new 2022 nissan frontier sv crew
Altair Club Cars New 2022 Nissan Frontier SV Crew Cab SWB 4X4

New 2022 Nissan Frontier SV Crew Cab SWB 4X4

Hello everyone welcome back to the channel today i want to take a quick look at this 2022 nissan frontier and this one that we are looking at today is the sv crew cab short wheel base and this one is a 4×4 this new 2022 nissan frontier is powered by this massive 3.8 liter v6 engine that is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission and this engine produces a 110

Horsepower and 381 pound feet of torque and with this engine you can tow about six six thousand seven hundred and twenty pounds and you get a payload of 1610 pounds which i think it’s amazing when you come to the rear this is where i think that this new nissan frontier really shine i love the exterior design and when you come here you have frontier boldly written

And then nissan ah logo right there and over here you have the sv4 some of these you can get with just four by two but uh this one is a four by four and uh with this new nissan frontier i really love this huh taillights and uh this one that we are looking at today like i said this is a short wheelbase this stream level that we are looking at today is equipped with

This 19 inch alloy wheel when you open the driver door that is where you really see where this uh new nissan shines i love the simple interior and when you come here you have eight inch center display which i think is really cool and with this you get apple carplay and android auto and here i love the fact that nissan have stayed with a physical dire knob and

Here you have actual gear lever which i think is really cool with with this trim level you get you get heated steering wheel and heated front seats which i think is really cool this stream that we are looking at comes with a six-way power driver seat enter a four-way manual uh passenger seat and let me show you some detail that really store when you look at it

Here you have uh a design that looks like carbon fiber i really like that design there and you have like a a chroma designed with that and on the door you have your window control and your mirror control right here when you look to the left side of the steering wheel here you have some control there you have a 400 watt 150 watt and 120 uh vac system and here

You have your lighter control on the steering wheel you have some control on it here and uh there you have your analog digital display gauge cluster which i think looks really nice let me take you to the back and show you come to the rear one thing that you are going to notice is the amount of room this uh new pickup truck has it has a lot of room and i think uh

Nissan did an amazing job in ensuring that uh when you buy this uh pickup truck you will get a lot of room when you look at the rear doors here you have this leather here which i think looks really nice and down there you have a big space for a water bottle which i think it’s amazing and with this because this is a five passenger pickup truck you have two cup

Holders there and if you don’t need them and you put this up you have room for five passengers which i think it’s really nice because most times a lot of people who have children are gonna be transporting families with this truck so what do you think about this 2022 nissan frontier please i want you to leave your comment in the comment section and if you are new

To my channel subscribe like this video and press the post notification icon so that when i post my future videos you’ll be among the first to see my videos thank you and i will see you next time and i want to say thank you to lee johnson nissan that is located here in kirkland for giving me the opportunity to check out this uh beautiful nissan frontier you

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