my elantra n received a mystery
Altair Club Cars My Elantra N Received A Mystery Bag With Goodies

My Elantra N Received A Mystery Bag With Goodies

Today we are taking Hyundai Elantra N to cars and coffee and meeting with one of the subscribers “Klasse Act” his a really cool dude, he knows a bunch of stuff about different cars and he’s Elantra N is always so clean and shiny 😃 It’s Sunday so we are taking it easy and slowly preparing mentally for another week of hard work. I hope you guys gonna enjoy this chilled out vlog 🙂

What’s up guys this is polish bullet today we’re gonna make a little vlog you know just just chilling nothing super specific i’m going to the car wash right now you know my my baby is a little bit filthy so and then we’re gonna go to cars and coffee we’re gonna meet roger uh aka classy act so we’re gonna meet there you know just check it out check out some nice

Rides he said it’s a pretty cool cars and coffee along the toyota corolla drivers so yeah we’re just gonna chill out today and and see what’s up i know guys you guys probably gonna bash me for that but today i got you one of the brushes from the car wash so sorry about that i mean it’s not like every single time i can bring the freaking two back buckets you know

All the sprays and everything they don’t really allow that over here the guys see me all the time so they don’t say anything but you know it is what it is sorry about that let’s get to it thank you foreign damn i forgot the freaking drying towels today so i guess we’re gonna go old school just drive fast let’s see the little droplets foreign this

Is beautiful all black s it’s so cool thank you check this out guys the old mercedes coupe i mean mine but these are different yeah yeah like you have no support on this right here foreign look at those wheels there they go okay guys we’re going back to our little beast cold star anymore look at this old school sub man check this out guys roger classic is

The best car guy ever like seriously like i wouldn’t expect this ever he got me a bunch of cleaning stuff for my car you know everything labeled some some towels bro i appreciate it like like really i’m not kidding like that that was super cool and he knows everything about all the cars like like man i don’t even know what to say like it means a lot seriously

That’s that was super cool and i like to clean my cars you know i like to take care of them and everything but this guy is on another level i’m serious it looks like his cilantro gonna look brand new when it’s gonna be 90 years old you know what i mean like batman seriously and you guys lucky because he’s going to uh tale of the dragon this week so just stay safe

Brother you know watch out for the crazy guys over there i mean great what can i say i mean next year hopefully i can go with you guys so yeah let’s go back home then okay guys we’re already on the way home super chill day you know pretty nice weather 60 35 degrees right now so you know not too sunny not too cold you know not crazy but just a chill day see some

Cars you know stuff like that meet meet with a classy egg such a cool guy man seriously uh i didn’t include him in the video i didn’t even ask him for the permission so maybe next time if you want to be even recorded so i’m gonna definitely ask him if you wanna be in a video you know so you guys can meet him such a cool guy you know a lot of knowledge a lot of

Knowledge about detailing cars in and everything in general so yeah i would just you know chill day right now on the way home probably pick up my girlfriend run some errands you know stuff like that you know it’s sunday so another week is around the corner so yeah just just chill out so thank you guys for watching you know if you like content like that or you

Got any questions maybe i could answer them in the next video you got my email in the bio or leave it in the comment section i try to reply to everybody or maybe suggestions for what you want guys for watching like and subscribe if you liked it and i’ll see you in the next one bye

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My Elantra N Received A Mystery Bag With Goodies! By Polish Bullitt

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