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Altair Club Cars My Gym Trainer Reacts To My 1000HP NSX

My Gym Trainer Reacts To My 1000HP NSX

All right guys we’re gonna be taking the nsx for a quick test drive we’re gonna turn this thing down a little bit for the street because we took it out the other day and it was just blowing the tires off like crazy and i didn’t have too much time to actually mess with the car i want to tame it down some so if we do actually go drive this thing around it’s controllable

On the street because for some reason this thing just wants to eat right now and you know i’ve turned it down from when we had it at the track but these tires are just not hooking up they are starting to get kind of old so maybe fresh set of tires would do the job but we’re gonna do our best to try to tame this thing down real quick just pull some boost out of

Her and make her usable again on the street um all these numbers that say on this one line all the ones here 24 that little white arrow click that white arrow still too much so highlight the ones that said 24 only yeah and go say 28 and then just try that for now just hit that arrow and just we won’t mess with the other ones yet now it’s making too much

Power yeah also the tires have been sitting for a long time so like a fresh set of tires on this thing will probably fix all of that that’s a lot better way more control than not all over the place sometimes we’re just like barely trying to spin but not quite that’s right where you want it so i’m in the nsx right now i just went got some gas and it is freaking

Hot out but right now i’m actually on my way over to the gym um as you guys saw me my girlfriend just took this thing out and we pulled some power out of it i just got it hooking up a little bit better on the street and i’m on my way to the gym right now i’ve been going for about eight or nine months kind of on and off but i’ve been pretty consistent at it a lot

Of you guys can probably tell i’m kind of scrawny and i’ve wanted to kind of do something about my weight put some more meat on my bones for a while now but i’ve just been so busy with everything going on i haven’t had time to focus on myself but lately i’ve been eating better i’ve been putting on some weight and you know i’m six foot tall on a bad day i was like

142 pounds so you know i was shooting to get myself in the upper 160s to like 170 range and i’m slowly getting there but recently these last few months i have been seeing some serious progress not that a lot of you guys care to hear this stuff but um it’s kind of some things i got going on in my everyday life but anyways i have a trainer and i got a trainer on

Day one because i knew that if i didn’t have somebody at the gym like waiting for me to go there i would never go because i’m terrible at getting up in the morning and forcing myself to do things like that so i got a trainer her name’s tiffany and i’ve had her pretty much this whole time i’ve had her yeah ever since i started going to the gym i started with her

On day one and i started at first just to see if i could even consistently go and i was able to keep coming back and then i started to take it more seriously i’ve been eating better recently and long story short um she knows about all the fast cars and stuff we do so i told her about taking her for a ride in the nsx and she said she was down and today is finally

The day so i’m heading over to the gym in the nsx and we’re going to get my trainer riding this thing and see how she reacts so i think it should be pretty fun but i also have to work out today and that’s not gonna be fun so let’s head over to the gym all right guys just made it to the gym gonna get a quick workout in and then we’re gonna be giving my trainer a

Ride in the nsx once we’re done all right you ready for this i don’t know she’s never been in a fast car at all i think you’re gonna enjoy it oh yeah quality quality she’s from the 90s it’s a lot of noises it’s normal though that’s normal okay we should be able to do a little bit more a oh oh my gosh yeah we were doing all of the speed limit right

There do if we don’t really let it just go it would it’s geared to go over 200. it’d probably go like 215 topped out um yeah on that last one so this has a this knob right here has a straight gauge on it and i messed up and i didn’t i pulled back it didn’t let go fast enough so i cut the car for a second this lets you shift without eating the clutch so

I can just stay floored and just cool so it has a little this has a sensor in it so the car is idling right now if i listen to the whole car you know the car shut off when i saw you i was like there’s a little kid who wants to there’s a little scrawny guy trying to bulk that’s up yeah too bad there’s a lot of cars we could have done a few more but i think

You get the idea it gets to the speed limit really quick good thing we only went 65. barely barely barely i don’t even know if we did that well thanks riding along thanks for all the training you gave me i’m slowly getting there this is fun we’ve made progress i’ll see you not tomorrow next week yeah next week all right enjoy uh training all those other people

Yeah i will well boys i just got back from the gym not too long ago all i can say is the nsx is hands down one of the best purchases we have made i absolutely love this car anytime we take it out we have a blast i hope you enjoyed today’s video taking my trainer for a ride in this thing i definitely need to give some more reactions in the nsx because i always

Have so much fun just letting people experience a fast car for the first time it is awesome and what better car to do it in than a 1000 horsepower nsx it’s surprising that this one is still the fastest one in the world i know there are some of you other guys out there trying to build some fast nsxs let’s see them dude i think the nsx can have a lot of potential

There’s no reason there shouldn’t be some low eight-second nsx’s out there at the drag strip i mean this one’s still in full street trim and it is a you know eight second car currently the only eight second nsx out there of uh this body style in this generation that i know of so it’s pretty insane boys hope you enjoyed the video and uh we’ll see you later and i

Guess for anyone that might not know the setup if you’re a new subscriber it’s a fully built k24 big old turbo you guys know the deal sequential transmission so yeah and for the guys that are loyal subscribers quick jet boat update that’s all you get to see though that’s gonna do it for today’s video see you later you

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