mrt king of the hill for 2021 fo
Altair Club Cars MRT King of the Hill for 2021+ Ford Bronco – Product Overview

MRT King of the Hill for 2021+ Ford Bronco – Product Overview

Today, we go over the MRT King of the Hill Dual Tip Exhaust for the 21’+ Bronco’s.

Particular unit here is mrt’s most aggressive exhaust that they sell for the bronco definitely a bassy sound to it right joe yep what is going on team lethal fans joe with lethal performance here and today i have another exhaust here from mrt for the bronco now as you already may know we tested the mrt trail rated exhaust in another video which you can see

If you click on the link above although now we’re going to be testing the mrt king of the hill which is their dual tip a little bit more aggressive version than the trail rated so let’s get into it here the king of the hill exhaust comes with either polish tips or black ops tips like are seen here we went ahead and went with the black ops tips simply because

The rear bumper on our truck is black we thought it would blend a little bit better with that also to note they are three and a half inch tips regardless of whichever path you go down next piece here we have the rearmost exhaust hanger which you may wonder why there’s two prongs here as your truck’s only gonna have one spot to mount it on and let me explain

The 2.3 liter has a different mounting location than the 2.7 liter which is a little odd on ford’s part but mrt has come in clutch here and supplied and built on two different brackets here so you don’t have to worry about modifying your bracket let’s just say theoretically if you had a 2.3 liter or 2.7 liter this will work with both and they don’t visually

Show on the truck whatsoever so you won’t see let’s just say theoretically if you use one and not the other this one’s not going to be in any weird location so to say you’re not going to be rubbing anything so that comes in super nice when you’re installing it you don’t have to mess around with the bracket take off the bumper or do any of that nonsense both of

These pieces meet up here in a nice t and link up to hook up to the oem portion of the exhaust now there is no cutting that is necessary there is no welding that is necessary they supply all the clamps here that will bolt up directly to the oem system ford has made it super easy for these trucks to switch out axle-backs which we’ve done if you’ve seen any of our

Previous videos so that makes it super easy here mrt has taken advantage of that supplied one clamp here and then intentionally has you reuse the oem clamp when you slide it over that exhaust to conclude before we move on to the install this exhaust here is probably going to be one of the easiest things that you can install on the truck it’s literally clamp on

And hang these two hangers up here luckily enough mrt is supplied the two separate hangers like stated previously here so that you don’t have to make any modifications to your current bracket regardless of whether you have a 2.3 liter or a 2.7 liter this will work on your truck so as touched on previously this is one of their more aggressive exhaust that you

Can get for the bronco it actually happens to be the most aggressive exhaust that you can get for your bronco that mrt makes so let’s go ahead and get it now installed on the truck and get you guys some sound clips so you can hear for yourself mrt king of the hill that’s what’s up so why do we sell the boxes on the tips i guess to protect them yeah keep them

Protected yeah our tip covers if you will that easy here we are guys we just installed the mrt king of the hill axle-back with their dual exhaust black ops tips it’s a two and a half inch system with three and a half inch tips and we got the ones coated black op style so uh it’s installed we did a little start up there cold start i’m gonna take it for a

Ride hear how it sounds definitely uh just cruising like whatever 23 2400 rpms it’s got a definitely a bassy sound to it right joe yep sounds pretty good once it shifted to got a lot quieter the first exhaust that we ever installed on this bronco our first edition was the uh mrt trail rated exhaust which i loved it sounded great that’s our single tip set up

With the muffler um as opposed to this one there is no muffler on it um just the dual tip setup but i loved how that sounded i actually drove that uh the bronco all the way up to asheville north carolina was a good 10 11 hour drive from here in south florida and um it was great on the road it was no problems at all no drone no anything that made you know bother

Someone here was definitely a comfortable ride sounds good man yeah mrt again dude these guys got it down froyo bronco guys out there looking for a good exhaust i gotta tell you something this mrt stuff sounds really good that the trail rated sounds awesome and now the king of the hill thank you guys for sending us uh some different exhaust to try out it’s

Awesome so that’s a wrap that’s right mustang king and i’m out you

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MRT King of the Hill for 2021+ Ford Bronco – Product Overview By Lethal Performance

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