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Altair Club Cars Need for Speed HEAT – Mercedes-AMG C63 Customization

Need for Speed HEAT – Mercedes-AMG C63 Customization

Full name Mercedes-Benz C-Class Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe (why) today we customise it with the strangest options I’ve seen in a LONG time…

We are back or need for speed heat ladies and gents the mercedes c63 very very very nice and look the sound of this car i love it in general in person in reality can’t be a cheeky cheeky old south v8 isn’t that right bmw we use six-cylinder downgrades watch the skirt he’s in the garage like it’s nothing but yes my friends welcome back to need for speed heat it’s

Been a two days the last video you know me though i gotta keep the ball rolling keep pumping keep it going now the body kits on this car i’m not gonna tell you that i like my final design on this car but i believe we made it look nice on heat studio we went the nicer look so this time we’re going for the stupid we go for the crazy with nicolas in this pickup

Style kit look at that it’s actually horrendous i really don’t like it if i don’t like something that says a lot right charlie okay anyway my friends if you want to see this built properly because i’m definitely gonna over these in the full game as well make sure you hit that subscribe button stick around jump join us i would appreciate that if you came to join

Us for the let’s play that’s gonna be commencing and carrying on should i say very very very soon hopefully maybe sooner rather than later mouths and i said i think i want to go it’s just a large amount of bits i’m gonna show you the most extreme things you can come up with when it comes to the c63 because it’s the it’s a new car a lot of youtubers have insuring

For some reason the older cars we need to have much customization our second two are 34 i did do an a 34 with payback so maybe i’m being a hypocrite but anyway you know the r34 is gonna be one of the first cars that i build then we get the actual game but for now we’re doing the new stuff right with sure that makes the most sense does it not i think it makes the

Most sense okay as always say i really don’t like high design of this car overall there’s one segment that i really do like go through the wings very nice look at that is the nicest one i’ve seen iceland oh yes better hide that from the ladies it’s beautiful i’m very happy very cool with the wing anyway so yeah the the customization the new arch kit i’ve seen this

Kit on a foot a few in the cars as a couple of cars actually have something similar and i believe this kit we’re designed by kaiser himself i’m gonna say very much seems like it’s a very feet like as a render it would look awesome but i don’t think as an actual moving car it turned out as i would personally prefer what i’ve got a roof wagon there’s no window wang’s

But there is a roof wang which means we have double wagon dang can double wang gang anywho yes tinting the lights giving them a nice finishing purple pearlescent tint bluey purple very cool putting on the wheels you know me i’m gonna be putting these wheels on so me different cars and again increase the size of it because it decided to change putting on some custom

Tires because listen i’m a custom tire man if you don’t put no custom tires on your car hey ain’t a finish build right bill lower that car put on this with air suspension it is scraping that front lip is gonna hit it’s gonna hit a stone it’s gonna scream it’s gonna it’s gonna pick it up it was scoop it up it’s gonna take it on a journey now color wise again you’ve

Seen this on this you know how i ended with the customization on this car but yeah there’s there’s a purple one with very nice new sounds we could get some ridiculous engines in here it’s crazy but again i didn’t have any of them unlocked some reason i emerged with a camaro and likes how the flames just popped out of one exhaust their very corpse and then

We’re gonna do a very very very quick job cut while the music’s on and the music in this game don’t even don’t even get me started with music in this game i love the music in this game the feeling the vibe if you didn’t know the music changes in the night and the day and it just gives it a different vibe so in the nights like dirty driving cruising the streets

During the lead but you know when people do that don’t do that it’s like a doc that’s keita and we hit the car the coffee’s angry he’s not he’s driving away i think he’s focused on something up no maybe they come but he just blew back but we get it that’s the end game ended the policeman before he could even report us i think that’s an actual thing if you didn’t

Know if you ran into a cop bashed him dead straight away he’s basically he’s not gonna be able to call and get the backup for you guys you get this police car to play with until it these spawns because it needs a small traffic and the life anywho very cool vibes from the music and the nighttime in general it just feels good it feels good to be a the handling in

This car as well can i just jump into that this was stock this was not modified else’s a slightly decent performance car it’s got the twin boys the viterbo’s however you want to call it and basically whenever i wanted to double tap and do a smooth slight it felt pretty controllable and gripping like if i like it was pretty nice to actually do that it felt very

Very good indeed i’m very much him i was impressed with how this car performed it was very cool now this song i know you’ve all heard this song a bit i know you’ve been listening to it over and over again i wanted to talk about some of the censorship in this game good song my favorite song vibin right now would this okay you might have heard a lot of bits entering

There but just just just wait okay hands up you have real pitch up heads the chorus is empty so basically they can’t say the rhys word which is fair it’s a 15 16 game which you can’t have you can have some sway with not many twigs you can only have some swears okay think it’s a 15 depends on your region and anyone is imagined but essentially you they can save

Some swear words where they can’t save others they go for the light swear words they need no even on british television there’s like a level you could basically say some of others okay that’s what i’m summarizing letting you know that’s all you need to know you’ll hear some and you’ll be like whoa and then you hear some senses and you’re like what let’s met this

Song’s ruined is one of those is like what the lyrics are gone but you know what there was actually some music in tdu two that had censored versions quite a lot of it and i actually i wanted to find the censored versions but i couldn’t find them again this song you will not find the censored version it’s like they did a custom version for them they’ve just never

You can’t find because who wants to listen to the censored version have you searching for a song you know put you don’t care generally right it’s on the radio then sure means the radio edit anyway as i said music of the night in night is quite hip hoppy there’s quite a bit of drum and bass i found as well more hip hoppy there’s a policeman we just hit him and

He now he is after us now we’ve got some pursuit tunes change my mind i wanted to do that this guy is bad this guy is angry because i was blessed in some sick tunes baby is that why you changed look the rain looks so good the way that cops flick it up it’s just well you didn’t do a very good job that you the the parked vehicle did a better job than you did

Mr. policeman well it’s already made about the sliding and especially with the camera movement it feels so good to just slide to the side slide to the lip slide you need to not do that if you do that you’re gonna get hate i’m in the water yeah that rap slipping away get out of here with the mercedes williams out out gone vamos oh i think there was a cop over there

And i was kinda hoping that he would find me again but he didn’t he gave up got you over so as i was saying it was pretty simple with a high ona coat you saw on the let’s play episode that week struck with a little bit to get away from the pulley but this time very clearly it ain’t so much of an issue because i’m now an 8 these certainly mid its kind of tiered

High few well i’ve seen higher mid tier some of the music i do skip is super just like ah not my thing i would look to see ea trax return you can actually disable some of you know all right go back the chase is back on again i wasn’t intending to to mess i was intending to get the police i was intending for this to happen and there’s some people racing around the

City as well and i love the communications with there seems to be so much lines of that like the sheets of involved dialogue of the cop i went around the corner made few moves me when i can run the car surely even here the car as well it’s really like problem no one there’s no traffic about and they all make noises this mercedes is loud that’s basically what it

Sounds like so if you can’t like i guess with turbo silencer i totally didn’t try and hit that evo i come who that was there was someone else at the actual event everyone in this session that you see driving around for the most part the ai is someone that i played with at the actual event we went to you’re doing are you’re not doing much yourself are you you’re

Not doing what you saw so how how are you doing all yourself jiki jiki cops they just they just fall on gopher as you get obviously to here level two three four it gets even more aggressive i would say for this level of car you want like level three is when the cops kick in at this point i feel like i could properly escape if i put my foot down and drove away

Like them sheep that was a race i just interrupted yes now the damage is pretty high i mean low i mean the health is pretty low yeah you can hear the squeal the cars like belt squeal it’s got some issues and then now like trying to actually physically escape because if i don’t i’m going again i’m gonna crash and burn little bit properly again a hundred miles an

Hour through this this is a stud car i needed more power 100% this this is where it gets scary ladies and gents we need to get awake help me get away were escaping they’re on us again there’s a race don’t contact any of those they will wreck you know wreck yep try to go over there no repairs and able a lot how many repairs i don’t have the the part to do that another

Collision what’s half by help this is it ladies and gents this is it the mercedes is properly getting bashed in with the wiener looks like it’s such an done it honestly doesn’t like if suction-cupped on well i felt like we were losing them so so well clearly we weren’t we’re taking the same route i was like i need to get a wrap i don’t want to move i should probably

Let the city realistically right sure that makes the most sense stop hitting things this is not the best idea two cops chasing me new in reinforcements on the way i need to leave these behind and span email will push him down the street flying down the road and guess what guess what my capture card messes off and i come back to this i escaped them you stink there

You go mercedes c63 need for speed hey you are in the right place for need for speed he made sure you hear that subscriber and angrily posting so much content over the next months so i’ll see you in the next video be sure to smash likes for everything new and yeah pace

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Need for Speed HEAT – Mercedes-AMG C63 Customization! By BlackPanthaa

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