my favorite rav4 2022 xse hybrid
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My Favorite RAV4, 2022 XSE Hybrid

Mike hamilton here at lithia toyota and my favorite of the rav4s is sitting behind me behind me is a 2022 toyota rav4 xse all-wheel drive hybrid i’ll be right back so they were putting these wheels on the um primes they’re a little different um but as far as they’ve like now done this for the uh for this xse for the hot regular hybrid you also see this uh

With an alloy look too for the limiteds um but anyways the black wheels are specific to being an xsp being the sports edition the black mirror caps again and turn signal indicators little black merc mir caps are part of that sports edition and then the body side molding here real good contrast that black against that silver makes it really pop so all hybrids or

Most hybrids not all hybrids because the corolla does not i don’t believe but uh come with the uh proximity keys on here and i don’t even have to take that key out of my pocket to lock it that’s as easy as that if i want to unlock it and just after it resets and just that that simple comes with the uh some blue stitching to make it pop with this uh synthetic

Soft tex materials here it does have injection foam molded dash more uh injection folded mold it here the larger nine inch infotainment again it comes with that durable soft text and the blue stitching now this really looks good and that calvary blue it really makes that pop so one of the features you don’t get in this level um is the dual power seat but you do get

That in the limited and and the higher level of the prime um let’s go over the uh price and options on this here so rav4 hybrid xse all-wheel drive five-star safety 40 miles combined fuel economy a 2.5 liter uh engine with the combined with the electric uh motors gives you 219 horsepower and then you get a the heated leather trim steering wheel rain sensing

Variable wipers has an extra add-on windshield de-icer 375 dollars and then you get the uh premium audio 11 peaker speaker jbl subwoofer xse grade package just gives you all these different feature front rear parking sonar liftgate power lift gate qi wireless smart phone charging birds like cameras digital rear view mirror cameras eight-way power seat for the

Driver um got home link on here for your uh panoramic sun uh sunroof on here all weather flow riders and cargo tray roof rack crossbars and mud guards so this has a lot of options and accessories to it also this also has four door proximities notches on here so i could lock it unlocked through through every door without pulling my keys out again the same soft

Text with the stitching we have one seat back pocket here no rear controls but your air vents and then we have usb up there um we have an armrest in here that gives you a couple cup holders we have another one bottle holder in the door again and then also too this doesn’t appear black like toyota always put some sort of a flake and it’s a blue uh flake purple

Blue flake in this paint job here so this again um it’s not gonna be like a flat black they do do some piano blacks and and some of their moldings and stuff but not on the uh on the actual paint coming to the back i did discover it does not have the uh foot kick thing like you would get in the limit so it does not open oh it does my bad i guess we kicked it in the

Wrong spot the last time uh so we do have that so it’s not missing that and and all our all-weather cargo trays in there with our rav4 embroidery in there and there’s a load deck on here one of these days i’m gonna show this but see it’s got a pattern underneath you could flip it upside down and then you could drop it down a notch if you want to have a little bit

More uh load level it drops the floor about an inch and a half so that’s a cool feature here’s where your subwoofer is on here and then again this is coming led lights inside and out all the way around and then there’s four different ways you can unlock and lock or close your tailgate and this is one of the ways here fuel tank is on this side of field door and

Coming over to the driver’s side passenger let me get inside and show you my space i have in here um i got a about two three inches left and that seat was back for me so plenty of room and then the kiddos in here they’re gonna like to look up at the blue sky in the clouds which is pretty cool and also it’s a power shade to cover that up if you don’t want that

Open so of course it’s going to give you blind spot monitors along with blind spot monitors is rear cross traffic alerts and then going to the inside here and you get memory seats one and two full auto power when windows power locks power mirrors and then here’s some of the uh features you’re going to see that are upgrades and also standard so this is part of

Your toyota safety sensor auto dimming high beams heated windshield wipers also got rain sensing wipers being this what this is uh if your 360 cameras and that’s just one of your four cameras i’m gonna show you your fifth camera when we get going in here heated steering wheel and another uh button for your power liftgate eight way power with power lumbar support

In here let’s move into the inside so this is push start let me show you the startup sequence and being a hybrid unless the battery’s down low there is no uh starting of the engine it’s kind of and it’s pretty seamless when it turns on it doesn’t it’s not herky jerky i’m not going to go over all this stuff because i’ve done it many videos but one of the largest

Digital screens available you’d have to get into one of the new tundras that have limits and above to get a full 12 inch digital uh screen there but for most toyotas this is your largest digital with a speedometer but it does give you a power gauge and analog your field gauges and temperature gauges all an analog there get every feature on your steering wheel

Here so this toggles in here will control that driver’s information center giving all the toyota safety sense fuel economies radio information a bunch of stuff there picking up and hanging up your uh phone you could do push and talk for siri in android auto apple carplay the other side here we have all our cruise control so you have regular and then adaptive

Cruise control lane departure lean trace assistance in the bottom we have our radio information let’s move over to the infotainment this is the bigger of the two there’s a seven and a nine inches is your nine inch infotainment it gives you integrated maps it gives you siriusxm again it’s apple carplay and android auto compatible still a plug-in but they’ll be

Fixing that sooner than later um and then down below is dual climate controls hard buttons to change all that the one thing it does miss to a limit it doesn’t get ventilated seats it gets heated seats dual stage we do have uh wireless charging for our cell phones we do have brake hold um that’s a deep button when that’s on you can let go of the brake and it won’t

Car won’t move until you hit the gas pedal and then automatic uh eve or electric parking brake drive modes it has a uh a normal by pushing it if i want to get the best of minus i could twist it left to get eco i can twist it right to get sport mode i have a trail mode and an actual electric vehicle mode now that’s only in this vehicle only has a nine tenths of

A kilowatt hour hybrid battery so it’s just going to crawl at very low speeds like 15 miles an hour and if it had charged maybe up to one or two miles um now it’s the prime that has the uh something like an 18 kilowatt hour battery give you up to 42 miles of charge let’s move up to the top here uh this is our digital rear view mirror so this turns into like a

Whole tv screen here first off here’s your garage door memory sets which is known as home link and there’s our our camera system so from here to here is much further distance um that you can see in in real life so if i take it back out and well it’s kind of hard the camera is blocking it but your your view increases phenomenally and then up on top we have um

Reading lights we have our full dome lights our controls for our power shade and our moon roof and sunroof and then the sos button which i like to call onstar for toyota it gives you uh emergency services so if you have an accident airbags deploy it’ll alert the call center and they’ll be reaching out to you to get get you help if you’re an emergency call also

Does roadside assistance and also stolen vehicle locator as part of this vanity mirrors with led lighting again led lighting inside and out and let’s just check out the birdseye camera view here real quick so you have different views you could use for this it’s not the cleanest screen but it does its job and then you could also set that in in forward to up

To seven miles an hour before it trips off mike hamilton again at lithuania one of my most favorite if not my most favorite of the uh rav4s with all the versatility and all the creature comforts the uh fill economy either this one or the prime version would be my pick so thank you for watching we’ll see you next time

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