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Altair Club Cars Natural Gas Approaching Demand Zone | Gold | Silver | Crude Oil | Technical Analysis

Natural Gas Approaching Demand Zone | Gold | Silver | Crude Oil | Technical Analysis

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Foreign ers i hope you’re all doing well and i hope you all had an awesome day so today i’m gonna go through net gas gold silver and crude oil and we’re going to start with netcast first as you can see we had a nice entry perfect entry condition since our yesterday’s video we got a nice pullback entry this is what you learn in the group as well and this is what

I mentioned in my yesterday’s video and let me quickly show you what i’ve said in my yesterday’s video so that you will understand the entries as well now we can still get a re-test of this zone here above which is 7.282 goes down to 7.049 this is the zone or we can also possibly retest 20 emf and we might see few more green candles hit 20 ema and then engulfing

Candle once we have that that would be a good sell signal to take your short grade that would be a good signal of a callback entry as well awesome a nice trade we got yesterday and that is what i say the power of an entry condition entering with a condition this is also one of my strategy which i don’t want to confuse you at this point but i had this entry as well

This is one of my entry condition as well but do not just look at this one this is what we need to look at the entry condition the target was 180r the atr is 17 of this candle and as you can see the 7 in pips target has been hit right here and i’ve added 180r further to manage my trades so if you are managing a position if your target one is it you can move your

Stop loss to break even and manage your trades and this 20 ema is also can be used as your trading stop if you are managing your position you can also keep your stop loss above 20 ema as the market pushes down you can also push your stop loss with the 20 ema so this is how you can manage your trades as well this is one of the this is one of the ways i use ems as

A trailing stop now at this point still pushing down i’m expecting market to push down now rightly i’m expecting some bounce here because the price has created a minor support areas this is the zone i’m expecting a little bounce but i’m not buying at this point i will be only buying again as yesterday’s same as yesterday 6.350 this is the this is my zone to take

My counter trades this is a very good level to take your counter trades from as a double bottoms or an engulfing pattern so still bearish only buying with a bit of this zone or if you have a big impulsive move break above 20m only then i will go for my buyer trade that is fine even if you use the fip targets 161 retracement is right here this is a strong target as

Well which is 6.388 so if you are managing your trade this is a zone you need to exit your trades and let me give you one more condition you might expect that so to prepare yourself we mark the rejection zone right here right here so if we have a pullback let’s say if you have a pullback and we have a hit of this zone and if we have this entry condition we have

A pullback and then we have an engulfing candle in that case there is a very strong signal that market will likely to push down remember guys we have our target hit here already so it’s giving you conditions if you see this condition you know that this is an entry if we have this condition a doubled up condition that is your entry again we will keep looking for

Sell opportunities at this point until in unless we hit this level in green or until and unless we are completely broken above 20 ems just to give you a heads up that’s all for that gas here i’m gonna quickly go through here on big engulfing candle looking at that entry is right here looking at the atr 18 right here so this can be your target here on 6.780 once you hit this target i’m expecting a pullback and not buying until we hit this zone below right here okay just read on the zone the zone here is now 6.564 goes down to 6.236 so this is the zone i’m expecting a bounce so keep an eye here once your target is hit either you can manage your trade by moving your sl to break even until you hit this

Level here let’s check gold pull up your fifth tool and your cell limit order will be right here which is a 50 retracement 16 33 and you can use 180 up for your target point i can csl condition if you want to end an aggressive way that is your aggressive entry using a limit order nice one as per my yesterday’s video we had a nice buffer zone and as you can see the

Market resisted this buffer zone and with that if you would have entered aggressively let’s say you enter on a 50 retracement since the hit of 50 we had 15 move down as you can see right here and that is your target hit as well 1618 retracement is also a very strong target and it’s also a strong support so if you are managing your trade this is the place where i’m

Expecting a market to push down to is still not bullish i’m only looking for buying trades until we are completely above this zone so at this point you might see a double top pattern as well before we get another fall or it can still push down right here if you want to see the minor zone below that that minor zone is 1610 goes up to 16 17. so this is the minor zone

From where we can expect some pullback re-test of the previous zone before the market will push down again which is likely so i have these zones on a chart once it hit this zone we have a chance of a of a pullback let’s check crude oil okay crude oil has did bounce up from this zone here this is not an engulfing candle if you are wondering this is not an engulfing

Candle engulfing candle must engulf the previous scandal including the bodies below here so as you can see this candle is above the body of the previous candle so this is an dolphin candle right here so this is not an engulfing candle so this is not one of my entry condition but it did push up from my zone we have a 20 ema right there after the hit of 20 ema we

Can expect some push down again and we might see a double bottom pattern so yes we are still in a support area if we are broken above 20 ema then we can expect a push up to 81.16 let’s check silver okay right here silver has given us a nice engulfing candle we do have an engulfing candle right here which is one of the pullback entry with that we had a push down we

Had a new low a push-up and engulfing entrance which is a big candle and with that i’m expecting a pullback till 50 retracement which is 1856 from where we can expect another push down so that’s all for commodities here if you have any questions buzz me in instagram i’ll get back to asap hope you trade green rest of the week see you guys in the next video till then take care thank you

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Natural Gas Approaching Demand Zone | Gold | Silver | Crude Oil | Technical Analysis By Money Markers

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