my subaru legacy gt is fixed mos
Altair Club Cars My Subaru Legacy GT is FIXED Most Common Subaru Boost Leak/Turbo Issue

My Subaru Legacy GT is FIXED Most Common Subaru Boost Leak/Turbo Issue

The video many of you have been reaching out to me for answers, my apologies on how long it took to get this issue resolved and video out for you all. I have been very busy and working on a few things for the channel and side projects which you will see very soon, appreciate the support for this channel and all the kind words I recently have received. It truly means a lot!!

What’s going on everyone so if you are new here to the channel my name is eric and welcome to staggered horizons so today we are heading out to efi lodges how in bethel connecticut i will leave all their information down in the description below so we are heading out there today to find the after quite some time to get a professional look at my 2008 subaru legacy gt

We’ve been having some issues with them so our goal today is to basically figure out the exact issue here so we can get to fixing this car and then having some fun and start modifying this legacy gt the rotor dishes fiction stop i still want to smoke test the intake sure does the fuel trims out idle there’s still a little a little high okay alright

There may but you or boostin yes yep i’ll pull inside on so you walk all right thank you yeah it’s like anyways for the first time so as you can see by the smile my face here the boost issue is resolved so i really didn’t film too much at dfi logic and i just didn’t want to have the camera off in somebody’s face while they were trying to figure this out figure

That out and i just really didn’t have my camera at lunch so there’s not much we got there but there’s some awesome cars little wide as you can see and they do some great work so i would definitely recommend checking them out so obviously we had a foose lee here and that was sleek was found within the throttle body coupler and it was on the side of the throttle

Body not the part coming out of the inner core and that was basically holding or gripping in or over on itself that make sense and causing a leak right there and we also found that the bypass valve that was that line was actually really loose so any pressure or any pounds that was so easy that i could have just blew off so those two things were really what the

News leak was so be another mass that was bad our fuel trims and an fuel ratio were completely off so when you’re building up boost oh that is a nice purple plum crazy hellcat so usually when you’re building up boost you’re gonna go slightly rich upon acceleration or rebuilding a boost going from a like 14 down to 11 and instead in this case with the issue here

We were trying to build up boost and we were getting so leaned up to like 20 instead of like 14.2 down to 11 so we immediately took out that bad math center i saw after i was shown that it was just completely black toast so we put in the new maf sensor but for a ride data log again that was like the third date alive just to make sure everything was running well

After that and that pretty much solve the issue here so we did update the firmware on the accessport when the cop site and download at least age 1 the 301 instead of 300 which i was running over originally uploaded that onto the car and went out for one last drive and that’s when i finally drove the car and went from sport mode boosting about 1213 psi and then

On to sport sharp and boosted about 15 point 5 so it i’m just really happy right now however i was really surprised on how much it cost for the maf sensor so you may be saying to yourself wow you are an idiot you totally could have figured that out and took care of all that but however this is a great learning experience i did learn a lot more about this car and

I do have a lot more to learn and this is my first turbocharged car right now i’m just really happy that we adjust this issue car is running good cars boosting good and i do have one problem has nothing to do with this issue anything like that but i definitely have a wheel bearing that i need to address it affects but once that’s done car will be running hundred

Percent and then getting to the 3 inch compaq exhausts that i have and i’m not gonna spoil anything else that will be the first modification because we definitely dufty need to get this car sounding like a subaru should i’m really excited and maybe down the road this video will help somebody else not really knowledgeable about these cars fix their boost issues so

Thank you guys again for watching this video please stay tuned because we got some awesome things coming not only for this car but these zo6 will be out in the next two weeks or so so we got some great stuff coming so please stay tuned they call again for watching this video you stopping by for the first time please hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed this

Video or found it helpful in any way please slap that like button i hope you all have a fantastic day and i’ll see you next time take care

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My Subaru Legacy GT is FIXED!! Most Common Subaru Boost Leak/Turbo Issue By Staggered Horizons

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