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Altair Club Cars NEW 2022 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 LTD Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive RST

NEW 2022 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 LTD Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive RST


Hi everybody welcome to george moore chevrolet my name is sam martin i’ll be showing you this 2022 silverado rst your rs3 model is your color match exterior so you have this gorgeous summer white exterior which is all matched including uh your black lettering and you have these very nice uh uh chevrolet rims which you have your black your silver accents with your

Gray uh interior you have your these black step ups which are flat uh full flat they have the grooved ones um you have your keyless entry on this vehicle which includes your uh unlock lock remote start and your tailgate deployment uh this is a crew cab as well 5.3 liter v8 four-wheel drive um you can see back here even you have your chevrolet across the bed gate

All blacked out even the rst is all blacked out looks great you can see here from the key you can open the tailgate like so it’s piston assistant so it weighs nothing going back up and down um and of course if we take a look here at the bed we can see your spray and bed liner from the factory with the chevy bow tie emblem um and you have your led floodlights in the

Bed if you’re working at night as well including um your tie-downs which are all sprayed on as well closing the bed like so we can see all our connectors down here for trailers and a full-size spare underneath as well as the hitch and rear sensors uh but now we’re going to move on to the most interesting part of the vehicle which is going to be its interior all

Right everybody now we’re in the inside of our rst a few things to go over on the interior we’re going to start right up here um this vehicle has onstar that means you have your vehicle locator engine kill and vehicle recovery for whatever to be stolen um as well as all of other all of the services that also provides including your nationwide wi-fi access and your

Remote app from your phone if we take a look down here to the actual infotainment center we can see we have apple carplay and under auto standard these are both wireless your trailer light controller wi-fi controller bluetooth audio control from your phone and as we can see here we have our camera access to our rear backup camera that is your trajectory assist

Like so which follows your wheels and then your hitch lineup camera which follows as you know of course by the name it’s hitch um going back over to home and looking down here we can see we have a dual zone control by these two lcd screens which provides you temperature for passenger and driver that is also digital right up here heated seats for driver and passenger

Parking assist auto start and auto stop like so tailgate control so we can deploy the token from the inside of the car all window deployment and we have our 12 volt connector usb and usb c if we take a look here at the center console we can see how much space we have in there and of course the upper area is leather wrapped and you have your small groove surface

For your phone you have your voice commands right over here phone hang up menu controls like so brake pad life fuel economy info page trip 8 and trip 1 fuel range oil life tire pressure etc including a digital speedometer as well you have your cruise control command right over here mode shifter right over here you can go for sport or off-road trailering mode over

To the left two wheel drive forward drive shifter and off-road mode as well and then you have your blind spot sensors on your mirrors mirror control right over here and window control right over here all right everybody so this was our 2022 rst silverado if you’re looking for our current generation silverado at msrp a vehicle that is up to zero miles brand new

Come down to george for chevrolet see me sam martin hopefully we can have your job’s baby home

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NEW 2022 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 LTD Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive RST By George Moore Chevrolet

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