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Altair Club Cars New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Best off road Midsize Family SUV

New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Best off road Midsize Family SUV

The Pathfinder, Nissan’s versatile large family champion, has been comprehensively redesigned for 2022, with a dramatic new exterior design, significant additional safety features and a new nine-speed automatic transmission complete with wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

So the pathfinder nissan’s versatile large family champion has been comprehensively redesigned for 2022 with dramatic new exterior design significant additional safety features and a new 9-speed automatic transmission complete with wheel mounted paddle shifters the 2022 nissan pathfinder is all new from ground up every aspect of the vehicle

Has been carefully designed to convey a sense of strength and capability with a strong front face wide stance blister fenders and a shorter front overhang versus the previous design the larger design of the new phase of pathfinder conveys size and strength which along with larger tyres gives it an authentic and rugged look overall dimensions of the

Car length 5004 millimeters width 1979 millimeters and height 1778 millimeters the wheelbase is 2 900 millimeters distinctive nissan signature features are integrated into the new pathfinder design such as the wii motion grille with a three slot grille incorporated as a homage to the original pathfinder c-shaped headlights and floating roofline

Standard led headlights include slim upper daytime running lights and the c-pillar has a structural suv look that allows for the use of two-tone paint a first for pathfinder from the side strong u-shaped highlights fuse the powerful fender blisters together providing a tough muscled look at the rear the wide aspect led tail lights are slimmer than

The previous design the boxed out tailgate harks to the boldness of the first pathfinder including the oversized saturn chrome pathfinder name even the new aluminium wheel designs have a machined tool-like seriousness to them the new pathfinder is always ready for adventure with the whole family for this the company’s engineers made it spacious and

Solid using the most modern materials this creates comfort and space for the driver and passengers among the many interior innovations of the nissan pathfinder a new 12.3 inch electronic instrument panel with a variety of functions and easy navigation can be particularly noted complementing this dashboard is a 10.8 inch head-up projection screen the

Model is equipped with such a screen for the first time the projection screen allows the driver to view the information he needs such as navigation without looking up from the road the 9-inch color touchscreen display is located at the top of the instrument panel and features a simple configuration of controls and easy access while all information

On the display is clearly visible to both the driver and front passenger nissan’s second row one touch seating can now be utilized on both the driver and passenger sides and the seat pitches farther forward to provide a wider opening from driver or passenger side even with a car seat attached allowing easy entry exit to and from the third row the

60 40 split folding third row seat provides maximum flexibility for carrying passengers and cargo an all-new infotainment system featuring apple carplay and android auto wireless smartphone charging pad both premium audio with 13 speakers and digital intelligent around view monitor which features a higher resolution and wider image viewing angle

Than the previous analog model will be available on the all new pathfinder the nissan pathfinder is equipped with a powerful and reliable naturally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 engine with direct fuel injection a new 9-speed automatic transmission for smooth and fast shifting and an intelligent all-wheel drive system with a 7-way mode selector driving you

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