engage your headlights for you it turns on your taillights as well

And the other features when it’s tight into it if it’s activated when you turn your wipers on it automatically turns on your headlights as well so people can see your taillights and it makes it just a lot safer when you’re driving in a rain storm uh this here turns your fog lights off and on by pressing that and that turns on a little uh light in your cargo box

So you can see what you’re doing and then this is your dash brightness here for your actual gauges this here controls all your uh center dash screen and this is your hands-free calling when your phone’s paired up you can make your hands free calls just by hitting these you can see the dash when you go to the nicer screen like this one there’s a bit more interface

With this uh touch screen so we can scroll through some of the stuff here you get your speedometer as i scroll through this is going to change the gauges here we got our tire pressure uh you’ve got different training temperatures coolant oil pressure all that kind of stuff that’s all through there we go to the next screen here’s your fuel economy what your leaders

Per 100 kilometers are there’s a couple of different tripometers one and two so you can keep track of stuff there uh trailer towing if our trailer was hooked up it would keep track of how many kilometers we pulled the trailer which i really like so it tells you when your maintenance is kind of due so you look down at one day you go oh my goodness i’ve got you know

2 800 kilometers on my trailer and i’ve never even looked at the brakes for a while i should probably get somebody just take a peek at that make sure everything’s okay so that kind of stuff you know it just allows you to keep track of what’s going on back there what your radio station is that’s kind of nice to have any stored messages like if a check engine light

Was on that sort of stuff it would populate there and then this is where you can set your screen up so we can enter this here so right now on the upper left hand side i got the compass let’s go in there and change that let’s change that to the time you know so now we’ve got the clock up there on the left hand side so now you can see the clock set there so you can

Change this to whatever you want that’s the nice thing about when you go to the fancier trucks like this you get access to all these extra features okay over here we’re going to talk about the center screen so this is a new eight and a half inch touchscreen i really like this uh you got a nice home page here and then you can program these so we’re gonna hit add

A page and then we’re just going to change some stuff here i’m going to make this my heater page so i’m going to load up on this side my heat controls and i guess i’ll now i might as well put my phone over there on the other side so now i got access to change all my heat i can change my temperature from here i can change where i want my air to blow i can sync

Both sides up so they’re both the same temperature i can turn it on auto mode if i want all through there um basically do the same thing with these buttons down here which we’ll look at in a second but it allows you to basically program this touch screen to whatever you want so right now we got a radio station this is siriusxm and my phone information if you want

To just access your music information you hit this so right now we’re listening to siriusxm satellite radio uh we had our phone paired up there we had little c showed up it shows apple carplay and then basically you can use all this your maps on your phone that kind of stuff would all be all able to be accessed through here comfort control so this is your heating

Settings where you want your air to blow it kind of looks like that other screen we looked at just a bigger version of it uh this is if our phone was paired i’d be able to see who i called make calls touch the screen do all that kind of stuff all through here super handy if you’re if you’d like to talk on your phone when you’re driving so you can access that this

One here with your vehicle screen this is where you program everything you set your everything up with your languages how long you want your headlights to stand when you shut it off do you want your tire pressure in csi or psi or bar or any of that kind of stuff so you can program all these things through this touch screen and what i really like about it is it

Allows you to just set the vehicle up the way you want it to be rather than the way some designer figured you needed to have it so i think that’s a great thing okay down here our volume control for our stereo we can also turn the screen off we just hit that button screen goes black then we can just touch it if we want to reopen it but you can kind of see how you

Just access it right through there it’s kind of nice to be able to turn that off if you’re driving at night sometimes air conditioning uh temperature control for the driver temperature control for the passenger and a quick override to where you want the edible like i want to blow them through frost and i want to turn on my heated mirrors just by hitting that so

That’s what that’s all about traction control disable it if you want to spin your tires you just turn that off and that allows you to spin your tires you can also go to a tow haul mode uh tow home mode’s kind of nice for pulling a trailer changes your software shift points it’ll just pull better remember those sensors we looked at in the back those little circles

In the bumper well they’re going to get dirty and they’re going to get covered in muck and dirt and mud and then they’re going to beep at you when you start to back up so if you don’t clean them off and they’re dirty they think you’re about to back into something they’ll start beeping at you you just turn that off and it disables them and now they don’t beep it

Gives you a chance to clean them off before you get around to to using them again so they’re pretty good but they do get dirty and eventually they’re gonna they’re gonna want to disable that down here a little shelf uh for some storage down here as well and then kind of a nice open area so your center passengers got a place to put their feet okay i think that’s a

Quick video for you but if you’re looking to get yourself into a new affordable truck and it looks great with a few extra options i think this would be a fantastic choice for you we invite you to give us a call set up a time to get together and we’d love to meet you

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New 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Express Crew Cab 4×4, stk 145529, for sale in High Prairie, AB By Big Lakes Dodge

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