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Altair Club Cars My E100k McLaren Mistake? Its Too Late Now…

My E100k McLaren Mistake? Its Too Late Now…

Rebuilding my McLaren 720S I may have taken one step too far!?

Thank you okay that’s not weird at all that’s so strange we’ve just stuck a rift exhaust on this car which is well for want of a better word flamey it’s it’s uh it’s really really loud and it sounds fantastic you can really hear that sort of flat plane crank action through this thing and it does actually throw flames but this is the extent of the project that

We’ve got going on with this car which by the way is a one of one that was literally made for us we’re going to show you a little bit of this oh that when we get the door it’ll make sense but there’s a concave section on the 720 which sort of starts about here and then flows out towards the rear of the card i can see you’re so pumped he loves it it’s naturally

Just disappears into the volcano narello the lighter that we’ve done naturally just disappears just on this in here leading edge of the the arch yeah all right welcome back to the channel welcome to logic anyone who hasn’t tuned in in fact before we go in there there’s quite a few people that tune in who’ve never even heard of the channel so welcome uh this is

My daily driver 991 gen 2 gt3 now we recently had it completely resprayed by logic the substantial feature of logic paint is that it’s actually removable so it goes on as real paint because it is real paint but it goes on to a removable membrane so it goes on like paint and you can remove it like a wrap now we put on a ducktail right there we put on a jcr exhaust

System which makes it sound like a cup car and we are on yep 52 700 miles so when i say daily driver i mean daily driver we actually have quite a few cars down here at logic right now for logistical reasons to unfold soon but the 355 is here that’s ultimately gonna be a project car there’s a lot of things planned for this stay tuned all right here we go so logic

Is a vehicle repair preparation paint center this is an example of the the wide breadth of things that logic do they are currently prepping a defender for full restoration for a company called je engineering and one of these tasks is removing all of this tile-based sound deadening pretty nasty job right it’s like sticky really sticky work all sticky oh mate look

At that that is cranky yeah literally every time i walk in here there’s some different project going on we’ve got a ferrari outback over here which is pretty cool and this is the man himself today’s 720s super hyper pick job update it’s probably been about 45 hours to do the job in 40 hours to think about hard to explain it we’ll show you that in a minute first

Of all i’ll show you guys what’s in the shop look at this is this mason blue mason mason blue very cool so 992 gt3 uh this is in for what’s known as liquid ppf as the name would suggest to that is pain protection film applied in a liquid form and the genius of that it means that there are absolutely no join lines no seams no stitches no compromise anywhere on this

Car the 720s just stuck a rift exhaust on this car which is well for one to the better word flamey but this is the extent of the project that we’ve got going on with this car look at that four different colors four we’ve got original laurello haha then we’ve lightened the original narello each stage and blend them in together so there’s no stop and start so that’s a

Proper fade not a flick that’s a genuine fade absolutely yeah so a flick would be where you see the differences sure you cannot see where the colors gone into one another it’s completely it’s just a seamless transition transition and then what we’re missing here is a quarter panel that will show you shortly and that then continues this fading gets lighter and lighter

And eventually just disappears it’s like staring at a constellation of stars look at it i’m obsessed with painting cars now mate that’s it i’m done i’m specking cars from in black and from now on because it doesn’t matter this is where it’s at yeah so pretty big project for the 720 i know it looks fairly intrusive but honestly it’s effectively just taking off the

Exterior body panels and look what else is back so this landed touchdown from its emirates flight a couple of days ago so cool to have the center back in the uk it’s in for some tlc before we eventually get it out on the road right so in my uh haste on the dubai autodrome yeah long story short you know those those um polystyrene breaking yard marks which honestly

If you walked over to one and just sort of pressed it it stopped like like diary it turns out at 140 miles an hour they’re not that soft so so i actually clipped the wing mirror of the santa and it popped the glass on that side so logic’s ordered us new glass one of the things which has been annoying me about the more conventional ppf is the join lines that you

Get particularly on ground surfaces yeah you can’t get that sort of smooth line so we thought i want to see what this liquid bpf’s like bbs food protection spray yeah i like to call it liquid here look at the film that pearls are shorts yeah so we thought let’s apply it on there because i’m frankly sick of stitch lines so this is it so we’ve got mirror join here

We’ve also got a mirror join here so yeah yeah it’s three three sections of ppi you can see it like all the way down there you’ve got that that line there so that line there’s a piece here yeah you’ve got a stitch line here i’ve got a stitch line there and a stitch line under there look we had to change the mirror glass we’ve had to take the mirror off so we took

The opportunity yeah and we said well let’s use liquid this is still got to have another layer of lacquer and clear coat to get it to the thickness and quality that we want however just as you can see your stitch lines are one piece so this has been sprayed there’s not a single single piece of ppf in any area where you would have to join it’s just one layer of ppa

So this is it to the r piece front to rear and we’ve got point wing door and a quarter panel and also on the 720 they have the door moldings which are a huge part of course the kind of cover most of the sections so we’ve done those as well so this is yet to be re-lacquered and sanded so there’s a few little imperfections that will be completely taken out and then

Relaxer however this is how we start so original norello on the bonnet yeah which will match the bumper perfectly we then go to exposed carbon fiber okay yeah and then we’ve got a nice straight line here that we’ve done have you done that it almost looks embossed i know sure it’s quite thick so we’ve gone over a lot of paint here so that will actually go a little

Bit less protruding but it’s a nice sharp separation this is then going to connect with that section you just saw on the bonnet goes to here by the way exposed carbon fiber because this was completely primered panel so we’ve done all of this and had this okay oh man it’s so crisp so this exposed carbon has got liquid people left on it yeah and this has got logic

Paint so it’s protected we’ve now got two fades on this panel which makes this job hugely hugely technical and intense and difficult so there’s a render and you can see on the render that there’s a center section remember the door and the quarter of the car is kind of like a circular oblong section yes we wanted a fade in that section however we also needed something

On the top of the door so we’ve done like a miniature thing with like a small one now from the front door to like maybe a 400 way down if you start to see the color this is light and lighter yeah lighter and lighter and then it goes into disappears wow into volcano straight into volcano here we have color number four at this stage already halfway down the door all

Into here and then it’s wow it just really gets kind of disappears and then we’ve got the last final pinky kind of color they’re just disappears him i love how this line here rather than continuing on actually follows the subtle contour of the arch that’s trick am i breath listening to that one it sounds impressive this looks factory this paint so this is a matte

Paint this is an ad persona matte logic paint what we did is we put our logic painted fleck into it into the colors here nice so it’s satin metallic so it’s satin black with metallic pearl fleck in it as you can see it there that’s so cool six months old yeah this paint customers from 5000 miles typically if you had a mac car painted car what was the first thing

You would do if you had a matte black car you ppf it straight and it’s done five thousand miles fine chip so this is without ppf this is logic paint because it’s basically bulletproof this stuff so there’s a property within the paint which is a like a sort of elastomer which basically make the pebbles bounce so one of the things that really highlights actually the

Substance of that is just look at the state of the radiator there so that’s the kind of impact that the front of this car’s been having yeah which is totally normal and then look at the surrounding area of paint no ppf on that that’s just the inbuilt protective property of logic paint apps that’s the craziest example i’ve seen yet mate that’s unbelievable thank

You so cool look at that same here i assume yeah look at that i mean that has taken some impacts and all around the fates just impervious but all i will say is a matte black factory painted finished it’s done 5000 miles you find a stone chip on that card you can’t find one you’re just so true even these wings you know normally i’m really impressed with that this

Normally this would be peppered inside yeah it really isn’t wow so this weekend we’ve got an excuse to get the four liter out it’s been a while it’s been a while since we got this thing out uh we do have some plans in the pipeline uh quite soon to um well let’s just say upgrade the garage not in terms of cars in terms of the the physical location of the garage

Because uh yeah some cool things happening and then we’ll be able to have all of the cars in one place at the same time which i know doesn’t seem like a big deal but in all of the years of the channel we’ve never actually done that so it’s gonna be great to have these under one roof i’ve been wondering where my glasses have been going lately we keep dropping cars

Off at logic and it turns out that every time i drop off a car i seem to leave a pair of sunglasses inside the car and we’ve just yeah reacquired four more pairs of specs which i’ve been looking for for the last few weeks anyway that’s it for today as always thanks for watching we’ll shall see you next time ciao

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My £100k McLaren Mistake? Its Too Late Now… By Mr JWW

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