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Altair Club Cars New 2021 GMC Conversion Van Explorer Limited SE | Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans

New 2021 GMC Conversion Van Explorer Limited SE | Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans

Welcome to gmc my name is larry and i have over 22 years in the conversion van business specializing in mobility vans and leisure van we have over 100 vans here in stock at gmc i encourage you to watch our videos and check out our inventory and please let me know what questions you have and what information you may require

Welcome to gmc my name is larry today i’m showing you a black to gray fade 2021 van i just got this one in pretty nice looking van um kind of unique a little bit we don’t get a lot of black to gray fades but um this one’s got the full explorer package on it has the power boards has the leds down in the front um as the full ground effects the

20 inch wheels the mesh grille got the raised vista top this one has the the 2021 has the 6.6 liter v8 in it which is new for this year got the backup camera the backup sensors got the trailering package back here this one’s got a really cool interior too it’s got the black and the gray interior pleated shades power sofa bed slides forwards and backwards 30

Inches anywhere from 24 to 30 inches deep depending on how far you slide it 51 inches wide then lays down into a three-piece bed it’s got the two-tone black and gray on the seats also and also on the side walls and all the trim usb ports got your little air compressor here you got a vacuum over here got your jack area usbs back here 32 inch flat screen in the

New ones down in the center console that’s a smart tv too has the apple tv built into it if you go down here you’ve got the lg blu-ray player you’ve also got an hdmi hookup so you can hook up an xbox a playstation a fire stick a roku anything like that you’ll have all your lights up here in the ceiling i’ll show you that here in a second you’ve got a sunroof here

In the back that does open also all your books are right there in the back of the bag back of the sofa slide up here to the front real quick you’ll see your power boards also got the lighted explorer step again gorgeous seats in this one get your switch there to turn the power boards on and off get the full intel link radio in here so you’ve got nav am fm xm

Radio bluetooth onstar all your light switches up here there’s a shot of your lights there in the back got a cooler here between the seats 110 plug up here usb port up here that goes to the radio so you can plug your phone in this one has 425 miles on it you got your full driver information center over here power windows power locks power mirrors you got the blind

Spot indicators right up here in the corner you’ve also got a front indicator too that if you get too close to something it’ll light up tell you that you’re too close um it doesn’t stop you or anything but it does light up all your uh all your radio controls here on the steering wheel also you’re onstar or excuse me your cruise control here on the steering wheel

You’re on star and everything’s down here front rear heat and air there’s all your switches for that really nice package power windows excuse me power driver passenger seats you’ve also got the heat on this like i said really nice package if you’re looking for something like this please give me larry a call at 937-440-5820 gmc conversionvance.com937 right now

I’ve got roughly about 60 in stock look forward to hearing from you thank you

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New 2021 GMC Conversion Van Explorer Limited SE | Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans By GMC Conversion Vans

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