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Altair Club Cars My Mini Countryman blew up, what should I do now?

My Mini Countryman blew up, what should I do now?

In today’s video I show you what’s gone wrong with my daily Mini Countryman 1.6D. I am torn between rebuilding it or just getting rid and replacing, since I was due to change it for something that can tow anyway it has made for a tough decision

Hi guys welcome back to the channel um things just seem to be going wrong around here at the moment um i’ll show you what i want about in a little bit but uh before i do that just a quick update on the evo now this was supposed to be an evo video but um a little bit of an unexpected issue with the cylinder head so i’ll take you over there i’ll quickly show it to

You because it will be covered in future videos um but yeah let’s go and look at the head okay so here we are at the evo 10 rebuild now um i don’t want to give you too much because it is going to be a video just on the head but i’m actually delayed um uh what i’ve found was the intake valves they have some quite bad pitting on them i’m not sure how well that’s

Coming up um so basically that’s what’s holding me back i’ve ordered them i’m um i’m in the uk so queen elizabeth 70 years on the throne um so yeah everyone’s just pretty much partying at the moment instead of uh going out and delivering me my intake valve so waiting on them a bit of a delay but uh that’s what’s holding us back i’m flat out on this engine now

I’ve dragged my feet for far too long uh we’re just getting it done and we’re gonna send it while we’re making good progress on the evo i’ve had a bit of a nightmare with my daily car so let’s have a look at my daily and i’ll tell you what’s gone wrong okay so here is my daily car it’s um i’ve got a van as well uh by here i got the caddy um but i use this mainly

For just going to the shops taking the family out and things like that basically it’s broke and it’s not something that i can easily fix so um i’ll pop the bonnet and i’ll show you how i diagnosed it almost immediately okay so the car was being driven and the person driving the car phone me up not they weren’t far away they just said the car’s cut out and that’s

That so i thought okay well they’re not far so i went and got the van and i pretty much dragged the mini home and plunked it here but within about 30 seconds of arriving i diagnosed what had gone wrong now if you try and start the car it sounded a little bit different to what it normally does it was almost like the compression wasn’t where they should be

So once the engine was cranking over the first thing i looked at which you can’t see very well here the first thing i looked at right down there which is very difficult to show you i could see the camshaft now the bottom end of the engine was turning but the camshaft wasn’t so yeah timing chain snapped absolute nightmare not what i need right now and it’s not

Like i can fix it with the evo in the garage so not only is it the timing chain is gone but the car does need other work anyway now i noticed the tires are very low the clutch is slipping but it was all right but needed to win um so i was actually phoning garages to try and get the mini booked in my uncle has a garage so i’ve seen if he could do it for me and

That very day the timing chain snapped so a bit of a nightmare um on this particular engine the timing chain is on this side the gearbox side so um these cars are not easy to work on i have got to take off the whole front end of the car pretty much like i’ve done on stevo everything’s got to come out i have to do almost definitely i’ve got to do a full engine

Rebuild on this new valves lap the valve shim them all hopefully the pistons are okay new clutch new flywheel needed a new clutch and flywheel anyway while i’m in there new head gasket head bolts and as you can see the price is going to escalate very quickly so i’m at a point really now where this car it’s uneconomical to take to a garage now there’s nothing

Owing on the car it’s all paid off and everything um it’s probably worth about five thousand pound in this running but it’s not running and a recon engine is about three grand and i’m sure the garage is gonna cost a recon engines like three grand clutching flywheels about a grand and i’m sure the garage should cost charge me bare minimum a thousand pound to fit

It minimum bearing in mind how intrusive this job is on the car so i’m in a bit of a situation with it i can either try and cut costs try and rebuild the engine myself and maybe just maybe i could do it for a couple of thousand do i sell it as it is what do i do now as i mentioned the car was broke funny story really a friend of mine turns up in his new van

Which is parked behind uh he comes up to show me his new van all proud and excited of his new van and the key snaps in the ignition barrel so i managed to get it out but the ignition barrel seized so that’s a nightmare because he’s been coming up here and slowly he’s taking out the steering column to replace it in situ so this is a funny thing with that you’ve

Got to have the ignition on click two in order to remove the barrel but he can’t turn it too click two to get the barrel out so he’s got to change the whole steering column so it’s an absolute nightmare so i’m interested on what you guys recommend is it worth fixing it would you make good content it’s quite ironic really that all my effort goes into evo videos

But my mini videos and my best viewed videos on the whole channel so uh from a youtube point of view it’s probably worth doing it but the passion’s not there really so you let me know would you be interested if enough people wanted me to do it i would do it so yeah bit of a nightmare um i’m not in a total pickle i have got my little monkey bike i can ride around

And my van so i can’t get about um but my plan or my strategy coming back to youtube was not to spread my resources too thin at times i had four project cars here all need an engine work you know so um i’ve sort of really simplified things now and i’m just concentrating putting all my resources into the evo the long-term plan was get something that can tow um

And a car transport trailer now that’d be ideal really because i can tow steve to track days make most track content and then if i did see an absolute bargain project car which i couldn’t resist i could go and get it on the you know on the trailer so it’d be much more cost effective to do it do i go out and buy basically a mitsubishi l200 which is what i’ve been

Liking for a while um off-roader mitsubishi tow pickup truck put engine parts in the back perfect for that type of thing or do i just go around in the van for now bash out evo as fast as i can and once that’s done um rebuild the mini and make a youtube series out of it i’d be interested to see what you think i haven’t quite decided what i’m gonna do the next

Video back to our normal content hopefully i’ll have that cylinder head rebuild video out then the next video is after that is the engine is done so who knows first start we’ll see um but yeah let me know and i’ll see you in the next one cheers guys

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My Mini Countryman blew up, what should I do now? By Rowan Lewis

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