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Altair Club Cars My First Van: Rhiannon – 2006 Freight-liner Sprinter 2500

My First Van: Rhiannon – 2006 Freight-liner Sprinter 2500

In this video, I tell the story of my first van. There is a lot of the story that is left out because I didn’t want to bore you guys with too many details, however if you have questions in regards to the van, feel free to leave comments, questions and concerns.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel in this video today i would like to go over story of my first fan rihanna keep in mind that the footage for this video was on my phone and through snapchat i did not ever really intend in making videos and so some of the footage is going to be cropped and zoomed in and not exactly how i would have preferred to do the video but

Being that i’ve sold the van and all sorts of things have happened since then this is just the best of what i’ve got and so here we go so before i decided to do van life i actually drove a 2005 subaru legacy i bought this car because i knew that they were all will drive and it handled really well in the snow and because of that i really missed this car van that i

Have now does not do so well in the snow a good friend of mine in provo had a friend that was selling this 2006 freightliner sprinter and so without seeing any other vans i drove down there checked it out fell in love with it and just could immediately see myself living in this van now the reason why i love the idea of this van so much was because it was actually

The only affordable van that i could get within my price range and all the other vans were extremely pricey and i did not know if i was going to be able to actually do a van light and the idea of spending 20 plus grand on a vehicle and then also on top of that spending money into a build just did not sound very reasonable for me and so i went ahead and purchased

This van the previous owner actually used this van as a utility vehicle for their plumbing business so after i brought this van home over the course of a few months and at limited income i was able to turn this van into my home suitable for my needs a friend of mine helped build a platform for my bed in which my mother had found a futon on ksl i probably slept on

It for a few months before i ended up replacing it with a mattress but i was able to make do with the space that i had and to be honest i was pretty proud of it i was able to store my clothing in the built-in shelf on the side and i even made closet space surprisingly enough i was able to fit everything that i needed the van however i did still have a few other

Things in storage but they were not important items that i needed to take her around with me everywhere i went and once the van was ready for adventures i set out on the open road to miranda california where i termed for my third season and not only did i meet some really cool people but i made some pretty epic memories my trim crew and i literally thought we were

Going to die one day there was a fire on the property and it was right next to a propane tank and had the fire gotten any bigger not only would that propane tank have been like a pressurized bullet bouncing around the mountainside but all of us probably would have gone up in flames i spent my 30th birthday with my trim crew clay got me a birthday cake as well as

A chocolate mushroom bar and all of us tripped our balls off it was a great night once the true season was over about a month later i moved to phoenix arizona to work on the relationship with my father and i was able to get in some time bonding with my little better i mean a lot of memories that i will cherish for a lifetime some good and not so good and the ones

Not so good i learned to handle like a boss now breathe out just feel the nonsense float away take a full deep breaths breathe in string breathe out allow your breathing to discover its own natural unhurried pace if your thoughts drift to the 3-ring shitshow of your life bring your attention back to your breathing and with each breath feel your body saying

That with passive acceptance just allow distracting thoughts to float by that where’d you have changed sweat medkits off well the vent is overheating and it’s hot as in arizona right now in the middle the day traveling down the highway my van cannot have much so i pulled over at a rest area probably hang out like half-hour just so my band can stop and cool

Down and yeah okay so it’s that time i’m so ready to just hit the pillow i sweat my ass off today need to wash off my makeup baby maybe i’ll do that but then i’m out see you guys in the morning it’s so cold i gotta get back hold on do you guys know what today is it’s my little brother’s birthday so blake if you’re watching this happy birthday buddy i wish

I could be there but and i know you understand what’s going on it still doesn’t take away from the back of this ball up i wish i could be there for you just know that i am about you and i love you pulled over for a pit stop and there is a shooting range right here if you liked this video hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy watching my content

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