new 2022 ford expedition max pla
Altair Club Cars NEW 2022 FORD EXPEDITION MAX PLATINUM STAR WHITE 4×4- Luxury SUV: Walkaround, Startup & Interior

NEW 2022 FORD EXPEDITION MAX PLATINUM STAR WHITE 4×4- Luxury SUV: Walkaround, Startup & Interior


What’s up guys this is walker with the car guys youtube channel and we’ve got mr brian bala with us today helping with this walk around shout out to you and we’re going to go ahead and get started with this star white 2022 expedition platinum check out this front end with the platinum specific front end look you do have your beam led lights as well with the fog

Lights at the bottom and also your parking sensors let you know when you’re getting close to somebody and your tow hooks when you need to tow your buddies out of the ruts guess what else walker what brian those headlamps are activated by windshield wipers too you turn on the wipers headlamps on oh nice very safe very convenient feature that ford has added and

Coming around to the side here you do notice your 22 inch polished aluminum wheels very nice look for the platinum expedition and then right along the bottom you do have your power deployable running boards sometimes when you get close they’ll automatically deploy let’s see if they do it now i guess it does not have that setting at the moment and there you go

You open the door and they automatically come down we’re going to continue with this back end so notice your platinum badging in the back everyone’s going to know you are riding in the top trim level expedition that they have and let’s check out this back end area by popping the back two clicks of a button and you have your hydraulic opening hatch and this

Is the max so you do have a little extra space in the back with power power folding seats for the third and second row different tie-downs to keep your luggage secure um and there is also a little light to help out with seeing your luggage and everything and up under here you’ve got your cargo net and i believe you do have your full-size spare up underneath the

Vehicle we’re going to go ahead and close this back also got wet storage under there walker a wet storage very nice and then continuing with the back you do got your backup parking sensors your backup camera and up under this you do have a hitch brian do you know about how much they can tow in these things with your standard towing capabilities you’re right at 6

000 pounds you can boost it up to nine thousand pounds with the heavy duty trout we actually do have an expedition uh towing a camper video for the uh for the backup assist feature that we will be going into a little later in the week and starting with the interior your very nice trim look at that distinct platinum trim that it has along the interior and stitched

Hand stitched so saved memory seatings you have three memory seatings that you could save in there and check that out this is your banging a lofsim sound system top premium audio from ford that we offer hey walker don’t forget with your memory seat settings it’s also linked to your steering wheel and your mirrors okay so that’s all so they’ll slide out and uh the

Steering will move in and out as well correct so checking out our our center stack or our steering column right here you do have different options as well moving to some of the safety features on this we do have adaptive cruise control we have lane keep and we also do have regular cruise control that adaptive and lane keep are run out of this camera system on the

Windshield here which also includes pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking so we’re going to pan through some of these these infotainment things on your productivity screen and then by looking at your drive modes right here near your shift dial you can rotate this and then show your different drive modes that you have you got your normal you got

Your eco you have your sport shifts at higher rpms automatically shifts into four wheel drive and then your tow haul and we will go over to the other side we have got slippery sand and also mud and ruts when you’re getting going off-road with your buddies and then we’re about to talk about this new newly redesigned center screen that we have here 15.5 inches

15.5 inches very configurable can show you a lot of things that you do want to see you see that top-down view of this expedition that we have here and you can pan between different settings of that to show it what you need it to show makes backing up a trailer real easy with this view right here um different viewpoints when you’re trying to navigate in and out

Of tight space that it helps out a lot then different zone lighting you just light up whatever whatever sides you uh choose to light up if you’re working around the vehicle at night you want to light up the whole right side there you go so you do have your parking aid and then also different settings to go along with that as well how about that driver assist

Walker look at all the different stuff you can choose from you’ve got your you’ve got your adaptive cruise control you have different lane centering options speed sign recognition speed limit assist pre-collision assist i really don’t think that ford has missed a lot in this expedition platinum i’d say not so keeping you and your family safe in the the new 22

Ford expedition platinum so different general settings that you can pan between different display options clock settings connectivity vehicle hotspot that you can you i believe it’s a subscription base through a data server like verizon mobile apps you do have your 911 assist your ford assistant different towing options right here and then you do have ambient

Lightning lighting throughout this vehicle check this out walker how handy is that very handy adjust your temp right there just a click of a button you have a sliding scale of temperature and also fan speed heating cool heated steering wheel pull seats turn that down a little bit and then you do have your physical volume knob right here as well and like brian

Mentioned that those tri-level heated and cooled seats as well and then you do have that heated steering wheel option as well let’s check out what other stuff you have you have a sketch option you can write your notes you know let the kids doodle whatever it may be so don’t forget to like and subscribe to the car guys youtube channel check that out thanks

For the nice little drawing brian and we’ll continue along with this thing this actually does have the panoramic moon roof and we’ll get a shot of it opening up right here very nice for these beautiful sunny days in statesville georgia at jc lewis ford look at this what comes along with it right here so with your vno speaker which you’re banging a lofts and

Sound system this thing is really packed out you are having speakers pretty much everywhere you look going to experience the best audio probably that you’ve ever had in a car before i would say and also this does have your blue crews so highways that are on the blue crew system it’ll actually let you take your hands off the steering wheel and you just have to

Be looking at the road and it’ll automatically drive for you very nice feature and then along here you do have your usb and micro usb to connect for your apple carplay and android auto you can project your maps make your phone calls send your text do whatever you need to do and also with your wireless qi charging pad makes charging very easy and then check out

This center console area plenty of storage for what you might need to store and also you do have a regular charging port in there and we’re going to check out the back before we wrap this thing up so continued hand-stitched interior accents along the the second row seating you do have your captain’s chairs manual at that and also you do have your rear controls

For the audio different charging options seats fold down and move out the way so you can get in and out of the vehicle very easily check that out look at that need a floor room walker bit real grown-up can sit back here big b in the back as comfortable as can be we love to see it i think i can recline these things too man heck yeah man ford’s all in they’re all

In all about the comfort over here especially in this 2022 ford expedition platinum so thank you guys for tuning in i think we covered all of the features on this vehicle let me know if you if we missed anything don’t forget to comment like and subscribe we will be coming to you with more expedition content coming soon thanks

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NEW 2022 FORD EXPEDITION MAX PLATINUM STAR WHITE 4×4- Luxury SUV: Walkaround, Startup & Interior By The Car Guys

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