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Altair Club Cars My morning has been doing maintenance on my vehicles

My morning has been doing maintenance on my vehicles

2003 Dodge Tam 1500 & 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

General maintenance on my um my dodge pickup   changed the oil which you know you don’t have to  have anything underneath there because you can   just crawl right underneath there change the oil  on this it’s got a nice step topped off all the   fluids in this one right here and i’ve come over  to this car it’s my daughter’s uh 98

Pontiac grand   am hello apple brooks her 98 grand am and knocked  off a hornet’s nest underneath but her car hasn’t   been driven for a while because it hasn’t got  um air conditioning but since the weather’s cool   supported by um two jack stands and that one right   there you will so this one’s taking a really long 

Time to um oh it looks like it’s done draining you   all this sets so low to the ground look how old  it is and rusted it’s from letting it sit out   that yesterday i here’s my oil plug it’s   that oil to drain it was given to her by her  grandmother my husband’s mother when we first   moved back here is like around year 2004

They  moved back in 2005 this his mother had bought   my daughter’s um i think it was her birthday   or something she gave her her vehicle and she’s  had it ever since so it’s really like a two owner   car but i don’t you are i i confess i don’t think  i’ve ever changed the oil in this vehicle since   we’ve had it i don’t

And it was really black hello  that’s right you are good day used to repair cars   while he was in your mid-20s you loved it thank  you have you noticed i have the same clothing on   right here i will put on my dirty clothes that  i uh that were once good and work on vehicles   because i’m going to get them dirty again you all 

And i’ve got one more vehicle to do after these   this one right here my husband bought uh oil i  don’t know about doing his jeep over there he   said well you can do my jeep gina i’m gonna buy  oil filter for the jeep and you can change my   oil in that too because it’s about do but i don’t  know nothing about um changing his

Oil in his jeep   you all look at the oil filters now doesn’t that  look really strange the new confangled oil filters   it looks a little weird so when i’m not on the  youtube doing all kinds of weird videos some   certain response mechanisms in human beings   i’m outside doing a mechanic works i’ve literally  i have

Put this off for a long time doing the oils   and all these vehicles so this one’s changed the  dodge has changed the jeep has changed i did that   i don’t know when i did it and the subaru has  changed this is my last one you all and don’t   ever crawl under a vehicle you are with just a  jack’s thing without some jack stands

Or bricks   or wheels or something to support it underneath  because you wouldn’t want that to follow on you   because that would be the end of you it would be  that’s right i got to change the oil in the engine   so that the life live hood of that engine will  last yeah uh and it’s okay because you know they   don’t

Make cars like they used to this car right  here this grand am of my daughters it gets the   best gas mileage of every one of them i think it  gets around 30 some odd gals miles to the gallon   that dodge ram i think gets about the same as my  jeep and then my subaru i got all used vehicles   and i like used vehicles i don’t

Want something  it’s expensive oils is expensive  and it’s five quarts i mean because you don’t  really get as much as you think like it stops   you put jack stands on each sides and the  hydraulic tube that’s very good it really is   i’ve got something blocking the rear wheel on the  driver’s side i’ve got two more jack stands

But   they’re not as new as those right there and but  i want to get some heavy duty ones i really do   yeah your car needs a water pump oh my gosh so  well depending on how your engine is setting in  there if it’s sideways it’s going to be really   hard um yeah and you got to have the the tools  and the ability to do it

The all of that yeah   um when you got something complicated to do   grand am always had a great track record yeah  it did but unfortunately underneath this one   starting to rest underneath it’s my fault for   um pike and patel you know i actually saw  how they did that one day back in the old   vehicle over it

And you know you can walk   under it and stuff like that i don’t have the  machinery to do this and i don’t know where i   that’d be neat to have something like that   it would um you cannot blanket people in this  chat or am i in the box santora notary ostfu   probably either google moderators or some   this car

Had the power and this car had the um the  drivability thing you are but this has just an old   vehicle and um yeah well that’s okay you off you  maintain your vehicles they’ll last they will   pay less on your car insurance you can  leave it a liability and you don’t have a   you don’t have um yeah no apple brooks didn’t 

Delete nothing i said a google moderator yes so   if your comments ain’t getting through it’s not  gina doing it or it’s not the moderators here   underneath my channel name it’s something else  that’s filtering your comments is what it is   hello galileo i see you up there flying around you  all kitty’s sleeping that’s where

Kitty’s at and i   to your um grand mom does it has a 38 motor   um i have no idea what you’re talking about on  here nobody’s deleted nothing i’ve been watching   at you all that’s right that’s right and yesterday  what i did is um on here because i you know i had   think the bearing was going out i jacked it up  

And um i took this tire off and i loosened the  um the bolts on the caliper on both sides like   i think it was like 13 millimeter loosened them up  then i lifted up the side of the caliper thing and   the caliper and they did not have very much   it had a little bit of dirty oil on it so i   pushed it back down and i

Slightly lifted up the  other thing because i didn’t want to hang that   um you know that unit suspended and then i put  a lot of grease on the other one after i cleaned   it off and boom i’m not hearing that noise so it  really does make a difference because it it keeps   stuck or you know yeah that’s right you uh  

Yeah well i bought um grease for it i did a big  old thing of it you all i like it i like to have   vehicles i want to have the right stuff and it’s   going to last me a lifetime more or less because  how many brake drops am i going to do really   you are we can do it we can we can do it   um so i’m probably going to be

Going i wanted  to get on here and say hello to you all so yeah   if you got car maintenance to do it’s good to  get it done it is because you don’t know when   even find the parts for it especially if   what they do to a lot of the other vehicles   they go to the junkyard and then after they set  a while they take a big

Machine and they smash it   and smash it and they they bring these massive  massive like it looks like big old train cars   and great big old things with a big magnet they  pick them up after they smash them i think and   they just dump them right into the big things and  then they i guess they go overseas or something  

Thought wow perfectly nice car you know when   they had trade your car in if you got an old car  we’ll give you a thousand dollars no matter what   whether it’s running or not well a lot of people  took that and a lot of the cars got off the road   um e virio mateo gina gina is a mechanic okay  i am i’m a mechanic i’ve learned

How to work on   cars since i was a teenager i’ve done like five  engines pulled stripped them down pulled them out   and some of them had like clutch the bell housing  is not very nice or the regular clutch and stuff   doing recently i’ve kind of slowed down   vehicles that i choose to get yeah that’s right  

You are so yeah i do mechanical work that’s really  what i mess around with my vehicles and lawnmowers   morning everyone if you’re just tuning in yeah   putting off changing your oil you might   to where you might not be able to get it if   that’s right you all we can do it you can do it   all right you all i do like

Cars i like looking  at the engines and stuff like i used to like to   clean the engines before i got married i had a i  don’t know i had a buick regal it was brown i kept   it shiny all the time that engine was as clean as  a whistle i loved it i really did then when i got   married my husband got this 86 ford mustang and 

I thought why did you do that i said i had this   perfectly buick regal it ran and it was paid for  and he got that that’s right right before i got   ready to marry him one month i thought wow thanks  jonathan yeah that’s okay you all we gonna go um   so thank you for watching but yeah i’ve been doing  uh some maintenance on this

Uh general maintenance   and general maintenance on this right here i’m  getting ready to take off that other oil filter   and change the oil but thank you all for tuning  in uh so with that being said hello wherever you   are in any part of the world hello from my heart  to yours love you have a wonderful rest of your  

Day thank you apple brooks honey thank you all for  your comments you all thank you love you bye-bye

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