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Good morning i want to introduce you to 2022 traverse rs package and cherry red tent coat the rs package comes with the honeycomb grille rs badging and the black wheels this one also has the fire retardant engine mask these little points again will burn out falls down kills the ocean content to the fire extinguishes the fires 310 horses 266 foot-pounds of torque

In this vehicle upgraded 20 inch wheels of the the black rims sided pack beams driving passenger side airbags curtain airbags um uh aeros the seven airbag system so there’s airbags on the side of the passenger seat or driver’s seat as well in case you have a side impact instead of you bumping heads the airbag deploys keeps you from bumping heads as well it’s

Got the black badging blind spot mirrors let’s start out with the um rear vision mirror so if you’re driving along and somebody’s tailgating you you can throw your hands up and say hey why you tailgate me and they’re like what what’s going on but you can see them behind you heated seats for the driving passenger side with the dual climate control so if your wife

Likes it hot she can set it on temperature or you can sync the two and whatever you do the other person gets as well the radio screen opens up you got storage behind the radio screen there’s a valet feature here you can lock that screen out if you got something private back there you’re taking someone with valet function they can’t do any make any changes to the

Radio or open that screen this one also has navigation there’s your navigation oops somebody’s behind us now plenty of storage in the center console again it has your auto stop start feature this is your override button if you don’t like that auto stop start you can override it electric parking brake got usb ports here and an sd card slot for the navigation tilt

And telescopic wheel the rear trunk if you’re short like me you could program the rear trunk so we’re going to go back and take a quick look at the trunk after we take a look at the uh backup camera and i’m going to show you how that works here’s your backup camera with the guidelines 360 all the way around the vehicle you can see all the way around the vehicle

And you can also use those points the the to do separate things in the vehicle as well so if you want to look at different points you can do that as well comes with uh onstar you get three months of onstar by leaving a credit card on file your standard is one month it comes with wi-fi you get three gigabytes for omaha for testing if you like the wi-fi there’s two

Plans there’s a 15 plan for two gigs it’s a 25 plan for unlimited gigs you can put up seven devices on it’s got a range of about 50 feet all right this is your rear hatch so if you’re really short and you can’t reach this you can bring this down hold this button the lights will flash and now that’s where your setting will be come see glenn at george boy chevrolet

We’ll put this 2022 traverse interior tent coat in your driveway today

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NEW 2022 CHEVROLET TRAVERSE FWD 2LT By George Moore Chevrolet

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