mudfest 2013 range rover sc vs j
Altair Club Cars Mudfest 2013: Range Rover SC vs. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rub

Mudfest 2013: Range Rover SC vs. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rub

Run through the mud in a $100,000 Range Rover SC and $40,000 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

Hey everybody its bill from digital trends and up and snow called me washington inside this giant old lumber mill building for mud theft 2013 what’s mud fest it’s when you get a whole bunch of really nice suvs together and a whole bunch of lead-footed journalists you take those cars out and you get them dirty well there were lots of cars to drive a couple really

Caught our attention of course one of them was this a hundred and eleven thousand dollar range rover on the other end of the pay scale a tenth anniversary jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon i drove both on the road and in the tough stuff to see which one wins out the luxurious range rovers high-tech approach to traction which includes specialized drive modes and air

Suspension to maintain forward motion where the jeeps were manual in traditional gears and levers set up both vehicles feature tech suites with a range rover having an edge but the jeep also had an impressive array of tech features for less than half the price first off the road course the range rover wins out over the jeep with better road manners and of course

That amazingly comfortable high-tech push-button cockpit it is so luxurious it’s a little bouncy but it’s a great big thing you know it’s not a sports car but it is flat fun to drive wow but the jeep was no slouch even though it was hindered on the road course by tires with much more dirt emphasis than the range rover street skins both had big power but out on the

Road the range rover supercharged 510 horsepower v8 was just a cut above the jeeps powerful but normally aspirated 3.6 liter v6 not exactly the fastest thing out here but it can climb a tree but in the jeeps favor we rolled back the soft top for some open air driving fun that the range rovers giant class roof just couldn’t quite match and like a real jeep should

You can take the doors off if that’s your thing even though we didn’t do that on this test drive out on the off-road torture test the 111 thousand dollar range rovers tricked adjustable air suspension and off-road drive mode was up to the challenge of deep water bars rocky climbs foot deep mud and side slipping tilted roadways and the left tires gonna drop into

The water and as such the suspensions gonna start to articulate quite a lot here so just taking our time just like that and if you look on your screen here it’s graphically showing you the suspension going through its paces it may pick a tire up off the ground that’s what you’re feeling right there awesome traction it shook and shuddered at times on the really

Tough obstacles but it made it through but it’s clear this big rig really belongs out on the open road after a few button pushes to disconnect the sway bars and pulling a lever old-school style and they’re cheap to get the ready for the obstacle course the $43,000 wrangler powered through the test section with no trouble at all this is amazing to go through

Here annette with this kind of capability i mean it’s like the vehicle for the apocalypse both vehicles made it through unscathed you know but for my dollars i’m going with the blue collar special jeep may not be as pretty or pamper you like the range rover but it was just more fun to drive it looked tough it worked great i could see myself having a great summer

Driving around roofless maybe even doorless if i felt like it i’m bill robertson with digital trends thanks for watching

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Mudfest 2013: Range Rover SC vs. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rub By Digital Trends

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