my new 2021 toyota tundra crewma
Altair Club Cars my new 2021 Toyota Tundra crewmax Cavalry blue TSS offroad

my new 2021 Toyota Tundra crewmax Cavalry blue TSS offroad

This is my brand new 2021 Toyota Tundra Calvary blue TSS offroad crewmax. it has a 5.7 L v8. Absolutely love this truck! more videos and mods coming soon!

What’s up youtube wanted to make a new video here uh showing my 2021 toyota tundra crewmax calvary blue as you guys remember i had a silver 2014 one that i recently traded in for this beauty this one is a 5.7 liter v8 probably one of the last ones that we will be getting because the 2022 is about to drop so i had to get a 2021 because i am a big fan of this

Engine and i also loved the color of this truck so you can see i have the exact same wheel setup which is the fuel assault 20 by nine offset 20 and they’re wrapped around middle ridge grapplers 275 60 r20 gives the truck a really nice stance i’m working on the chrome delete right now and i’m also going to add a hood scoop to it has all leds fog lights and

Headlights i recently changed the bolts because it has the running lights but i wanted to make uh and i really like the housing the way it comes with so i decided to keep it save a little bit of money and it looks awesome so you can see here it’s the black housing beautiful trd sport grill that i just switched and i will be replacing these bumper caps because

I’m not a big fan of chrome let me show you the back came with factory color match bumpers css sensors beautiful truck love calvary blue interior is really clean excuse the wirings you can see has the three has the three usb chargings trd shift the eight um the eight inch uh screen i changed the interior lights the vanity and the dome lights into led love

This truck beautiful i will be adding the cold air intake on in the future um the trd one the same one i had on the 14 and as i said i will be adding the hood scoop as you can see lots of space very clean love this truck got a great deal on it got a very good deal also for my trading value on my 14 thanks to the way i had it well taken care of got the toner

Cover tiger toner cover i was able to keep that from my 14th so uh double exhaust got the true dual exhaust on it as well you guys can see that flowmaster there i did that myself it’s welded down there not going anywhere black tips awesome sounds great the super 40 is the one that i chose and i love it got the shark fin 2021 again this is another look i hope you

Guys subscribe to the channel let me know what you think and as soon as i do any more mods i will be posting it on my channel especially when i uh finish my chrome delete and the bumper caps it should be coming any days now so hoots coupe is also coming up let me know what you guys think thanks for watching i’ll see you in the next video

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my new 2021 Toyota Tundra crewmax Cavalry blue TSS offroad By HT Punisher

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