my reaction to the gmc hummer ev
Altair Club Cars My reaction to the GMC Hummer EV SUV reveal

My reaction to the GMC Hummer EV SUV reveal

You heard this reaction video was coming racefanners! Hope you enjoy my reaction to the GMC Hummer EV SUV reveal!

Hey rice banners robert from r2b channel here and i bet you heard this one was coming i’m gonna be doing a reaction video on the reveal of the gmc hummer ev suv so i bet like for my predictions for the harmory vs vsuv is that it would have the same features as the hummery v truck but it would be like in the package like the or design like the hummery v or the

I mean the hummer h2 h3 um so yeah but like the electric drivetrain the ultim batteries 1000 horsepower 11 500 pound feet of torque all that i bet that’s going to be transferred into the armor ev suv t-minus 60 seconds lift off pardon that for a second right spanish so if you want to comment down below what are your predictions for the hummer ev suv if you

Haven’t seen the official review yeah we don’t want any spoilers around here rw channel hmm premiere will begin shortly let’s go let’s go can’t wait for that to reveal also um actually went racing today at grandpa new york so you’ll be able to see a post of my highlights um of my race today on instagram shortly after the reaction video and after i film tell

Us at the showroom season 2 episode 3. just letting you know that yeah oh timer’s going on someone said electric is better stand out from i don’t know t-minus 1 minute 10 seconds we have to wait to find out meatloaf ignition sequence start five four three two one booster ignition and liftoff real revolutionaries it’s not the end of the

Journey it is only the beginning introducing the next all-electric super truck oh i’m ready suv look at that revolutionary gmc hummer uv suv look at that look at that man it looks good look at that thing watch the windows back oh yes oh yes mode is if back super truck can change the world imagine what two can do two of them are back be among the first

To own the revolutionary gmc hummer ev suv one now look at that well i thought they were gonna showcase the features out there but man that thing looks so good wow so they have a different uh paint scheme for the hummery the suv but man does that look good i mean gmc you knocked it out of the park there and like that’s like my real hit for this time like if

I ever see one in person they’re here the design looks really good like the electric uh drivetrain is like it’s nothing like us on the market today and nothing else but my only mess and this one’s a bit of a miss in the design standpoint but the place where the hell that’s supposed to be where the drl’s are i don’t see any actual headlines about the headlines

Where the fog lights are but i don’t see any headlights in the like on any of the two hummer ev’s so i bet for the production model they might have headlights in that spot but we have to see but gm if you’re listening to this like i bet you should put your headlights in like the place where the headlights are supposed to be on the actual hummers like when you

Actually built them the hummer h2h3 they’re in the regular spa and it’ll be cool if you put them in the regular spot there i’ve put it hinted in the drl’s so yeah good information right there the hood you mean the frunk why meatloaf again why the meatloaf again for driving out loud so i bet that is it for this uh rw action video so be sure to check out uh

The other videos on the channel like subscribe and join us out for everyone bye

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