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My New Ford Bronco Raptor

My Bronco Raptor came in! I do a quick walkaround before conquering the rock pile at the Lab and do some light yard work in the grass!!

What is going on friends i am so pumped because my new raptor showed up uh bronco raptor i got it about a week ago i literally got to look at it for two seconds and i’ve been traveling non-stop and so today i actually get to check it out so i figured i would give you guys a walk around and i brought some other broncos out so we can compare and you guys can like

See the differences because it’s really really cool um of course friends don’t let friends ride on stock so you know we put the rtr new evo sixes on it i went with charcoal i absolutely love i love the style of course i might be a little bit biased but i look super sick to me but just look how mean and wide these things are and one thing that is super rad that

You’ll see is the fox live valve suspension the capability of the suspension is like so freaking next level we run it on our race trucks and there’s actually the first like time that suspension has gone from production to racing normally you know you learn things in racing and tech transfer to production but fox live valve has actually gone backwards and it’s so

Good so the control of this truck is is just next level and you guys maybe have seen when we took it on our lauren took it on the corsa crandon and ran through the rocks and i hit the jumps with it just just next level and they’re just so beefy um so you can see what ford did here is they basically notched the frame and brought the shock up into it to get a little

Bit more you know to get the more travel they raised the shock up a bit got more stroke with it and then in the front similar they raised it up a bit but one thing that’s really cool is you can see the bump stop that they added here uh so that’s really really sick um moving on to the interior uh i did not go with the carbon package you know because i’m cheap what

Do you want me to say um but other than that everything is just beautiful and just nice tasteful upgrades i mean yes it’s still very much a bronco in here but just nice little you know their seats are just really really nice they hold you super well a couple little touches i love the metal paddle shifters just like are in the the uh f-150 raptor so um you know

Really really sick obviously you know a lot of the body’s the same aside from the flares um the fenders but a lot of stuff is is interchangeable which is rad because most of our rtr products are gonna fit uh fit the raptor and so um stay tuned for for that stuff drop in but what i did was i brought out a uh bronco rtr and this has the fox roughly two and a half

Inch lift on it right now and then i brought out the fun runner um which has the fun haver long travel kit which will be out very soon uh we have first production articles on the way so i wanted to show you guys like the width differences of the vehicles i’m hoping i can do this uh with the camera and then we’ve got a production uh two-door bronco which is just

Bone stock with sasquatch so just want to show you guys the height differences so first thing i’ll do is come back here and show you you know focus on height and then i want to just show you guys the width differences so height wise um you can tell that the basically the two and a half inch lift on the rtr which started out as a badlands is roughly about the

Same height you know if you go from for looking at you know um looking at wheel gap as well as rock sliders it’s roughly the same height now this has the the raptor steps so i’m looking at the actual rock slider there but it’s roughly the same height you know about two two and a half inches from from factory height raise and then you can see the fun runner um i

Honestly don’t know the exact lift on that because we’ve made so many adjustments to get the suspension exactly where we want so i don’t have that note but it is sitting a bit higher and there’s also obviously the wheel arches are up a little bit for clearance uh travel things like that but i would say that um it’s a bit you know sitting a bit higher than than

The raptor um now when you come over to the width here we’ve got like ant hills all over this place i’m trying to dodge them because my leg just got covered with them so if you come here and you look down the side you know width wise the fun runner is very very similar to uh to the raptor um the raptor is still a bit wider so these fender flares are about plus

Five off of a factory fender so the sasquatch player is about four inches and we add an extra inch so these fender are about four uh five inches roughly off a production body these are i want to say seven or eight inches so it is a little bit wider the track width is about the same if you go from you know from tire edge you know it’s it’s definitely a tough thing

To pick up with this camera for you guys but it’s very very similar track with now moving over to the production rtr um very very big difference in track width as well as um as well as ride height so you know i should have a tape measure out here but i didn’t so we go like that and then we bring the same guy over there you can see the difference uh it’s about

Two and a half inches with the old thumb ruler so big difference there i mean i’m here on this and you can just see like how much wider the fender filler is it’s literally like three three four inches so this is about four inches and the raptor is five out three four inches wider and then the tire coverage is uh is very similar so um anyway i just thought it was

Cool to have all these together and do just a slight comparison of them even though no tape measure nothing is absolutely perfectly measured but you know the old eye doesn’t lie all the time so yeah super stick though i mean something for everyone now one thing that is absolute is that the performance of the raptor is untouched by by any of the other uh vehicles

That are here um you know i think suspension travel and fun in the desert i think the fun runner would be close to it but the fox live valve shocks just take it to the absolute next level without a question the three liter next level without a question so um yeah just a absolutely amazing vehicle i’m so pumped to have it and excited to go have some fun with it in

Fact i’m halfway mad that we don’t have any desert well i’m very mad about how many desert here in north carolina but uh i haven’t put a mile on it yet and i’m gonna hop in and uh yeah see what happens here oh wait let’s go let’s go let’s get the full experience here hold on guys oh look at that see the tail light in the end that’s pretty cool all right so let’s

Pretend i just got in my raptor for the first time okay cool cool like it all right 60 miles don’t hit that all right oh look my friends at bob davis and ford even hooked me up with a full tank of gas is that real life thank you guys and just confirm this is my personal raptor that i’ve signed up for and waited for um i know a lot of people think that every

Vehicle i own just falls from the sky and father ford but um we do get marketing units but i do buy a lot of our our vehicles believe in her believe it or not it’s the truth so what i’m gonna do i’ve been eyeing it up for a while i’m gonna climb up over this rock pile um i haven’t done it yet in any vehicle and i figure you know why not make it the first thing

I do and my raptor it’s god for 37s they’ll fill all the holes and we’ll uh we’ll see where it goes foreign neutral yep baja mode advanced track off check two-wheel drive check rear locker engage donuts no no no no still oh we’ll do a wheel test s um so donuts check rock claw check burnouts check curb hopping approximately 35 miles per hour

Check solid first mile and a half ladies and gentlemen

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My New Ford Bronco Raptor! By Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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