new 2020 ford transit base med r
Altair Club Cars New 2020 FORD Transit Base Med-Roof F-250 Crew Van Stock V6

New 2020 FORD Transit Base Med-Roof F-250 Crew Van Stock V6

Hello ! Everyone, Wellcome to my channel.New 2020 FORD Transit Base Med-Roof F-250 Crew Van Stock V6.

Mm eagles bring you a 2020 brand new mid-roof transit well crew cab transit here about a ford because i always talk about things that has mileage well this one’s brand new with only nine miles so the crew cab always comes with side windows front and back cosmo looking to buy one so i figured i’d go ahead and shoot the video what we have here at battleford because

It’s on a 250 just tour package rear camera rear sensing real hitch hey mr david what’s up get your sliding door on on the passenger side so this one’s ready to be converted to go work or turn it into whatever you want it to be of course when you pay to know you can do that ivan lopez here at banner ford in mandeville 985 966 9443 that’s me of course happy

Happy berlin valentine’s day and those are deployed overseas so again back to the the crew transit mid-roof this one’s nice because you can carry our five-pack passengers legally we see buckles got the dark dark graying accent on the middle very easy to clean usb ports because it has a big rear camera on it automatic because brand new because there’s your work

Vans at the deleted floors easy to clean up get a large boards here to get in and get out and three additional passengers if you don’t want them you can fold them down and put things on top of it if you like padded floors all the way to behind it and of course you’ve got your cargo in the back that was all your electricals of course you got speakers back there

Turn on the radio one turn on here i’m five nine so back here turn the camera for a second here hold up my hat i won’t hit any of the support but if i come up to the top over here i’m at the crunch my uh head to my chin so you can actually stand up in one of these babies not supposed to when you’re driving so again lots of space on the inside lots of cargo

Spaces get you in and get you out these doors come open of course you can uh open them up completely pop some magnetized to the sides sorry about that on me with the wind so they safely catch a lot of moving a lot of space oh you can completely open it up and here with the slide door open they won’t touch but again give me a holler if you’re looking for a mid

Roof stay tuned i’m going to be shooting your a low roof in a second same just lower you don’t need a showbiz license for this you do great if not we’re ready to roll but again this is brand new pretty cool gas lead power windows power locks all the hatches are open so we’re going to press ok yes yes yes and driving miles get the lane it looks like it has a

Lane departure on it looking on the screen there it’s yellow standard radios so you got something to play uh usb ports as well automatic let me know i’ve been here battleford uh mandeville 95 966 9443 that’s me bringing your brand new 2020 crew transit mid roof so the msrp on this one here one second sorry about that so 436 all the stuff that comes in it you

Can kind of pause later on when you go to stop the video i’ll replay it of course they always ask they do come in uh other fuels and this me and this one here comes with a regular gas i actually got the extended gas tank i just realized just saw it on a stick of 31 gallon let’s stop in at the gas station with the uh 373 rear end all right me amigos again

Give me a holler that’s gonna be yours ivan lopez here about a forty mandeville 95 966 9443 until we meet ios amigos safe travels that’s me

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New 2020 FORD Transit Base Med-Roof F-250 Crew Van Stock V6 By CAR SHOPING

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