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Altair Club Cars Muscle Takes on Tech: Honda Civic Type R vs Dodge Hellcat Drag Race

Muscle Takes on Tech: Honda Civic Type R vs Dodge Hellcat Drag Race

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( Go to for 15% off discount! ) Muscle Takes on Tech: Honda Civic Type R vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drag Race and fast lap.

Now this healthcare has got to be one of the most powerful rear-wheel drive cars that you can buy think about it any other car that’s got this much horsepower the bugatti aventador these are all all-wheel drive and i’ve got the 2017 honda civic type-r forbidden fruit in the us is finally here over 300 horsepower of front-wheel drive fun one of the most powerful

Front wheel drive cars you can buy today now i have no doubt that a full drag strip this hellcat would be the civic but here on 1/8 of a mile i don’t know it’s really about the launch oh it’s earth dreams that’s cute yeah but it’s not cute because i’ve got 306 horsepower of 2-liter goodness it’s turbocharged and it develops 153 horsepower per liter that is

Crazy well if you ever want breakfast you can pour the batter right here for a waffle and you put your coffee cup right here yes but it’s a 707 horsepower waffle maker nathan yeah that’s ready yeah once it hooks up it really goes and that was the race berieve no replacement for displacement tommy yeah you had me a little bit off the launch and then you just

Took off yeah yeah 707 horsepower well i’ll tell you what what this car isn’t about drag strips no it’s true it’s about track use let’s do a hot lap ah all right all right all right all right oh you know we’re nope oh no we’re just out here having fun but father versus son type arm okay all right let’s do it this episode of the fastlane car is brought to you

By vance arrow collective watches actually we’re going to be timing this lap using this watch alright so a hot lap time he definitely has the advantage here but i do have my track mode which turns traction control off so this is not the most agile of vehicles to take around this track but nevertheless i’m gonna do my best and the goal here is really just not to

Embarrass myself ready i do have one significant advantage last time we raced a hellcat i did a burnout down the entire racetrack that’s dark so we haven’t replaced these tires at a cost of 500 but they’re brand new so hopefully i’ll have more grip plus who wants to see a front wheel drive burnout alright ready aside from the fact that this is stainless steel

Which is really cool it’s a very simple stop watch two buttons works pretty good and hopefully your dad will be able to get a decent lamp you know it’s kind of cold this so does that also measure time in months because that hellcat out there until you really get into the accelerator in the back it just wants to come around on you but i know i’m no paul he’s

Our race car driver but i’m just trying to stay smooth and trying to keep it on the track you know it’s an affordable watch i’m a classy i love it tight keep it tight keep it tight look at the wake of that boat here it comes all right okay so what was the time name that 12 been a 12 yep a minute 12 fevicol tires 707 horsepower for a minute 12 someone your age

It’s pretty good you don’t pop the bat i think in like in like a lincoln navigator yeah exactly tommy still has a time to beat all right tommy minute 12 you do it yeah okay so i’m by no means a professional racecar driver this is just father-son civic versus challenger type r plus r mode ready these two cars are about as different as they come but there’s one

Thing they have in common do you see it yeah that’s right these wheels are both 20 inches and they both have a very similar design smooth is fast i think this track is much more suited to the thai fire than the hellcat yeah i agree that is much more of a track weapon i love this leather band it’s italian and i never had anything italian so that’s gotta cool this

Is pretty good here it does look good going around the track it’s really poised he’s really flat yeah and the rear end steps out when he really pushes it which is interesting you don’t get that on all fronts okay good brembo brakes tommy yeah one minute eight seconds no way yes a special thank you to imi motorsports for letting us use this track and thanks

To van cerro collective for sponsoring this video nathan what have we learned we have learned that the honda needs to go to our man paul to do a fast lap now here’s a question guys i know i would take the type our home dad you probably take that he’ll care oh yeah what about you nathan log in here so this is rhomin and nathan and tommy saying thanks for watching

And check out tfl car calm and don’t forget to go to our website and click on hotter neck where you can see paul laughing the hellcat and hopefully soon the time that’s pretty quick but your son still took you by 2 seconds yeah it was a crap

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Muscle Takes on Tech: Honda Civic Type R vs Dodge Hellcat Drag Race By The Fast Lane Car

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