new 2022 lincoln corsair full re
Altair Club Cars New 2022 Lincoln Corsair – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, features & infotainment)

New 2022 Lincoln Corsair – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, features & infotainment)

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New 2022 Lincoln Corsair – Exterior, Interior, Features & Infotainment

Hey everyone! today let’s take a closer look at  the plug-in hybrid electric 2021 lincoln corsair   now, the corsair is lincoln’s newest  and smallest suv. aviator inspired front and it all starts with the  lincoln signature grill this grill looks really   nice combined with this asher gray exterior color  which really gives

It a classy look the lincoln   logo and the corsair badge on this grand touring  model is also accentuated in this beautiful shade   of spirit blue just to let everybody know on the  road that you’re driving an exclusive electrified   plug-in hybrid monitor the grille wouldn’t be  much without a good set of headlamps and the

2021   corsair delivers with these available adaptive  dual led headlamps that provide a really good   amount of illumination at night no lincoln would  be complete without a distinctive set of wheels   machine finished 20-inch wheels which really   gives this vehicle an aggressive stance from the  side profile moving

On to engine performance the   corsair is offered with one of three different  powertrains the standard engine is a two liter   2.3 liter turbo also available however the   powertrain that i’m most interested in is the  corsair grand touring which combines a 2.5 liter   motor to deliver up to 266 horsepower and  

Up to 28 miles of electric only range now the cool  thing about the plug-in hybrid version is it comes   standard with lincoln’s electric all-wheel drive  system for improved traction in wet conditions   little bit more personalization to your drive   five selectable drive modes with the grand   those drive modes of course

Are connected  which should help to deliver the smooth ride  so when it comes time to get in and drive the  corsair owners are really going to appreciate   the available phone as a key feature this means  that i can pair my phone to the vehicle through   the lincoln way app and i can use my phone as a  key to get in lock unlock

And drive the vehicle   key fob now for those of you who prefer   a physical key fob that comes paired with the  lincoln personal profiles which means if i   have my personal key as i approach the card the  vehicle will sense this and it’ll automatically   readjust the settings for seat controls mirror  now the asher

Grey exterior is complemented  really nicely by this light sandstone interior   the interior itself of the corsair feels very open  and airy it’s filled with a lot of rich materials   such as plenty of leather wood and metal trim now  as nice as the interior is i can’t not mention the   amazing available 24-way perfect position

Front  seats they’re really supportive and comfortable   and ventilation but also they provide a massage   feature now in typical luxury car fashion this  vehicle is equipped with a ton of tech features   that they call lincoln co-pilot 360. this is   emergency braking blind spot monitoring and   lane keeping system

Now of course the driver’s  assist features are great but most people are   corsair delivers of course with built-in 4g   wirelessly connect up to 10 different devices   you’ll be pleased to know that lincoln plus alexa   be able to hear alexa very clearly through   the 14 speaker rebel audio system which offers 

A very clear and crystal sound especially for   you audiophiles out there so the corsair may be  small on the outside but the second row actually   provides a decent amount of room for passengers  to stretch out and get comfortable i really like   this panoramic vista roof which lets in a lot  of natural light and one of my

Favorite features   which slide forward and back up to six inches   which gives you the ability to give your rear seat  now the corsair’s elegant design is carried  over when you look at the rear where the   evident in the full-length led tail lamps   really accentuate just how wide this suv is now a  lot of owners

Are really going to appreciate the   available hands-free power liftgate it allows you  to simply kick your foot under the rear bumper and   the tailgate will electrically open itself up for  you the corsair measures a tidy 180.6 inches long   which means it’s the perfect length for somebody  who lives in those crowded urban

Environments so   while the corsair may be a small luxury suv it  sure does pack a punch when it comes to features   would definitely be the plug-in hybrid electric   powertrain i love being able to go 28 miles on a  full charge and then seamlessly switch over to the   gas engine whenever i choose to take a longer road 

Trip now of course part of the lincoln experience   has to do with connectivity and lincoln delivers  that with the lincoln way smartphone app with the   app users can can remotely connect their vehicle  find parking for it and even schedule pickup and   delivery service for it with their local lincoln  dealership now i want to

Remind you guys if you   also prefer a more conventional drive lincoln  continues to offer two different turbocharged   gas engines and when you choose the gas engine it  opens you up to a monochromatic appearance package   of asher gray pristine white and infinite black   with all that said i hope you guys have enjoyed 

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