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Altair Club Cars My Drip Network Animal Farm Strategy

My Drip Network Animal Farm Strategy

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Foreign back with another video so if you’re new to my channel please hit the subscribe button also hit that notification bell so that way you’ll be notified of my latest videos also you can follow me on twitter it’s cryptojetta also before i get started with the topic of this video shout outs to blockchain bay i saw this tweet here and he uh i guess

He wanted to dress up as a drip for halloween so you know she said this is halloween i had to give it up one time for my first crypto baby drip it took me so much time but i had fun with it definitely well worth worth it shout out to the drug community for always staying 10 toes down and keeping the ecosystem flowing we all all great and foil so like i said awesome

Awesome picture i thought that was a really creative so uh you can follow her on twitter um if you want a quick way of getting to her page you can just uh go to my page and then go here click on her name here so actually i need to go ahead and i forgot to follow her so i’ll go ahead and follow her now but anyway yes so today i wanted to talk about my drip animal

Farm ecosystem strategy so i have a completely written here everything that i want to do going forward so i’m going to share with you my strategy here so so let’s go ahead and get started so if we look at my faucet right i’m currently sitting at 387. 114 which is currently around 2639 dollars uh i hydrated earlier this morning also dollar cost average as of

Lately i’ve been dollar cost averaging uh so in fact let me go to this website here on the drip formulate and show you my milestone here so let me pull this over and then go to drip all right so currently the price of drip is still cheap 6.83 and currently i’m making around 26.42 cents a per day 184 dollars a week 103. 803 per month so we’ll be looking at our

Milestones as you can see here i’m four days away from 400 drip in my deposits and so if we go back here to my strategy so right now i’m going to dollar cost average and compound until either one or two things either i hit 1000 drip first in my deposits or drip price goes to fifty dollars so whichever comes first that’s going to be my go-to signal as far as my

Animal farm entry requirement if i don’t reach any of these requirements here i’m just not going to focus on animal farm right now and just continue to focus on my drip faucet building up my faucet because before you even try to you know decide to go and deal with animal farm you have to have a strong faucet position guys you have to have a strong faucet position

I cannot repeat that as many times enough as is so um like i said my goal is to either 1000 drip or if the price of drip goes up to 50 plus then i’ll go ahead and enter myself here into the animal farm right this website right here this is the if you haven’t seen it uh forex shark he just added a countdown here now it says buy pigs now to prepare for lunch and

13 days 18 hours etc etc like i said i’m not going to focus on this because like i said before you even think about joining the animal farm you’ve got to have a strong position in this or you could have a low deposit amount but the price of drip needs to be way more than this need for me it needs to be at least fifty dollars plus so once i have that animal farm

Entry requirement now we need to go with a strategy here as far as a compound and claim strategy so you could do either one of these four things you could do a four day compound three-day claim five day compound two-day clean six day compound one day claim or a one day compound one day clean and for you to figure out what you want to do you can go to drip formulate

Website and if you go over here to calculator right now i’ll give you a good example here nah like i said i have what uh 387 so i’ll go ahead and input this number right here into my drip balance all right and say for example that price does hit fifty dollars and say if i wanted to do a four day compound three-day claim strategy right so i’m gonna go down here

And put a three-day claim and four day compound as you can see it shows you the ratio right here and let’s say i put 90 days to forecast right so what i like about this website it shows you you know how much drip you’ll be able to clean roughly about how much you’ll be able to withdraw out right so as you can see here by the end of 90 days if i continue to the

Same strategy when it comes to claiming three days four day compound as you can see by the end of 90 days i’ve done withdrawal 173 .14 drip out of my deposits which will be at that time currently worth around eight thousand six hundred fifty seven dollars so what would i do with that next obviously i could do either one or two things right i can either take half

Of that and make drip busd lp tokens to throw into the garden so i could build up my garden uh position and then i can take that other 50 drip bus dlp token to stick into the farms on here when we go to farms i can take that half and stick it in here so that way i can earn pigs right or i can you know do this here take 50 percent you know put that into the farm

Strip busd lp into the farm then 25 into the reservoir right if you don’t know what the reservoir is you just go to drip network and then click the reservoir once you stick here i haven’t uh started a position here just yet but i will soon what you do is once you stick here it’ll give you the uh some drops which is basically drip bmb lps and over time you’ll

Earn bnb here right then going back here and i can take that other 25 of the drip busdlp tokens and stick into the garden to build up my garden position even more so i can do either one of these things here now i have another box here it says when drip price is over 50 percent i mean not 50 but 50 plus i can convert 30 of clean drip to busd or btc depending on

The market sentiment now what i mean by market sentiment i use this website right here and it’s called the crypto fear and greed index so as you can see now as of lately and we’re going to see this for a while being that it’s a bear market right now you’re gonna see extreme fear now i’m gonna come back to hit this in in a second but let me go back to here it’s

Now like i said when drip price is over 50 plus convert 30 of that claim drip to be a busd or btc depending on market sentiment so going back to our example here on the calculator now say for example after 90 days well actually say for example that first week right let’s look at the first week i’ve done uh clean around 10.85 based off the number of deposits that i

Have that 10.85 drip is around 542.74 so basically i take that 10.85 multiply that by 30 percent oops no i did that wrong i’m sorry guys 10.85 times 0.30 that will leave me with 3.255 drip to sell that’s the 30 now if we multiply that by fifty dollars because say if the drip price was fifty dollars if i sell it that will give me 162.75 i can either convert

That into busd or bitcoin right and then i can take that right go back to the animal form and stick it into my pool so yeah i can stick it here in the busd or i can stick it here into the bitcoin now staking here into the pools it gives me dogs and you know i can take those bulldogs and throw it to the dog pound and uh you know once you stick your dogs you earn

Bnb so going back here now let’s go back to that market sentiment where i was talking about so going down here at the market sentiment is bearish i’m going to convert to btc or btc busdlp token now if the market sentiment is bullish convert to busd or any stable busd lp token so what i mean by that is like if the market sentiment is bearish right which is which

Is currently is right we are in this extreme fear this is this is how i judge you know what the market sentiment is now if it’s interesting extreme fear i go ahead and throw that into bitcoin because you got to realize once the market go back bullish if you convert it to bitcoin whatever you have in bitcoin is going to go up when the market goes back bullish and

Then you can uh like say for example you know i i exchange it for bitcoin right i go ahead and take it here back to the pools sticky here now once the market get back bullish and the market sentiment is um extreme greed i could take whatever bitcoin take some of that bitcoin that i have here i can exchange it for busd for profit very very smart and then i can take

That profit from the busd and then throw it in here into the busd right now say if the market sentiment was bullish i will convert that to busd or any stable busdlp token so say for example the extreme safe this was an extreme greed like say this was in the green for extreme greed i will go ahead and take that 30 percent right and get busd and steak it here for

Dogs instead so what i would do say if the market was bullish and going back to bearish so whatever i had i have in busd a i can go here and buy more bitcoin because the market’s going down everybody’s in extreme fear that would be the perfect time for you to buy bitcoin at that time when everybody’s fearful because eventually once the market goes back bullish

You can go back turn it around and sell that bitcoin for busd so basically it’s like a loop if you think about it but it’s all based off the west what the market sentiment is so i hope you understand but like i said i’m going to post this on my twitter um to share with you guys so so that way you can um read and understand a little bit better so here are my farm

Goals right so obviously i’m going to state drip busd lp tokens to the farm i’m and how i’m gonna do that is first i’m gonna have that strong drip faucet foundation right then i’m going to pick a compound and claim strategy a hydrate and claim strategy right so obviously that’s gonna be my first goal there right my second goal is to receive pigs right on a weekly

Basis and stake them in the pig pen so how i’m gonna do this and shout out to crypto mischief for this strategy i looked at his strategy a while back what he said was um whatever you receive in pigs on a weekly basis take 70 of that and throw it into the pig pen we all know what the pig pen is if we go back to animal farm go to the two pig pen here right take

70 of that or what i earning pigs in a weekly basis stick it in here to the you know deposit here so that way i can earn pigs and busd dividends right and then take that other 30 for profit now obviously i’m going to take that 30 just like here i’m gonna take that 30 second pig profits and i’m going to either switch it to bitcoin or busd dependent on the market

Sentiment and i’ve already explained to you how i’m going to do that right and so obviously i’m going to park the non-native assets in the forums to earn farms or pools to earn dogs and if you go down if i go down here right obviously dogs is going to give you b and b so once i get that week that bnb on a weekly basis i’m going to check on a weekly basis just

Like i’m going to do the pigs right once a week it’s probably gonna be like on a friday or something like you know i’m gonna turn that as like a payday so the bnb that i’m gonna earn from the dog pound 50 of that is going to buy more drip for me to throw into the faucet and the other 50 is probably going to the reservoir so guys this is like a perfect loop strategy

That i’m sharing with you guys um everybody’s strategy is going to be different but i just wanted to share with you my strategy going forward of how i’m going to do things i’m probably not going to change nothing else after this i think this is going to be a firm strategy for me going forward because eventually once i get a big enough position i’m definitely going

To take some of the profits and invest into the stock market you know i’m definitely going to invest in some master nodes i’m definitely going to invest into other projects other stable and trustworthy projects but i really think that drip animal farm is going to definitely pave me the way to financial freedom so like i said i’m going to share this uh picture

On my twitter and if you want to follow me on twitter it’s cryptojetta and i also will include the link to the market sentiment uh calculator i guess you could say not necessarily calculated but this little chart right here showing you you know what the current fear and greed index is i’m going to share it in my opinion comments uh what that said uh

That’s the end of this video if you find value to this video please hit click that like button also like i said if you’re not subscribed please subscribe to me i’m almost at 800 subscribers and so please please help me grow thank you very much and you have a blessed day peace

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My Drip Network Animal Farm Strategy By Crypto Jetta

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