new 2016 ram 3500 44 laramie lim
Altair Club Cars New 2016 Ram 3500 4×4 Laramie Limited Mega Cab SWR Dual Camera Cargo

New 2016 Ram 3500 4×4 Laramie Limited Mega Cab SWR Dual Camera Cargo

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Okay first off i want to tell you thank you for viewing my video be sure and check out my other or latest videos my name is troy young i go by tdy cells on the world wide web what you’re looking at here is gonna be a brand new 2016 laramie 3500 limited limited edition you tell it’s a limited you can tell by the front grille this truck has not been washed we’ve got

A little bit of rain and stuff but you see here you got your limited there’s a brand new truck though just came in off the transport so 3500 single axle you tell your badging from the rear that tells me it’s a limited edition is also this one’s also got the camera you can see it right here where i’m pointing my finger then you got another camera right there and

It’s got the fifth wheel gooseneck prep package so you can do a gooseneck put it in the center one or you get the eight that i call it a picture frame you get it installed in the rear and then you can put your fifth wheel on it right here is something new you can see got a light here and you got a another led light you know led light right there also nice thing

About ram trucks when i locked the truck it locked the bed we got wheel-to-wheel steps this is your mega cab you can see you’re stitching a woodgrain applique right here as well get your stitching here there’s your mega cab get your saddlebags you got rear heated rear heated seats those your vents nothing about the med cabs now push the seat back you can see your

Stitching here as well real fancy truck okay i just now lean that seat back it was easier to do it sitting in it it’s got a sunroof i’m gonna demonstrate how the screen works – it’s got both cameras this is something new well i have to start the truck i’ll show you in one exit got power just pedals look at the camera right here okay if you’ll notice a little icon

Here this is the rear backup camera now i’m gonna show the bad camera or when i’m looking up that gooseneck net 5th wheel let’s take a look at the maroney’s sticker 2016 ram 3500 there’s your standard price then you start adding all the equipment in texan curb transfer case with will gifts gooseneck verb 73 775 okay brand-new truck like i said it’s got a 1800

Miles on it you got remote start all it is i got the key fob in my pocket and all it is push this button right here push and hold electronic shift on the fly your neutral switch brake controller heated invented seats heated steering wheel for the driver vented seats and heated seats for the passenger got your front sensors that’s brand new just came out in the

2016 models and then i got rear sensors your exhaust brake tall tow haul mode your traction control you’ve also got a touchscreen controls i’m gonna do my backup camera if i want i don’t even have it in reverse this way i can just for you but the cool thing about it is i can switch in between i’m just sitting in park we didn’t in turn the screen off let’s be the

Other screen here view the map there we go of course you can go in here and get a full screen if you want let me get out of this control media my view misty guard oh toasty in here this is all your apps okay i won’t tell you thank you for viewing i post all the time when you send be sure to check out my other videos right below the video will be all my contact

Information you can follow me on facebook i go by tdy sales on facebook and there will be a link to that brand new 2016 ram 3500 laramie mega cab limited edition as always have a great day

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New 2016 Ram 3500 4×4 Laramie Limited Mega Cab SWR Dual Camera Cargo By Troy Young

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