new 2022 mercedes benz eqb full
Altair Club Cars NEW 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB Full Electric 7-Seater Compact SUV Walkaround Interior Exterior

NEW 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB Full Electric 7-Seater Compact SUV Walkaround Interior Exterior

I AM BACK with the all new 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB AMG Line on our YouTube Channel! 😍

Can instantly see that this is based on the glb something i don’t like are the side fenders finished in plastic something special on this car this part here illuminated full finish in rose gold i love the way this looks it’s not my favorite car but wouldn’t be an alternative for you to buy an eq on eqb just hello guys i am back welcoming you all with this today i

Will be presenting you the brand new mercedes-benz eqb as i presented you the eqa a few months ago today it’s time for the eqb this is based on the glb a full electric version of it and in today’s video i will be doing a full walk around showing you all the exterior features starting with the front this side the rear afterwards we will be jumping inside to show

You the interior of that one and last but not least finish it all off with a resume let me talk about this kind specific here we have the eqb exterior paint is cosmos black and we have the amg line as you can see by the front bumper the front grille all in all we have a all-wheel drive vehicle here producing 200 kilowatt which is about 280 horsepower all in all

We have a range of 420 kilo meters guys let me just start with the walk around and give you a first look of it starting with the front it’s very very close what we already had with the eqa let’s just go ahead and start talking about the headlights these are actually the same we had with the eqa we had this bow line led front the led high performance headlights

And as this is an eq model we have this led front bar just looks so so special the front grille it’s not a grille a full black panel here with the twin bladed amg line kind of front grille we have the front camera which actually destroys the entire symmetry as it’s located on the left hand side i don’t like this but still it’s looking very very decent the

Front bumper here this is specific for the amg line looking very very sporty we also have the base model here let me just give you a video a look of the front of that one but all in all how do you guys like the front of it almost like exactly the same as we had with the eq a starting to talk about the side you can instantly see that this is based on the glb

The compact seven seater this is also the seven seater option which i’m going to show you later on let’s just go ahead and start talking about the rims here we have the 21 inch amg line aero rims guys these look so nice on all eq models we had them also back in the days with the eqc they just put perfectly something i don’t like are the side fenders finished in

Plastic i wish they were also finished in exterior paint but all in all it adds more suv characteristics to this car we have the eqb badge in the front as well looking very nice on the side again full cosmos black exterior paint finish in the rear yet again 20 inches and something that’s very special on the eqa and aqb is the rear guys look at this we have some

New redesigned rear tail lights which we already knew from the eqa as you also see we have the number plate over here on the bottom normally we would have it over here also the mercedes-benz star would be normally located above the taillights itself but now it’s moving more to the bottom giving this a very very special touch all in all the taillights these are

The normal like on the left hand side if you look at this these are the normal glb taillights but here we have the eq specific extended version which we also know from the eqa we have the eqb350 version here the badge finished in chrome looks also way more different to what we have with the normal glb the mercedes-benz star here the 4matic badge as well the

Rear diffuser it’s full finished and plastic as i said guys i’m not the biggest plastic fan but this car isn’t a compact suv and this adds a more suv characteristics to the car also with the chrome bar here giving it the final touch so how do you guys like the exterior of the all-new eqb before we step inside and i present you the interior let me show you the

Key and here we have it the normal mercedes-benz compact car key which we also had with the eqa or the a-class the cla and else unlocking the car and it’s time to present you the interior before we step inside let me also show you the entrance board here the eqb specific one illuminated in blue the door panels here this specification is full finished in black

Leather here with the dark gray stitching very sporty looking carbon fiber look here with the memory seed functions as well all the buttons and and else very very decent look let’s just get straight into it we also have the amg floor mat as we have the amg line here it’s time to step inside the eqb so now we are inside the new eqb and as you can instantly see

There’s not a big difference when comparing it with a normal glb or the eqa it’s exactly the same the normal compact class interior we have the amg line steering wheel here the flat bottom one looking very decent we have the mbux infotainment as well let me just start the ignition here there we go oh did you hear that as you know from the normal a-class or gla

The glb we have the mbox infotainment system this display is touch very very nice and responsive we can also control it by the touchpad over here we have this compartment over here we finished the piano not the biggest fan of piano but still you have to couple this in here the wireless charging as well then something special on this car is that we have this

Part here illuminated you can actually change the ambient lighting and you will be changing that color as well let’s just do it here here we have the amu lighting we have the colors and now we can actually change it let’s go for red and you see it’s also changing the background orange let’s go with green there you go but my favorite color is always blue imagine

Driving this in the night we have the air vents all illuminated we also have the panorama roof which is optional and the seats very very decent for black leather all in all nice car great daily driver so how do you guys like the interior let me just give you a look at the back seats plus the seven seats option for that we will be moving out so for that i will be

Moving to the back showing you the back seats as well something that i actually love about the glb is the entrance height and the comfortable seating position inside it as we have a very high sitting car also with a high roof it’s very very comfortable even sitting in the back let me just give you a look over here as i’m 190 tall i’m actually sitting very very

Comfortable inside here all in all you also have some space in the back here with some cup holders and usb c charging port so it’s very cool to have some children sitting in the bag but if you don’t need that you can actually put these seats back down so you have way more trunk space even though this is an eqb you don’t have any battery or else which is blocking

Your trunk space you have almost the same trunk space as you have with this stock glb which is very very impressive closing the trunk it’s now time to finish it all off with a resume here we also have the progressive line eqb electric art line just look at the different rims also we have the rose gold exterior paint which looks so special on it the front is not

As sporty as we had with the amg line but still looks very very decent the rims are in b color as you see we have it full finish in silver plus the blue additional details here which make this car more special let me also give you a look in the interior because we have some special things inside here as soon as you see the air vents these are full finish in

Rose gold i love the way this looks and also the seats you see the trim is also in the same color line which makes this car very very special so how do you guys like it so to give you my final resume guys i actually love the eqb i mean it’s a very nice alternative if you are actually interested in driving a glb it’s not my favorite car but just to present it to

You it’s a very nice compact suv seven seater great for families especially with the huge trunk space or with the seven seats option great alternative also going for the eub so i guess we will be seeing a lot of these end of this year how do you guys like it how do you guys like the exterior the front and rear lights the interior just leave it all in the comment

Section below wouldn’t be an alternative for you to buy an eq on eqb just leave it in the comment section below really curious how you guys think looking forward to see you all again and wish you a great day i will be back you

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NEW 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB! Full Electric 7-Seater Compact SUV! Walkaround Interior Exterior! By Mr. Benz

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