my subaru wrx sti gets a tomei t
Altair Club Cars My Subaru WRX STI gets a Tomei TI Exhaust (POV Drive on my new GoPro Hero 9 Camera)

My Subaru WRX STI gets a Tomei TI Exhaust (POV Drive on my new GoPro Hero 9 Camera)

This video showcases my new Tomei exhaust installed in my Subaru WRX STI , I will be doing a POV drive in my car to show how the car sounds now, if you guys like more of these type of videos don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as well as like the video! Will really appreciate the support!

Let’s go down real quick hey guys welcome back to another video a marketing mark here today i’m going to be showing you guys my new exhaust on the sti not really new but i installed this a couple months back and i just haven’t had a video about it and i’m going to show you guys a pov of how it sounds uh what i got was the the domain i have the tomei ti um

Exhaust and man it’s pretty loud i’ll show you guys a cold start right now but if you’re gonna daily drive it i wouldn’t recommend because with cops everywhere they’re probably gonna either state ref you or probably tell you to change it back to stock um but yeah i’m just gonna do some errands and i’m gonna just do a pov so you guys can see it um if you guys

Haven’t subscribed already support the channel by subscribing down below and like this video if you guys like it i’ll make a lot more i’m making this car or even my type r so yeah um as you guys can see that was pretty loud and i always be waking up my family every single time that i turn this on i don’t do it on purpose but with that sound it sounds so nice i’ll

Even rev it up real quick oh man so here is my 2018 subaru sti i’ll show you guys a quick walk around i got my t37 sl black edition twos got the subi speed rear spats art of attack license plate frame and my tome ti exhaust so you guys are pretty much just gonna hear how this car sounds and how this car feels i’m just showing you guys how this car looks right

Now all i could say is that you know looks so beautiful clean interior just cleaned the inside unfortunately i don’t have the ricardo recaro limited seats but i mean these will do got the racing shift knob pretty much everything is stuck in this car really just is i just like to have a clean car as you can tell but yeah what is this what happened so you can

Already hear the rumble sounds so good and right now just letting you guys know it’s actually stock engine i have no photons at all so it just sounds really good just lift this up real quick so so many bumpy roads here where i live at it’s crazy so i wouldn’t even want to lower any of my other cars because it’s not worth it with all the bumps i don’t even want

To risk any problems of either messing up my lip or you know breaking an axle or anything like that you know so right now i’m in like doing a stance type of look not too high not too low just enough for clearance especially like clearing off my um what’s that called my driveway because in my driveway it’s so hard to even get out of there especially with a lowered

Car because it’s not a flat driveway so that already is a problem for me and i mean just raising it a little bit more would probably help but i don’t want it too low or too high either so we’ll see right now i’m just like testing out what’s like a really good height for this car but i think right now this is actually the best for it as you can see so many stop

Lights um if you guys can’t see it from the thing this car only has 38 000 miles and i bought this car earlier this year for with like i think 34 35 000 miles i forgot but as you can see i barely even drive this car and when i bought it my intention of it was to actually daily this car so that’s pretty funny right um but luckily my work isn’t that far anyway

Um i drive like less than 20 miles a day so that’s one of the reasons probably why my mileage isn’t so high which i’m happy about so we’re entering the freeway let’s go down real quick i don’t know if you guys can pretty much hear more of the wind than the actual exhaust but right now probably just uh i guess just the idol i just put the windows up because i

Think for this camera i’ll probably just pick up more of the wind more of the exhaust so probably this is uh an answer to um subaru owners that want to get a tomei how it sounds inside the car so when you’re inside the car is actually not that bad the the rumble sounds really beautiful and the idling inside it’s not too loud and it’s not that loud to where you

Can’t even think um because some exhaust makes it so loud to where you just feel like you you just can’t even think you know but this one as loud as it sounds when your windows are down it’s really not that bad when you’re inside the core you can still listen to your music you don’t have to blast your music you can still talk on the phone and they don’t have to

Hear your they don’t have to hear your exhaust so loud every single time you know but right now with this car i’m running whiteline max coilovers um these coilovers are actually from my old wrx and i just scrapped it from that because my old wrx was a 2015 and you know same chassis and everything so luckily it it went well there was no problems putting it into

This car um the only reason why i transferred it because you know i mean if you guys happen to know what the white line max coilovers are those are like closer to 3 000 mark you know so yeah i’ll use that like why would i want to downgrade but i feel like i need to probably change the springs on it or something because it makes some creek squeaking noises every

Time i turn the wheel only on the left side on the car the driver’s left when i turn left or right sometimes you hear it squeaking um so i have yet to check it out probably one of these other days i’ll like look under the car and see what’s going on but for now i mean that doesn’t it’s not really an issue with the car anyway so yeah driving this car i love the

Sound i love the feel but stock to be honest with you i mean this engine has been pretty much the same for all these years and because of how big this car is i feel like this car is not as fast compared to other cars you really need to tune this car and modify it to at least make decent power but stock i just feel like this car is pretty slow and i don’t know

If because i’m uh spoiled with driving my evo before or driving the type r um but i just feel like the acceleration in this car isn’t as fast stock is what i’m trying to say like yeah it’ll feel a lot better once i modify it but right now uh with my build towards this car is to just make it reliable i just change the exterior exterior work just so it can look

Pretty decent um but i’m not really gonna touch the engine that much at the moment because right now this is considered my daily driver so hard to believe right you know like either daily this or daily to type r but i feel like of course um bailing this car it’s it’s fun you know you just feel like it just kind of feels like a normal car sometimes you don’t

Really see it as a race car but i mean not other people see that point of view so every single stop light most of the time they’re gonna rev their engine i rev mine it’s not even gonna be a race anymore because i might just get pulled over with how loud this exhaust is but the told me exhaust is really nice i prefer this sound than the um the nameless exhaust i

Think my old pov video um i’ll link it down below that was with the old nameless exhaust so it was just the the tips that was changed it was still stock um straight pipe and everything so with this whole tow mate it’s the full kit so everything else is all changed but it’s not too bad like right now you could barely even hear it you pretty much hear more of the

Ground if anything but as the exhaust-wise is not really as bad like it’s really not but once i accelerate it’s beautiful sounds very beautiful gotta exit right here so right now i’m actually driving to concord i gotta go stop by dick’s sporting goods don’t ask why i gotta buy a birthday gift i just feel like it was a good opportunity to show you guys a pov of

How my sti has been let this go this car has been pretty much babied the whole time i’ve owned this car it was um just in my garage majority of the time for me i love to keep my cars clean try my best to keep them as reliable quote unquote but i always like the clean looking car so why would i want to keep my car so dirty and leave it outside you know so before

This pov i actually spent like two hours cleaning this whole thing this whole car inside and out and it is very tiring but it’s very rewarding you know um driving this car when i look at it how clean it is it just makes you think like wow like this car is so nice it sounds so good and it’s an sti you know people look at it it’s like oh crap it’s an sti like

A beautiful uh beautiful car so i hope you guys enjoyed like this short pov not really too long um because best buy or not best buy big exporting goods it’s probably like a good 15 minutes to my house i’m not really gonna just upload the whole 15 minutes probably cut this video into some pieces but yeah i’m like scorching and hot it’s like a hundred degrees here

And california or actually no no it’s not 91 degrees but inside a car feels like 100 degrees and that is it for the video i hope you guys enjoy this quick pov of just how this tome exhaust looks sounds and feels but for me personally i really love this exhaust way worth the money and if you guys are able to grab yourself a set i’d recommend it to be honest with

You um it makes the sti sound very natural as you could tell but um because for me right now the car is pretty much stuck um i did not do any engine mods and it’s literally just the exhaust and for it to rumble like that sound like that it’s really nice you know um but yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this pov i’m pretty much recording on my gopro hero 9 now and i

Love it to death pretty much way worth the money that i spent on this camera um the fact that i could vlog on it and just how how to like catch capturing everything that i vlog now so this is going to be my go-to and yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video a marquee mark here if you guys want to support the channel please subscribe below as well as give this

Video a thumbs up oh i’ll greatly appreciate it um we’re like at in the halfway mark like a little over 500 and i know that we could reach 1000. so until then see you next time peace i keep thinking that i could have done something but now i’m left with an empty heart no making amends

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My Subaru WRX STI gets a Tomei TI Exhaust! (POV Drive on my new GoPro Hero 9 Camera) By AyeMarkyMark

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