new 2021 gmc sierra 1500 slt cre
Altair Club Cars NEW 2021 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLT CREW CAB 3.0 DURAMAX #FraziersFriends

NEW 2021 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLT CREW CAB 3.0 DURAMAX #FraziersFriends


Good afternoon corey frazier here with the westin family auto group and hashtag frazier’s friends today i’m going to be doing a review of a 2021 gmc sierra slt x31 off-road three-liter duramax diesel um just like in all my videos we’ll do the inside we’ll do the outside um i’ll turn it over let’s see the dash all the lights let you hear it run but first i just

Want to get outside features all the angles in there for you a big reason why i do these video walk arounds it saves a ton of time on both sides plus it’s for all of our out-of-town out-of-staters we do offer transport and delivery options just give me a call or text for further details but as you’re gonna see it has the running boards uh sensors all the way around

You can see them on the front bumper there the running boards and as you can see it’s the duramax turbo diesel frankly i think this is the best engine you can get in these sierras but that’s personally my opinion um x31 off-road crew cab not the double cab uh extended cab any of that it’s a crew so it’s the the bigger um and you see those uh the the bumper there

Back up camera toe pack multi-way tailgate that’s a fun feature um and as you can see the bed liner there again we’ll get these angles in here this does have remote start i might as well just go ahead and do that now as you can see and you can control the tailgate which is nice oops there that goes there we’ll get to the inside conditioning features here in just

A second i do want to show you i love those daytime runners on there the tailgate there i love that i love that in these tailgates anyways let’s get the inside conditioning features does have the convenience package all the way around the lane departure assist with the inside here as you can see power windows power locks power memory seats bose premium sound

Get the the seats here as you can see let me get this manufacturer sticker here so this one vin specific if you look all the way to the right 5500 in rebates or zero percent on approved credit uh just for a couple of more days um let’s go ahead and turn this over push button start you can see their their likeness of the person of color so the boost button was

Applied so that you can see all right let’s turn this down okay continue so as you can see this one does have the navi what i do like about this uh the apple and android play that it has apple carplay android auto a great feature trailering feature is a really good one um you know when you’re hooked up it’ll you can go through all the checklists all that the

Cameras the tailgate is down but it literally focuses right on to the the hitch there too that’s one that’s what this one is here and then the line to trailer it in it remind you again that the uh the the gates down but uh the navi there can manually control the transmission if need be heated steering wheel front crash assist um and it even has a wireless charger

For your phone there let’s get these features in here heated and cooled seats all the different options there for you lane assist and then the trailering assist that’s a good one there let’s go ahead and get the back seat here so like i said this thing opens up really wide i like the the crews in these um power rear slider and then the rear heated seats rear

Air with the ports there for your digital devices let me turn on some lights here i suppose well guys this was a super quick video hopefully it helped answer some questions you know if there’s anything that i may have missed or you’d like me to come out take photos shoot another video walk around frankly whatever i can do to help i’m happy to do it just reach

Out give me a call or a text i do want to say thank you for your time and consideration and hopefully i can earn your business we’ll see you next time guys

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NEW 2021 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLT CREW CAB 3.0 DURAMAX 👀💪🔥💯 #FraziersFriends By #FraziersFriends

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