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Altair Club Cars New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Midsize 3-row Family SUV

New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Midsize 3-row Family SUV

The all-new 2022 Nissan Pathfinder will arrive at Nissan dealerships mid-summer with a starting MSRP of $43,798.

So so audio women the nissan pathfinder is back and the latest generation offers considerably more technology and a much fresher look inside and out than before it competes directly with numerous rivals including the ford explorer honda pilot kia telluride volkswagen atlas and chevrolet traverse the larger design of the new phase

Of pathfinder conveys size and strength which along with large tires gives it an authentic rugged suv look distinctive nissan signature features are integrated into the new pathfinder design such as the wii motion grille with a three slot grille incorporated as an homage to the original pathfinder c-shaped headlights and floating roof roofline standard led

Headlights include slim upper daytime running lights and the c-pillar has a structural suv look that allows you to use two-tone paint a first for pathfinder strong u-shaped highlights fuse the powerful fender blisters together providing a tough muscled look in the rear the wide aspect led tail lights are slimmer than the previous design the boxed out liftgate

Returns to the boldness of the first pathfinder including the oversized satin chrome pathfinder name even the new aluminium alloy wheel designs have a machined tool-like seriousness to them the interior of the adventure ready pathfinder features refined new materials and a robust open design drivers and passengers are greeted with a modern spacious environment

Among the long list of striking interior touches a new available 12.3 inches digital dashboard provides the driver with a variety of easy to navigate screen options complementing the digital dashboard is an available 10.8 inch head-up display new to the pathfinder the head-up display enables the driver to view preferred contents such as turn-by-turn directions

While staying focused on the road an available 9-inch color touchscreen center display is placed high on the new simplified intuitive instrument panel providing easy visibility and accessibility for the driver and front passenger interlocking side vents and door finishes provide a solid structural appearance and with the use of new electronic shifters the new

Bridge front center console adds 13.4 liters of storage space underneath its powerful 3.5 liter direct injection gasoline v6 engine produces 284 horsepower and 259 pound-feet of torque paired with the engine is the 9-speed automatic transmission with manual mode the pathfinder has seating for eight people large cargo space and if it’s time for adventure it

Can do anything from trailer to board with its six thousand pounds towing capacity pathfinder 4-wheel drive models feature nissan’s all-new intelligent four wheel drive with seven position drive and terrain mode selector the four wheel drive system features direct coupling which allows torque transfer directly on the clutch pack using oil pressure allowing for

Confident immediate takeoff in low traction situation mode selection standard sport eco snow sand mud rut and two is displayed as a pop-up notification on the meter cluster the front suspension features an updated mount system helping increase roll stiffness by 28 and the rear suspension features a multi-link design with updated shock absorbers and dampers

Helping increase rear roll stiffness by 14 these updates coupled with a 50 increase in high strength steel lead to a high quality confident driving experience sold in four trims s sv sl and platinum the base 2022 nissan math finder with front wheel drive cost thirty four thousand five hundred and sixty dollars including one thousand one hundred and fifty

Dollars destination fee the top platinum trim cost forty seven thousand three hundred and forty dollars all-wheel drive adds another one thousand nine hundred dollars to all trims you

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