new 2021 ford expedition max xlt
Altair Club Cars New 2021 Ford Expedition Max XLT.

New 2021 Ford Expedition Max XLT.


Brand new 2021 ford expedition max so we got all that extra room in there comes the powertrain um this one has all kind of fun options in there and uh we’re gonna go ahead and cover those so start off here we have michelin tires that come on there um and we are sitting on 18s magnetic paint really nice pops uh once they always say about silvers and grays they

Truly do age the best hold their value i’m not sure why that is they just you know i mean they just hold their value and they just they look always kind of new it’s just a really good color so uh once again chrome grill up here super size ford logo everybody’s gonna know what you’re driving you know every the carbon finishers are all going to these nice big

Logos and they’re really nice look good i get tow hooks there in the front this is a four wheel drive uh vehicle uh we have easy access doors put your hands in it’ll unlock put it on the outside it locks back up for you okay um back is tinted glass so that way um if we got friends in the back they can stay away from that sun easy fool love this this is so handy

You never have to worry about losing the gas cap or ripping it off close that back up you’re going to notice the bliss system that’s all the way around here and this covers up your hitch we’re going to go ahead and open this up so we can see that okay mats are kept in the bag so that way you’ll be the first one to ever put your feet on them nice little bend up

Underneath here you can store stuff and then we also have your net you can use love these power folds it’s super easy you can just hit it unlike some manufacturers you don’t have to hold down to get them to do that and you’ll look up there too and you can see that it has another set there for the front okay so you can fold that down um over here we have another

Usb port let me kind of zoom in there so you can see i’m talking about all right a 12 volt that’s back here another usb port that’s over here these are great because you know they always kind of made it for that second row to have the usb ports but then you get here to the back and then all of a sudden nobody’s got a port we’re just going to hit that again it’ll

Bring it back up there nice little these are great keeps that dirt out also keeps it kind of makes it the molding match there i’m going to go ahead and you’ve got the kick motion and what that is you just uh take your foot and you put it underneath there and you wave and then it’ll close up for you zoom back out my apologies there’s our window sticker you can

Stop come back i can also send you the window sticker as well all right we’re gonna look on the inside we’re gonna come back up here in a second um but anyway there’s several ways to get this vehicle you have your uh keypad entry your remote and then also you have the um wi-fi app so you can uh open this vehicle and start it from anywhere as long as you have

Access to wi-fi um all the original plastic and stuff is kept on here just to keep it from getting touched and sticky you know um once again let’s go ahead and we’re gonna set these up so you can see in here love these little steps because it keeps that carpet clean and you can step right in there all right we’re going to go ahead and let’s see this one is very

Nicely loaded set this up and in the back here we’ve got the new lightning cable and the usb another plug-in over here they have their own ac control that’s back here you don’t have to worry about controlling it up front love this carpet too um it’s it’s resistant to stain and uh you know just really nice the uh these are reinforced we’re at them what i like

To say like inside the right amount of chrome just enough to accent they’re not going um too much there and then of course they went to that new style speaker okay then you also have that your blind spot detection is right there we’re going to step up and start it here you have power seats on both sides and then also we got your power fold mirrors we’re gonna go

And turn that on so you can see that that’s you can have that set up to where it does it automatically when you stop anyway just folds right up there for you very handy and then on our screen um you have this has got the new carplay in here so you are able to um just put your um pad here and you can you can actually connect to the apple without having to to plug

In that has the authorization for that just let you know it’s very handy then we’ve got your wireless charging pad that’s down here there is your lane keep okay and it’s letting you know the lane keeping system is on more ports up here double bin there this thing here also if you hit it it opens up there’s nice little bit of chrome that goes on that i’m going

To turn the fan down okay once again i love that these bins are so big because you know we do have stuff we want to store inside of vehicles come up here you have your thing through your glasses it does have a garage door opener and then come over here um it has apple carplay on there um of course with your apps when you hook your phone up then your maps come

Right up it’s very handy to have i mean i’m an apple user you can use the waze apps you can if you’ve got a droid you can use droid maps on there as well i’m just way to save you money on what you know you don’t really want to pay for inside a vehicle you know so if you have any questions on it you know let me know i’ll be happy to help you

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New 2021 Ford Expedition Max XLT. By Ellen Purchase Ford

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