new 2022 hyundai elantra n revea
Altair Club Cars New 2022 Hyundai Elantra N REVEALED

New 2022 Hyundai Elantra N REVEALED

New 2022 Hyundai Elantra N REVEALED

Introducing the all-new elantra end the acceleration starts as soon as your foot touches the pedal the air intake was restructured for a better flow of air into the engine increasing the power while reducing the weight the end power shield minimizes torque reduction when upshifting and the acceleration continues the class-leading braking performance is

Engineered with a 360 millimeter brake rotors and high friction brake pads and even the dust cover was redesigned for maximum cooling the michelin pilot sport 4s tires maximize the carving feel in every phase of cornering the second generation electronic control suspension offers a wide range of firmness settings firm lateral support connects the driver

To the road and more balanced damping offers the best ever comfortable ride for your family the newly applied torque feedback rndps provides consistent and accurate steering elsd minimizes the understeer and guarantees the end’s unique carving feel our mission is to transfer motorsports knowledge to production models originally developed for a wrc rally car

Ida’s innovative one-piece structure withstands extreme lateral g-force and provides a responsive steering all while reducing the weight the chassis has been strengthened by reinforcing the powertrain mount four point strut ring v-stay center tunnel stay rear tunnel brace and rear stiff bar the end track sense shift will automatically recognize when you’re

At the track and will select the optimal gear and execute the perfect shift the revolutionary hyundai n application saves and analyzes your speed lap time g-force throttle and brake pressure you can even see how you stack up against other drivers elantra inn stands lowest height in class providing a low center of gravity and that along with a lowered seating

Position connects you with the road in one of the most aerodynamic performances in its class the three-bridge spoiler increases the rear downforce take the wheel in the sport bucket seat or relax in the comfortable back seat with the elantra in you get the best of both worlds performance and practicality the groundbreaking n sound equalizer allows you

To customize the engine sound because there’s nothing like the sound of a little crackle that ignites your love of driving this is the new inn for those who still remember that spark who come alive in every corner and smile at the double curve sign fascination has arrived we are bringing that pure grin this is elantra in hmm many many people have

Actually asked me about what do we do about electrification and racing what do you have in mind everybody knows that electrification is key to success in the future to come and by the way this is our responsibility in our credo we have electrification we have hybrids we have a lot of prototypes in the pipeline outlet please imagine for a moment we uh for

The past six years we have driven with internal combustion engine and now it’s time to get it changed yeah i think with egmp we have a very substantial platform to bring sustainable driving fund to our enthusiasts on the road and and on the track and i think after some end specific treatments it would be tons of fun to to drive around notch life with an end

Vehicle based on egmp and i can see many many corners where yeah our combustion cars might have some trouble to follow our egmp and car so uh i’m looking forward to uh bring the the corner rescue to our enthusiasts based on egmp can you imagine to fly through the green hell with this platform and now we have to look for the right hat maybe we make a bare bone

We just put a chair there and the steering wheel and we don’t put the upper body so that’s the point anyway which upper body should we take i mean we have choices right our end fans will be highly impressed i believe do you remember the sketches sun yup showed us yeah yeah i know i know very very sexy it’s very nice looking it’s definitely there the potential

To make it true and vehicle but should we only talk about battery hydrogen i guess is also a very interesting thing to combine and to find the right idea in the future to come maybe you remember our mecca protocol with the fuel cell in the front and the high power pe battery electric system in the rear and uh yeah with our modular fuel system we can make a

Nice package i think what do we do in the 24 hour race what about endurance oh don’t worry don’t worry taylor we have hydrogen technology and i think the combination hydrogen battery electric egmp oh that’s that is a very sustainable enjoyable and driving even in endurance racing let’s go for it way to go let’s make it happen you

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