new 2022 kia carnival u s versio
Altair Club Cars New 2022 Kia Carnival (U.S Version) – All You Need To Know About

New 2022 Kia Carnival (U.S Version) – All You Need To Know About

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Oh hello there and welcome to the first drive of the all-new kia carnival mpv now i know what you’re saying you’re saying james what are you doing out in the desert well obviously i’ve been having a little bit of fun but more importantly i found a great place to prove just how capable this segment busting vehicle truly is with 3 500 pounds of towing capacity

Class leading torque best in class horsepower folks we are not messing around with this machine at all so i thought i’d take an opportunity to get out of the office and have a little fun under the desert sun the sheer flexibility of this mpv means there’s a lot to cover a lot going on so let’s get it going one of the most refreshing qualities of the carnival

Mpv is the rugged suv inspired exterior design it’s not what you’d expect from this segment and that’s exactly the way we like it and here on the front well folks there it is the new kia badge it’s a modern look that will help guide kia into the future and i think it fits perfectly with the carnival mpv’s confident yet contemporary face and these headlights

High-tech and futuristic while the bold geometric grille exudes a sense of luxury especially when paired with a metallic detailing and dramatic character lines on the hood and on the bumper one of the things i love about the design of the carnival is the way the headlights and the lights are connected by this great bold character line run the length of the

Vehicle and end up at a c-pillar now most vehicles of this nature you don’t even notice a c-pillar here it’s textured it’s chrome it’s gorgeous you can’t help but see it coming back up here to the front we’ve got these big bold two-tone mirrors that not only look cool but they also obviously provide great visibility for the driver that’s important and you

Know kia is so good so great i’ll say at suv design these days and we see that carried on here we’ve got these these chunky wheel wells sitting on top of available 19-inch wheels this is the way a vehicle of this nature should look and around back horizontal design elements provide a sense of width a planted stance if you will and that’s exactly what you need

In an all-purpose vehicle we see it in the side chrome garnish wrapping around the tailgate and the slim combination lamps with high-tech geometric shapes the suv light qualities continue with the rear skid plate and reflectors but you also get elegant details like the hidden rear wiper i just love what the design team has done to the exterior of this vehicle

I mean they’ve really captured that that big bold and boxy look which let’s be fair has been so successful in our current line of suvs but based on the segment and the flexibility of the inside they’ve made some magic let’s check it out luxurious high-tech futuristic that’s the essence of this driver’s seat experience the available 12.3 inch digital cluster

And equally large infotainment system are connected in a seamless curved design so you get this panoramic dashboard slim horizontal details like this chrome strip that runs across the center and the metal air vents all add to a feeling of spaciousness the bold interior color options the high gloss black materials on the center stack and stitching details exude

A premium quality on the tech front the carnival mpv is available with all the good stuff you expect from kia personalized profiles wireless apple carplay and android auto wireless smartphone charging multi bluetooth connectivity up to nine usb ports and two inverters and bose premium sound system plus a whole bunch of new features that turn the driver seat

Into your personal command center passenger view lets you safely keep an eye on any shenanigans in the back seat thanks to this handy camera and passenger talk uses a microphone and speakers to help communicate with your crew the technology in the carnival mpv isn’t just about comfort or convenience it’s packed with available kia drivewise features and one of

My favorites is the surround view monitor which helps you see in 360 degrees so you can navigate tight parking spaces and the blind spot view monitor which appears in the cluster to make changing lanes a breeze now you definitely notice those features on your drive but there are a couple of other technologies that i encourage you to try highway driving assist

Controls steering acceleration and deceleration to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and navigation based smart cruise control uses the onboard navigation system to anticipate curves in the road and of course there are the standard kia drivewise technologies that i know you’re familiar with driver attention warning lane keeping and following assist

High beam assist parking distance warning forward collision avoidance assist blind spot and rear cross traffic collision avoidance rear occupant alert with ultrasonic sensor and safe exit assist okay so that covers the driver’s experience it’s time to hop in the back the smart key offers some super convenient features like hands-free power tailgate and sliding

Doors just like magic this is the seven passenger sx prestige with power adjustable vip lounge seats heated and ventilated these seats feature wing out headrest and leg extensions with just the touch of a button they adjust to the optimal resting position after settling in rear seat passengers can take advantage of the voice recognition feature to crank up

Some tunes or adjust the temperature without moving a muscle the rear screen entertainment system has wireless apple and android screen mirroring so passengers can watch anything from anywhere whenever they want now if you want even more carrying capacity check out the infinitely flexible eight seater this configuration adds the long sliding center seat in the

Second row which easily converts to a table and two cup holders in this case the second row seats are removable and the third row easily disappears into the floor for best in class cargo space speaking of which it’s time to pack up and get back on the road and in a vehicle like this that’s where the adventure truly begins i

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New 2022 Kia Carnival (U.S Version) – All You Need To Know About! By Auto Arena

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