must needed wrangler rubicon 392
Altair Club Cars Must needed Wrangler Rubicon 392 MOD – Fox 2.5 DSC Adjustable shocks – Better than stock?

Must needed Wrangler Rubicon 392 MOD – Fox 2.5 DSC Adjustable shocks – Better than stock?

I’m right i’m crying so much again inspired by the ones that were left behind us flying to the forces above this light and gentlemen guys and girls my name is asifa from hot rods dfw so this is an early morning uh quick video because i got something from my jeep rubicon 392 so i wanted to show you what we got now for this cheap so let’s flip the camera

And let’s just have a look at the new part we have for the jeep all right guys so that’s the 392 part with all the other cars the shelby gt500 carbon fiber track pack the zeal one on the other side my f250 super duty diesel the core red is outside and the reason was because i’m trying to redo the ceramic coating on cold white and we just got the set of making ppa

From the jeep done and this thing has to sit indoors for probably another couple of days so that’s the reason i call it is out and that’s a bmw 7 so let’s just have a look at what we got the part is right inside the jeep and this tailgate is heavy guys it’s a sheep there it is guys as you can already see right fox so i’m sure you have guessed that it’s a new shock

Upgrade so this is the fox shock so this box i think has the front one uh and then this one has the back and the shocks we got is the fox reservoir shock with the dsc dampening from their 2.5 i think they call it performance elite series so i did a lot of research and i didn’t find a lot of value on the race 3.0 for my usage which is gonna be very slight off-road

I think those shocks make a lot of sense when you’re really really off-roading the jeep and the reason we are doing this guys is i’m not a big fan of the factory shark so let me show you so this is what came with extreme recon and it’s interesting because on the base 392 you actually get a fox shot and this one is some mopar branded shark so you pay four thousand

Dollars and you get a different shark and why i feel that it’s it’s a downgrade is if you see this is a 2.0 but the one you get uh with with the factory 392 i mean stock 392 is i think 2.25 so you can see this is a slightly skinny shot interestingly drives good because i’ve driven a stock 392 and i think the extreme recon definitely drives better so i don’t know

What to feel about them but uh but again i mean i’m not a big fan so this is the same shock on our folder all four corners and interestingly an extreme recon they go upside down the same shock i mean the same spot on on a stocked other 392 non-xtreme recon uh goes uh you know the shaft up so this is this is also another thing i noticed what regardless let’s try

To take out the box and have a look at these new shocks all right guys so i took the box out and this is the front and very very beefy shot guys so this is 2.5 shaft it is beefy and even even you know uh the the body is 2.5 and even the shaft is very heavy duty you can see the bearings and all and that’s the extended reservoir so this will be mounted uh right

Behind the front part this is the speed adjustment so this has a dual speed i think that’s why it’s dse so a low speed adjuster and a high speed adjuster and the speed is not the speed of the vehicle it’s more the speed at which the shaft is moving so that’s another interesting thing so i’m gonna play with all these settings and definitely share my thoughts and

Review once we have them on the jeep and we are getting them bolted on tomorrow so stay tuned to the channel for that part so that’s the front shot guys and let me quickly show you the rear because that’s a slightly different setup and that’s in this box all right guys so the rear is out as well so that’s the rear so the reservoir is mounted on the shock like

The regular reservoir mounted shocks unlike this mechanism where a hose runs it and i don’t know if it’s better i i hope it must be fox has done a lot of research because my only concern is the fluid has to move quite a lot on the front but this is the rear and let me try to pick it up and it’s quite heavy guys i mean it’s very beefy shark and you can see the

Quality and they’re expensive i think they’re 1500 for a set of rear 1500 for a set of fronts you may get a little bit five ten percent discount i think i got them for about 26 2700 bucks but yeah look at these shocks guys they’re gonna look cool in the jeep so i can’t wait to try them out

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Must needed Wrangler Rubicon 392 MOD – Fox 2.5 DSC Adjustable shocks – Better than stock? By HotRods – DFW

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