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I’ve really gone and done it this time! 😬

Welcome back to another video this is a very special video today is again new car day oh yeah obviously it’s become quite apparent now i just keep buying cars and not finishing them but i could not i couldn’t not buy this one so here it is so here she is my 2017 718 porsche cayman so so right so she’s off the trailer um there’s a funny thing about

This car i bought this as a non-runner so it doesn’t run written off whatever so the reason it didn’t run is because it had a flat battery so we just obviously the guy’s just turned up on the truck he’s uh loading up now and um he said oh the hambur electric handbrake’s stuck on so you’re not gonna be able to move it so luckily last night i did my research

And i went on google and i found there’s an emergency um jump point in the let’s show you actually i’m gonna go show you you wanna see this car don’t you want to see it anyway oh yeah some dickhead’s done that as well trying to be funny but in here right there is a emergency access like live for when the battery goes flat because the bonnet is on a solenoid so

Basically if the battery goes flat you can’t open the bonnet you can’t release the parking brake or anything so we put alive to that pop the bonnet then we went under the bonnet with the jump pack uh put the jump pack on and i thought do you know what let’s see if it starts and it fired out fine runs lovely not a problem so this is obviously a category s and

Um for structural damage and as far as i can see it’s literally just caught the edge of the chassis i mean it’s not bent it’s just literally just rubbed off a bit of the seam sealer so as far as this looks at the minute it doesn’t look like a structural it looks like it’s been written off and it’s not structural so it’s category s i mean i won’t speak too soon

Because obviously i don’t want to jinx it but as far as it seems as far as it you know as far as i can see it looks pretty good all right so before this thing can go anywhere i really want to get this this off and maybe take these off before we move into the workshop where it’s going to live for not long really going to get on this one and get this finished

So let’s get all this out of the way and at least we can move it without dragging its radiator right so i’ve got the um radiator out and all that out of the way so we’ve managed to get in the workshop now so we’re just going to get it up on the ramp going to take the wing off the headlight out the bumper off strip it all down and see what we’re dealing with i

Don’t think it’s that bad always right so here we are all stripped down that’s all the broken bits off that’s sort of here and here really it’s just a winger bumper a couple of support bars arch lining headlight maybe it is quite a bit but yeah as for as the chassis damage we’ve got a little bit pushed down here and i’ll see that’s just a ledge and i can

Be tapped back up and a little bit here where it sort of pulled off the um the seam sealer just slightly bent it in there which you can see on the inside just there so a little tap back and then re-seam seal that’d be fine it’s not really not bad at all i thought you know category s yeah it’s gonna be bad especially on a car like this of this sort of um age

You know writing it off you know it’s got to be expensive but i think generally looking over it it’s not too bad we’ve got a little um a little split here as well so that’ll have to be tapped back out and then re-seam sealed obviously we’ll have to weld that bit there but yeah it’s looking all right not looking too bad at all okay so just giving this a little

Tap now there to basically bring it back in line here so all that lines up now we’ve got obviously the chunks missing where one of the metal brackets this one here is sort of uh it goes up there somehow something like that like that he goes like that and it sort of uh ripped a bit of the seam sealed off actually no it hasn’t that’s how it’s supposed to be

Please have a gap there because that goes in there like that but yeah anyway that’s that straighten that a bit we’re gonna wait i’m not gonna do any more on this until we’ve got the wing so i want to make sure i’m pushing it i’m not pushing it too far sorry so we’re gonna wait until we got the wing before we go any further with that so i think the next thing is

To start ordering parts okay so here we are in the interior dashboard gotta put a new dashboard in it i mean this is probably the i mean i’ve bought quite a few co-park cars but this is probably the most extensive no it’s not extensively damaged i would say the most expensively damaged so obviously this is going to cost a fair amount for this dashboard i think

I’ve already found one for two and a half thousand pound the dashboard and the airbag see both these airbags have gone off um this seat belt is locked out but for some reason this one isn’t so a bit weird but yeah i don’t know and it’s locked in that position so it didn’t have someone sat in the seat so i don’t know how these things work these days but yeah as

Far as um inside goes it’s really clean it’s got a lovely lovely nav unit there and um you got all this um i don’t know this stuff here i don’t know how to work this loads of stuff there complaining about loads of stuff um but yeah so you’ve got to put a dashboard in it new airbag here um that’s about it really i mean it’s just it’s all it’s all money really

It’s not really like time why is time actually it’s time and money okay so the next thing i want to do after we’ve obviously we’ve seen the interior we’ve seen the front um i want to i want i’m kind of intrigued to see in here so somewhere under there is an engine um we’ve got to figure out how to get into it so we’re going to do that now we’re going to have a

Little look apparently it’s not pretty in there but i still want to have a look i have to say kind of underwhelming no wonder they cover it up let me show you that’s about it that’s all you can see we’ve just got a charge cooler an air air box and some pipes so i don’t know why anyone would want to put a clear engine cover thing on these because it’s pretty

Boring under there yeah just before i sign off with the old sign-off thing second of may 2022 which is in a couple of days the r8 will be at tucked at the museum so that’s a national motor museum it’s on the trade stand of west forged so if you want to come along and say hello come along and say hello there are 8 will be there i’ll be there um probably from 10

To i don’t know something 5 o’clock or something like that so if you want to come along and see the ra in the flesh i’ll see you there well i guess that’s it for the moment made some good progress on this um i’m really happy with it really happy as i always say if you haven’t heard me say it before buying from co-part is a massive massive gamble and um this one

Appears to have paid off at the moment we won’t speak too soon but it does appear to have paid off um you know the fact it was listed as a non-runner it was just a flat battery you know the the structural damage is extremely minimal just like say that that edge of that tub the front tub just just slightly slightly pushed in um yeah i don’t think it could have

Gone better really so anyway thanks for watching if you like the video press the like if you want to see more hit subscribe and then the bell thing as well because if you’re subscribed and you haven’t ticked the bell then you don’t get notified when i post a new video so anyway thanks for watching i’ll see you in the next one so maybe it’s okay

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