my bmw x2 review tour
Altair Club Cars my BMW X2 review + tour

my BMW X2 review + tour

Hello, ya’ll hope your week is going great and the week is actually almost done. My BMW x2 car review and tour is here. I have been trying to get this car review done for ya’ll and am so happy the video is finally coming out. I want to give a special thank you to Sean for helping me make this video possible. I also want to give another shoutout to my parents for making this beautiful car even a possibility to get. Thank you so much, mom and dad. Wish ya’ll nothing but the best and can’t wait for what is to come this year.

We take another trip to the countryside sup y’all so we’re at the top of the parking garage at sac state here going to show you guys the new car that i just copped okay y’all so uh just to start it all off on the handle right here we have the technology that you basically touch it and it locks the car which the keys are on the inside so it’s not locking

Right here we have the m sport rims that i really wanted for a long time it’s kind of a variation of what comes on the m35i um we have tracking headlights so when you turn the wheel it tracks wherever you turn it um i didn’t want a front license plate specifically on this car because i really feel like it takes away from the front end uh because it has this

Like frost gray right here and i really like how it looks without it so i’m really happy it didn’t come with it uh it has the black optic package right here so it has the black um design on the uh mirrors um also what really drew me to this car was the bmw logos on the c pillar of the car i feel like this is a really big thing that not a lot of cars have the

Only car that i know that has it is the maserati levante and that’s one of my favorite cars to open up the the trunk you basically just flip this up and it just slowly goes up not a lot of cargo space really that’s one of the really big downfalls of this car is it looks kind of big from the outside but it really is like lacking in room to be honest yeah you

Can almost barely put like a set of golf exactly yeah and you have to basically like fold it down in order to fit two sets in there it does fit a couple of snowboards but you do have to fold down the seats on that if we want to work our way into the inside of the car we have the aluminum trim right here you guys can’t really see it right now but when it’s dark

Out this illuminates in this awesome i’m pretty sure you could change the color yeah yeah you could change the colors to like copper bronze whatever you want green you have like the memory seats i don’t know if you can get that like one and two setting right there yeah you can see all the difference right here it has the dakota pebbled leather on here the the

Uh perforations kind of go down and then until there basically is none okay guys so we’re in the cockpit of the car right now um it does have the m steering wheel i really like this because it gives it a lot more like i don’t know thickness and it really makes you feel connected to the road which i really like it has these like semi-digital gauges i don’t know

If you can really see but like there’s like a little like tick mark kind of it’s not really digital but the numbers are um so we have the aluminum trim that goes across it’s it’s pretty basic i mean there’s not a whole lot of stuff going on right now i mean because uh bmw didn’t really get that facelift until like 2021 2020. um and i got the upgraded screen

Right here it basically would have been like the size of like an iphone 12 but i’m happy i got that does have heads up display obviously it’s not displaying anything right now because the car’s off has a speaker up there and on the sides going down here it has really good cup holders to be honest i really like it because it fits my starbucks drinks you know i

Really like that yeah has a the parking brake right here it kind of senses when you’re on a hill so um and you put it in park it’ll automatically do that for you the different mode selects it’s pretty pretty easy bmw really hasn’t changed this too much it has just the usual shift knob um what i really like though is like the storage when you like lift up this

Compartment is like there’s actually like quite a bit one of the downfalls though is it only has one usb port so you can only charge one phone um and then right here when you lift this up there’s not really a whole lot going on there you could probably fit like two phones maybe so yeah that’s about it okay so my friend sean is hopping in the back seat right now

So you actually have some like he actually has like some decent room he fit in the back pretty good um the cup holders back there yep yep um so you could probably fit like two people comfortably probably not like in the middle maybe like if you have like a small person right there i don’t know not really like anyone in the middle two people for sure and for

Those who are familiar with car back seats there’s normally like a 60 40 split um and these actually fold all the way down yeah all three fold all the way down yeah exactly yeah so for those who are thinking about getting a car like this and they’re super concerned about the cargo space that’s directly in the back i mean if you’re just really just by yourself

You have plenty of cargo room because these seats fold down so for those who are wanting to go on those like ski and snowboard trips be able to like really fold those down and put whatever you want back here you can totally do it um the vents you have the vents back here seems pretty nice what is this wheel down here oh yeah just like a little cigarette lighter

Yeah oh yeah and also where shawn’s hand was on the little like pool tab right there that’s where you kind of fold down the seats that’s a little like pull tab um that folds them all that folds each one down so yeah and as far as i’m six foot and being back here you still have some decent headroom so you don’t have to worry about the super tall piece oh yeah

And it has the uh the sunroof from front and back which i really like almost like a panoramic yeah like a panoramic yeah and it’s like super small so i don’t know it just has that car kind of feel you know for those who are crazy about the exhaust note you know i’m going to give it a little start up for you guys all right here we go all right put her in sport

Yeah totally sounds like my mom’s vacuum cleaner yeah this is basically like what it looks inside when it’s turned on um oh yeah let’s see those gauge clusters yeah so that’s kind of what it looks like pretty simple it shares it with the two series the house has like that spotify feature you know like the little app so anytime like you’re playing a song it’ll

Pop up i’m not playing anything right now but yeah i really like it when it’s like the big screen i really feel like you can see a lot we got jeremy right here all right guys we’re about to show you guys a little test drive uh but as we’re on our way and it’s a little dark look at this illumination here it just looks so sleek i i think that’s one thing bmw

Did a really good job and it’s like they didn’t overdo it but they did it just enough to where it really just adds something oh yeah yeah i really do enjoy it i mean i i don’t really like when it’s too much illumination i feel like it like it looks really tacky if there’s a lot but when there’s like just a few like hints here or there i feel like it really

Like makes the car look sleek inside when it’s dark yeah even in the back seat this looks really nice all right we’re pulling up to the start of the test drive so here’s jeremy’s gonna give us a little acceleration here this is in comfort definitely has some giddy up for sure and that’s like in comfort too so i mean that was enough for me to be honest when

I test drove the car i didn’t want to be like speed racer you know like you need to go fast or anything hitting it right right here yeah beautiful sac state gotta love it that’s where you’re gonna be yep stingers up baby let’s go yeah and i’m the one holding the camera here and you guys could probably see on the other side that it’s like relatively smooth and

So that really goes to show like that this you’re not going to get a lot it has like good suspension so it’s going to be you know really smooth as far as the driving it’s really smooth i mean you could hear like like some road noise maybe like in the motor you can kind of hear that but other than that i mean you really can’t hear anything outside obviously if

You had music playing you won’t be able to hear anything outside it has a pretty good insulation in here um i really like it also because it feels like a car when you drive it and it doesn’t feel like big and bulky you know so i i feel safer in that i don’t i don’t personally like bigger cars so that’s why i chose you can almost feel it sway too much when it’s

Too big of a car exactly yeah yeah all right that is the test yeah that is the test drive thank you so much one thing that i really need to add that we didn’t get earlier was that this car does have x drive and it’s usually made in s drive and i really feel like x drive just is all around just grippy feels better um it’s great for those snow days just i just

Love the way the x drive feels as opposed to the s drive okay y’all so we’re gonna conclude this uh car review probably won’t be getting one of these for a long long long time uh i’m just super excited that i got it i mean you know there’s a lot more things to life than just a car but you know i really just appreciate this and i’m grateful that i got this car

And i’m really thankful so uh so yeah this is uh basically it and uh can’t wait for many more of my videos to come

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my BMW X2 review + tour By j schuby

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