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Altair Club Cars Motorweek Video of the 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Motorweek Video of the 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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Motorweek Video of the 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Check out more car reviews at – read honest reviews and check out specs

It will and buyers are looking for a nicely improved version of this popular midsize crossover utility that’s still racking up impressive sales even after seven years the 2008 toyota highlander is indeed new from the wheels up but its roots remain the first highlander was based on the camry sedan and the new one is – but for 2008 it’s the sixth generation camry

Avalon chassis which allows a highlander that’s nearly four inches longer and three inches wider wheel base is also increased by three to one hundred nine point eight inches and that all goes into cabin space is the highlander now has standard seating for seven the more substantial platform is clothed in more muscular body panels with lines and blisters borrow from

The compact rav4 the nose wears a wide trapezoid grille with different treatments for the hybrid and regular highlander it’s set off by a big pickup style bumper that blends into prominent wheel arches while the door bottoms tuck tightly into the lower sills giving the impression of a narrow waist the tail is tall with prominent high set lights a lift gauge with

Separate swing up glass on limited models and a step bumper this bigger body crossover rides on new 17 inch or 19-inch wheels which are now powered by v6 is only either the standard 3.5 liter dual cam v6 with 270 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque or the hybrids gasoline-electric hybrid synergy drive which combines a 3.3 liter v6 with 3 high-torque electric

Motor generators and a nickel metal hydride battery pack maximum system output is also 270 horsepower up to with 212 pound-feet of torque that extra pair of horsepower must move an additional 300 pounds of highlander which the hybrid does with standard electronic on-demand four-wheel drive gasoline-only highlanders are still available in front or four-wheel drive

Even with more power fuel economy has been maintained adjusted government fuel economy ratings are 17 city and 23 highway width four-wheel drive the hybrid scores 27 city and 25 highway and all run on regular grade gas we hit the road in a hybrid at the highlanders national press introduction near phoenix and we’re suitably impressed with how well it moves there may

Be an extra three bills of mass on board but the drivetrain zipped it along as well as last year’s model all highlanders now have electronic steering which is numb but quick we did feel the weight more in corners where the soft springs allowed the body to roll quite a bit the front-end exhibits the same strong plow as before but ride quality is much improved that

Is unless you offer the gas powered sport model which has more athletic handling but at the expense of a much rougher ride driving aids include standard vehicle dynamics integrated management which ties together stability and traction controls braking and steering also standard is hill start assist control with downhill assist included on non-hybrid four-by-fours

Inside the latest highlander is roomier with richer trim the dash layout is busier than before however and on our pre-production example war rather utilitarian plastics the center stack has been totally revised there’s a small lcd driver information display up top and below that on our tester a much larger screen for navigation the back-up camera and energy use

The new economy driving indicators in the main gauge cluster are useful but distracting new econ drive mode limits aggressive acceleration while this easy mode switch locks the hybrid and electric drive for low speeds safety is comprehensive with 7 airbags the 3-way split second row seats now feature a removable center section for walk through capability it neatly

Stores under the front console the second road your side section also tilts and slides for improved access to the third row seat more wheelbase means more legroom here although it’s still mostly for kids cargo volume behind the third row remains small at ten point three cubic feet fold the third row when it jumps to forty two point three cubic feet use the handy

Remote releases and fold the second row for a big 94.1 cubic feet 2008 highlander prices have not yet been released but with a v6 and third row now standard we expect them to start at about $28,000 with front-wheel drive and 29,500 with 4-wheel draw with no front drive price leader four-wheel drive hybrid prices should start near $35,000 the 2008 toyota highlander

Doesn’t offer any big headline first but it does deliver more of everything that made the original highlander such an enduring success and in a market now crowded with cross over rivals inspired by the first highlander it’s enough to guarantee that the 2008 highlander will be another toyota triumph

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Motorweek Video of the 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid By 0andix

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