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Altair Club Cars New 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid | Powertrain | capability

New 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid | Powertrain | capability

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So so let’s take a look at how the all-new twoson stands out in terms of powertrains it has the most electrified powertrain lineup in its segment with gasoline and diesel 48 volt mult hybrid full hybrid and plug-in hybrid options at the core of every gasoline powertrain is the third generation hyundai smartstream 1.6 liter turbocharged gasoline engine it

Features the world’s first continuously variable wealth duration technology well what does it mean this means the wealth control technology regulates the duration of the intake valve opening and closing according to driving conditions this boosts both engine performance and fuel efficiency while also being eco-friendly by reducing emissions and for even more

Fuel savings the smart stream engines can be combined with our signature 48 volt multihybrid technology as well as electrifying the engines we have also electrified the manure transmission we call it intelligent manual transmission or imt imtd covers the engine from the transmission after the driver for example releases the accelerator this allows the car to

Enter into two different levels of coasting mode with the first level the engine is at idle with the second level the engine is momentarily turned off to save even more fuel it is more comfortable for the driver and passengers and it reduces emissions now let us have a look at our high voltage electrification options full hybrid and plug-in hybrid both of

These options combine the instant torque of the electric motor with the power output of a gasoline turbocharged engine the twoson hybrid with a 1.6 liter tgdi engine and a total output of 230 horsepower combines efficiency with great performance and i’m sure you will notice this during driving a plug-in hybrid variant with 265 horsepower will join the lineup

Next year as well as electrified options the tucson is also available with our smart stream gasoline or diesel engines as you can see the all-new tooson is all about efficiency but it makes no compromise on driving fun and on this subject let’s hear from our head of vehicle testing and development tyron johnson tyron over to you my team and i have invested an

Exceptional amount of time and energy in our best seller our goal was to match the performance with just the right balance between ride and handling for our customers this has been a really exciting journey for us our prototypes underwent extensive testing on proving grounds and challenging roads all over europe from the cold alps to the hot weather conditions

In south of spain we’ve also conducted accelerated durability tests and dynamic testing on the most demanding race track in the world the famous nurburgring notch life additionally we made use of cutting-edge simulation tools such as virtual development the result speaks for itself tucson is ready for all types of driving styles and terrain the most significant

Highlight we have been working on is the new electronically controlled suspension so far at hyundai we have only offered this with our n brands now we’re bridging the gap between the two contrary aspects of driving pleasure ride and handling in our newest suv every few milliseconds the control unit adjusts each damper individually to road conditions and driving

Style this provides the perfect damping force for a stable and balanced yet comfortable ride the ecs even gave us the opportunity to integrate two different characters in one car in normal or eco mode the tucson offers a very comfortable flat and stable vehicle behavior within the complete speed range even on the most challenging roads in sport mode you can

Enjoy an extra level of response and control and this allows for even more driving fun especially when paired with the 230 horsepower hybrid powertrain the new suspension also affected another important refinement the steering for the normal mode the system has been carefully calibrated to achieve a comfortable and linear response across the complete speed

Range with shifting to sport mode you will feel a sharper steering effort build up enjoying that extra point of connected feel and precision for those who prefer to go on more challenging terrain the tucson is ready too the hyundai h-track all-wheel drive system provides sure footing on various road surfaces and conditions the latest h-rack applied to the all-new

Tucson hybrid offers additional multi-terrain modes such as mud sand and snow as you heard there is a lot to explore on the new tucson i hope you enjoy driving it as much as i do and if you are looking for an even sportier design and ride i can already tell you to stay tuned for the end line version coming beginning of next year thank you for watching and take

Care so so so it’s

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