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Altair Club Cars Nayi gaadi ki KHUSHI | The All new MAZDA CX- 50 | Car details | Life in CANADA | New Immigrant

Nayi gaadi ki KHUSHI | The All new MAZDA CX- 50 | Car details | Life in CANADA | New Immigrant

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Hello friends,

And you know how crazy the market foreign and people prefer here used which is and uh no complaints right no complaints engine wise running perfectly fine yeah you wanted to upgrade it so why not switching from mazda to mazda yes so will be for and everything i will let you know we really shopped around different dealerships uh in toronto for mazda cx-50

And finally we settled for airport mazda upper small small details where the salesmen can play around this dealership that i’m telling you the airport mazda it was very transparent and they told us each and everything so as you know immigration is open right now and a lot of people are coming to canada so these are the today’s gonna be a good day wake up

Today’s gonna be a good day set your affirmations aspirations i got to do the aftermath of preparation good for good mood but in circulation one step yes because i have a youtube channel oh wow really excited thank you thank you wow so card is closed guys this is our new car wow foreign yeah quite spacious and the color is also really good it’s not

That bright while our head it’s really good red yeah so red yeah so it’s called so much yeah it’s perfect congratulations thank you thank you yeah there’s some gifts for you guys so awesome from 650 right so and you have a manual okay this is you require only when the battery is dead okay yeah thank you mr little i just want to give you uh a small gift it’s actually

You know like mazda cannon dealerships also participating it’s called cx50 uh uh what’s it called mini challenge okay so if you go on trip grow anything hashtag airport mazda and mazda canada oh hashtag uh mazda okay so there’s a goodie bag you know like can there’s caps and uh cx50 you know like bottles if you are paying tennis or cricket you can wipe your hand

Okay or you can go on a board okay okay so this is all yours hashtag congratulations thank you thank you and you have the 360 camera this is one if you want to turn off your parking sensors okay you also have traction control off and i stop because this is a turbo it has eye stop what is it when you go to lightsabers now to open the ring again push it one more

Time that’s it only the first part open what mazda’s uniqueness about the ventilated seats it doesn’t blow the air most cars branch they blow the air it feels very uncomfortable when you’re sitting right we are at airport mazda and i would highly suggest i grab mazda plan kareem sheikh he has been so you can contact him you want to say something abhishek

Yes if you want your new uh mazda whether it’s cx50 or cx5 just come here as for us we are located at 415 rexdale boulevard etobicoke yeah it’s airport maze of toronto see you soon finally gary milgay first drive in our new mazda cx-50 well goodbye especially the interiors yeah look at foreign let’s talk about the features of mazda cx-50 hi guys so yes yeah

It’s a good spacious car uh five-seater suv or coffee safety features mazda is known for great safety features yeah then it has 360 degree camera then uh the engine is great skyactiv 2.5 liter turbo engine and this is top of the line so it has all the available safety features which the car is supposed to have nothing is missed yeah and mazda as you know it’s a

Japanese make or engine it’s really good very powerful engine or safety wise it’s awesome so easily hemlog like first car also we had mazda cx3 and the next option also we went for mazda only just because of the features that they provide here if you see if i press this button there’s an off-roading option which i can see here off-road yeah and this is a normal

Mode this is the sports mode and the color changes accordingly okay then uh basically this entire thing is now digital it used to be just a screen earlier okay and now it is all digital you can change the display analog and uh otherwise and uh it’s a great spacious car yeah the legroom is also awesome yeah the leg room is really good in the front as well as at

The back yeah wireless charging and they have not taken out this original mazda master controls which is this small button and the bigger button which is the signature mazda design they have uh given a touch display of 10 inch here but then when you’re driving it’s a little far away so that’s why this one comes really handy at that time and it’s really cool to

Have okay and it’s just about driving and in a couple of days you get a really good hang of it all round level coffee complete yeah and i’m and the best part as for me the moon roof look at this so this one goes off this totally is automatically yeah look at this it’s all one touch also it’s a trunks paste your hair that’s also pretty good coffee spacious hey

Or this was also one of the reasons i see extreme it’s not space nahin space but iska it’s very good up camping so you can just open it and coffee samara right yeah and then also camping it’s you can use the power of the car to use the electricity yeah and you can do great camping work yeah and we are very excited to go on long drive in this beautiful car of

Ours mazda cx-50 and we are really looking forward to travels and camping and a lot of things this summer summer cookies is just one month left so let’s see what else we can explore so guys hope up for your video please don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my channel soon upcoming ugly video till then stay safe stay healthy peace out bye

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Nayi gaadi ki KHUSHI | The All new MAZDA CX- 50 | Car details | Life in CANADA | New Immigrant By Gupshup with Monika

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