mx 5 things trunk popper fear
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MX-5 Things Trunk Popper Fear

Last year I bought the MX-5 Things Trunk Poppers for the ND Mazda MX-5 Miata ND. Installed them right away without thinking about one potential danger which a viewer commented about just a couple of weeks ago. Accidentally popping the trunk with the trunk poppers at 80MPH??? Is it possible? Are these not safe? Am I an impulsive idiot.

So you want the mx-5 things trunk poppers for your nd miata watch this first so someone on my channel asked hey mr miata are you afraid of the trunk popper actually popping your trunk open at 80 miles per hour and my reply was yes i’m afraid but it hasn’t happened yet but today we’re gonna find out if this thing deploys while the car is in motion now i know

There’s a safety feature that mazda built into the mazda miata rf that won’t let you pull back the retractable fastback if you’re going over six miles per hour let’s see if the same safety applies to your trunk now it’s pretty hard to accidentally bump the trunk release down at the bottom i mean even if i had the clumsiest knee and leg on earth it’s still not

Going to hit try now the real concern for me is this key fob i know that the trunk release button is right here along the side and it has been pressed a couple of times while in my pocket with other items or if i accidentally sit on it if that’s gonna happen while i’m driving that’s going to be kind of weird i just usually keep my keep up here on the dash away

From anything to compress it but things can happen and we want to test today if the trunk is going to release with the trunk hoppers pulling it up at high speeds but we’ll start off slow first so just as a control i’m going to go ahead and release the trunk while we’re still yep it pops open while we’re still all right and on the trigger will the trunk pop open

It will not i am pressing this button and we’re going 25 miles per hour so i’m guessing it’s not even going to pop open when we’re going 80 miles per hour let’s try the key fob now we’re now going about 30 miles per hour i’m gonna hold down the key fob deploy so yes mazda has a safety feature you’re built in where your trunk will not deploy while you’re going

25 miles per hour but let’s bring it down let’s see how fast it will let you pop open the truck so the safety that’s built in for the rf’s retractable fastback is six miles per hour i’m going to go over six miles per hour going about eight miles per hour i’m gonna try to trigger the trunk and the trunk is not triggering even at just over six miles per hour the

Last test is for me to see that the trunk will pop open below six miles per hour if it’s the same as the rf’s retractable fastback okay let’s try three miles per hour trunk will still not pop even when i’m going three miles per hour let’s try the key fob nope nope there’s no accidental trunk poppage even at three miles per hour whether using the key fob or the

Interior button for the trunk so rest assured this thing’s not going to open at 80 miles per hour you’re good to go alright so there you have it guys this car’s trunk will not accidentally pop open even if you’re going three miles per hour i think mazda has a safety feature built in where the trunk won’t open if the car’s in motion at all you have to be parked in

Order to operate that truck so yes all of you who want to go out there and get the mx-5 things trunk poppers you you’re safe and good to go no matter what speed you go i’m mr miata thanks for stopping by watching this quick video be sure to subscribe like comment below to share your thoughts and we’ll see you in the next one thanks guys get me wrong

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MX-5 Things Trunk Popper Fear By Mister Miyada

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