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Altair Club Cars My Ford Truck Blew Up, Dealership Wanted To Charge Me 2 Grand To Inspect It???? Cam Phaser Problem

My Ford Truck Blew Up, Dealership Wanted To Charge Me 2 Grand To Inspect It???? Cam Phaser Problem

Truck left me stranded, and the dealership wanted 2 grand to take a valve cover off!

Okay y’all we’re gonna talk about the ford truck today ford truck i just put brand new tires on it you know what happens when you put brand new tires on i was trying to get the 400 uh i was actually trying to get 500 000 miles i got the 430 5000 maybe 400 no 400 and some thousand four hundred and thirty four thousand something like that ronnie will add a little

Piece in here where i show you it was messing up on me basically uh i go to get into that lunch and the basically i go to get into that lunch and it starts acting a fool and if i didn’t know better i would say that it jumped timing safe whatever that is but it’s running and the key broke in half and you got to put this up versus computer chips in there you got

To hold that up huh or the thing went wrong you got to get it just placed right it goes like that but uh we got it running it just barely running huh that’s crazy that’s wild but we’ll see what we can do with it that’s just crazy to me you know we’re driving her and the cam phasers are out and it it’s basically like the truck has jumped timing see that rpm

Gauge i’m not doing nothing to do the accelerator but it’s jumping all over the place because it can’t control the rpms um as it goes on basically controller or the computer trying to compensate for that cam phaser being stuck it’s either stuck open or stuck closed i’ve got the overdrive off the i’m trying to get it to the ford dealer but it’s basically uh it’s

Jumping up and down about two to three hundred rpms and the truck is bucking back and forth like you got dead cylinders in it and every time you come to a stoplight truck shut off if you don’t knock the truck into neutral so i’m knocking the truck into neutral and they’re good i’m knocking the truck in neutral every time i come to a stoplight keep it from to

Keep it from shutting off and this one you got to dj either you know see i got it if if i let the truck shut off obviously the uh i lose all power steering and power brakes and all that good stuff so i’m trying not to let it do that but i’m having all kinds of trouble it’s taking uh two feet and two hands to run it watch that rpm gauge and take off from the dead

‘S bad it’s it uh kind of coming up on the stock market go up yeah gotta keep your rpms up but she’ll die on you but anyway just wanted y’all to see what what happens when the cam phasers go out basically the way i understand it it’s like a centrifugal force clutch that is on the end of the camshaft and the timing so it moves it forward every time you step

On the gas and it moves it backwards every time you get off the gas or like you’re going around somebody it’ll it’ll its way it can move the timing so it’s moving timing around to get the best fuel economy and uh yeah she ain’t liking this at all to get the best fuel economy and uh right now i don’t know what to do because it can’t adjust it so it’s back and

Forth back and forth back and forth constantly god almighty i’m trying not to tear transmission up because the motor is jerking back and forth real hard and i’m trying to just ease into this accelerator and ease in and out but i’m fixing to have to go around the curve and go down in a ditch and come back up the other side and uh let me get off this phone where i

Can concentrate on keeping this thing in between the lines so the thing started skipping and popping and carrying on when i started it up at lunch and the uh check engine light immediately come on and first thing that popped into my head was this thing has jump time but these newer vehicles don’t really jump time so i went and uh the check engine light come on

I put the scantron tool on it it says the cam positioning sensor is bad bank two so i said okay webcam positioning sensor i need one of those so i called down the street to the parts house and they said they had one it was like 20 or something so i ran down there and got it come back put it in cleared the codes started it back up same thing so that’s well maybe

I put it on the wrong side so i called back down the street and they told me that it only took it took two but they was the same part number so the one that i took out i put on the other side clear the codes started it back up sure enough same thing so i said man i don’t know so i said uh you know i’ll try to drive this thing to the house and get the stuff out

Of it that i need out of it and then i’ll take it over to the dealership so i jump in the truck and um if i drive it it didn’t make it so caught a wrecker they come and got me so this whole time i’m doing research and evidently and then fords the camshaft runs a gear out there like most vehicles and timing chain goes on them but that one’s got a i’m pretty sure

It’s got a belt or got a big chain but it’s not like the old timing chains it’s not like a bicycle chain it’s a like it’s different but anyway the that gear on the fords have what they call a cam phaser and that is something between a spring-loaded gear and a centrifugal force clutch is my understanding so basically as you rev the motor up that gear turns more

Which gives you more um i guess it would be more advancement on the timing which would give you better gas mileage and when you get off of it it comes back and uh retards the timing which would give you better gas mileage because you’re not whatever so this fuel consumption is all it’s about and uh i got some missions too probably but anyway all that stuff in

There that i’m sure where that spring broke well when that spring broke the uh it made that he made that cam out of time with the rest of the motor so that’s what’s doing it i’m sure of it so i take it i finally get it back home get stuff out of it go down and get my dodge come back to the house hook up a trailer put the ford on the trailer drove it on there i

Mean he’ll start the room drove it on there um it’s just skipping and sputtering and backfiring and stacked in the damn fool so i drive it on there and take it to ford they tell me two weeks i tell them okay just work it in whenever so they get it in the next day they call me um and say the right um passenger side cam is out of timing is what the problem is

Which is a cam phaser it’s the only thing out there so i said uh okay what’s that gonna cost me you ain’t gonna believe this 2250 dollars to take the valve cover off and look just to take the take the cover off and look so i tell them you’re crazy you’re gonna make me go buy a damn chevrolet there ain’t no way i’m paying you twenty two hundred fifty dollars take

Valve coverall they said well sir that’s what it cost there ain’t no way i’m not paying that kind of money you gonna make me buy a chevrolet packet up push it outside whatever you got to do i’ll come get it so i go up there and get it and these people have put in writing 2250 to take the valve cover off and check it i could not believe it i said are you guys

Crazy y’all writing this stuff down so people can actually you know prove that you said it you’re crazy so what i did was i just went and bought a chevrolet this is not a new chevrolet it’s got uh this one’s got a 150. 1000 miles on 158 000 miles on it um i’ve had it for a couple weeks runs pretty good um i’m gonna be doing a little bit of stuff to it

There’s power when the truck and power windows power locks air conditioner yada yada yada it’s an o3 um extended cab a long bed i don’t buy new anything but uh i did go get me a different truck it’s not a new truck but it is a different truck so this is gonna be the truck you’re gonna see in the the new videos it’s it’s a silver color silver goldish color but

Um i bought it it’s the old cat eye i got the hood open because i had to dodge evidently i left the glove box open on the dodge and the damn battery did because the glove box light was on i’ve been driving this thing for about a week and uh well yeah exactly a week and evidently that battery went dead over a week of having the glove box on so i got to get it

Started i got the jumper cables on but i got to get it uh warmed up and started and once i do that then we’ll be back in business okay y’all here we go customer states check engine light is on check and advise self-check code p0341 or 340. five cams chef positioning bank two valve cover needs to be to remove to inspect the cost of 2240 i thought it was 2250

Customer declines at this time can you believe it twenty two hundred and forty dollar i i don’t know what to say i did i did i don’t know what to say just absolutely absurd and that is a ford dealer so that’s just crazy to me i don’t understand why you would uh you would try to charge that kind of money the it don’t work i mean the you can buy a new truck

Or a different truck for that kind of money it’s just it’s absolutely absurd that somebody would try to do that but anyway if uh if y’all like the uh like the channel give me a thumbs up filming subscribe to the channel and uh you probably will never see the ford again um the ford is going to go away i’m not going to pay that kind of money to fix it the uh the

Truck is a good truck the ford truck is a good truck it’s only got actually got about um 200 and 220 000 maximum on that motor um it was changed somewhere around 200 200 210 000. um somewhere between 190 let’s say and 240. the motor and the transmission both was replaced so that’s why the truck’s going so good it’s it’s not that it’s that old but i mean it is

Old it’s a 2005 but it don’t have as many miles as what it seems to on it some of the most of the stuff on that truck has been replaced but uh i’m gonna let it go i got this one and uh we’re gonna be driving it from now on so there we go figured y’all would want to know

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My Ford Truck Blew Up, Dealership Wanted To Charge Me 2 Grand To Inspect It???? Cam Phaser Problem By My Brother Donnie

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