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Altair Club Cars New 2016 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 4×4 Laramie Limited Edition Cummins

New 2016 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 4×4 Laramie Limited Edition Cummins

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Good morning folks my name is troy young i go by pv white cells on the world wide web i’m doing this video a little bit different as you can see i’ve got a silver truck 3500 mega cab these are both 2016 models and brand new trucks the one the silver one is going to be a long horn edition and the white one as you can tell the grilles different that’s your new limited

We’re going to concentrate now i’ve done a walk around on a white 3500 long worn with with the austin transmission be sure and check that video out now as always thank you for viewing the videos and hope you’re sharing like i’m going to got this truck running right now this is ram 3500 you see the grilles different and everything will jump in back it out so i can

Do a better view do a better video for you alright got my backup camera means we’re in the truck we’re going to take this view of this window sticker okay 2016 ram 3500 limited mega cab there’s your base price fifty eight thousand eighty dollars on the left it’s going to be all your standard equipment then you start getting to your optional equipment equipment

There as you can see the limited package – fm package 3585 upgrade now some of the stuff on the right will override some of the standard equipment it’s got 373 gears in it there’s um srp 73 930 we’ll get back to the inside there’s your mega cab the slot looks empty because it is this is our new store from the process of getting ready to move in it we’ve got

Groaner other store next door carry huge inventory so if this is not the color you’re looking for or equipped exactly how you want it just give me a call right below the video be my all my contact information and all my links this is your limited edition ok versus the long horn and my other videos you built out you got a darker woodgrain a plea on the long horns

Dark eyes a little bit lighter i’m limited as you can see it’s kind of a black-ish grayish color get your stitching it logo this right here something new for the 16 models and this here is new they start doing it on the late 15s you speed just a business card holder now as you can tell it acts like a clipboard so you set your cellphone right here it will hold it i

Don’t know if you can see it but there’s a 12 volt right here also got dual glovebox usb port auxiliary plugs sd card another usb plug change holder ok this if you had a cd player it’d be right here this is not equipped with a cd player does have a sunroof okay right here’s your this will make the seat recline the way you people in the back and be very comfortable

Okay so there you go got heated seats for the rear this right here also separates it back in see the big ram logo just limited there’s silver dooley doesn’t have the big bigger letters as they ram on the back it says long horn limits it spray in bedliner this got two cameras i’ve got a camera up here the shows in the cargo official show you that this is new for

The 16 models got led lights in the bed of the truck right here’s my other camera for the backup camera for the bumper here’s also how you tell where it says limited here the long horn edition does not have that still got your fancy stitching in the seats get your wood grain up here it’s a little bit darker color 11 miles on this truck all right let me show you

What i was talking about on the camera okay there’s my backup camera this is the rear bumper you can see right here i don’t know if you can see this but in the video you can see it’s highlighted in red that’s the bumper this is what i like what they finally did kudos ram switch to cameras now i’m showing the car go where before on the display right here that was

My cargo camera then up here had a small little camera for the back up on the rear bumper this is something new to show here see i got front and rear sensors and they’re split i’m going to pull forward a little bit towards the truck and it’s not here we go makes it really nice you can see i’m really close to that truck okay i want to tell you thank you for viewing

Hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a great day

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New 2016 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 4×4 Laramie Limited Edition Cummins By Troy Young

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