motorweek road test 2009 audi q7
Altair Club Cars MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Audi Q7

MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Audi Q7

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MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Audi Q7

Americans who still desire big luxurious suvs but fill their conscience tugging at them when they pull up to the pump may now be able to ditch that guilt trip outies full-size luxury sport youth the q7 is back for a second go with us but this time with a clean diesel promise so let’s see if howdy’s big hauler is now both suit and guilt free when the audi q7 was

Introduced for 2007 it came equipped with either a 280 horsepower 3.6 liter v6 or a 350 horsepower 4.2 liter v8 while a good performer it’s two and a half tonne curb weight contributed to abysmal fuel economy now for 2009 americans get a taste of how europeans enjoy this up to seven passenger luxury hauler and the q7 tdi the tdi uses the same 3 liter common-rail

Direct injected clean turbo diesel v6 as the volkswagen touareg tdi it includes 50 state clean diesel technology for reduced tailpipe emissions using adblue after treatment a liquid urea solution is sprayed into the exhaust to reduce particulate emissions by 98 percent from the original tdi engine in 1989 as far as diesel’s go this one isn’t just clean its powerful

– With 225 horsepower and a massive 406 pound-feet of torque all available from just above idle that’s a jump of 81 pound-feet / howdy’s own range topping 4.2 liter gas v8 trailer capacity is a hefty 66 hundred pounds with the optional tow package a six-speed tiptronic automatic is standard as his quattro all-wheel drive with front and rear electronic locking

Differentials and a sitter self locking differential at the track the q7 pulled strong off the line bouncing between three and four thousand rpm for a zero to sixty of eight point six seconds that’s only seven tenths slower than the four point two gas v8 the quarter-mile took sixteen point six seconds in just over 82 miles per hour lacking the progressive power feel

Of bmws latest turbo diesel the q7 tdi power arrives more in an on/off manner with standard stability control but without the 4.2 zve ailable adjustable suspension this 5500 12-pound diesel exhibited quite a bit of body roll through the cones turn in is initially quick but understeer and top heaviness soon caught up and dominated the tests as well as our handling

Impressions on the other hand we averaged a good 129 feet from 60 to zero and came away impressed with the q7 s overall braking stability with abs and brake assist the pedal was firmed with a nice short travel out on the byways the all independent front double wishbone and rear four-link suspension made for a cushy ride on just about any road surface the q7 is a

Big audi riding on a 118 point 2 inch wheelbase and casting a 200 point 2 inch long shadows fittingly it wears a larger-than-life nuvolari grille well lines are clean and uncomplicated flowing from the lidded headlights over taut flanks and bulging fenders the wide set hatchet shaped taillights a handful of tdi badges normally are the only hints there’s a diesel

Under hood but our tester arrived with door decals proudly proclaiming its lack of spark plugs it also featured s-line exclusive 20-inch wheels with all season tires s line contributed nicely to the plush cabin 2 brushed aluminum inlays accentuated the interiors vast swatches of leather and shift paddles allowed for some added driver involvement top-of-the-line

Prestige trim ads navigation rear view camera bose surround sound and park assist our q7 also had a sunroof the leather seats are big and comfortable three rows means plenty of room although the third row is best reserved for children pop the tailgate its power open but manual closed and you’ll find a tiny 10.9 cubic feet of cargo room with all seats erect fold

Them down however and in expands to a reasonable seventy two point five cubic feet government fuel economy ratings for the q7 tdi are 17 city 25 highway on diesel we achieved twenty point one miles per gallon hardly stellar but 25% better than the four point two gas v8 and comparable to the chevrolet tahoe hybrid the 2009 how the q7 tdi starts at fifty $1,725 stiff

But only four thousand dollars more than the gas 3.6 v6 and over 10 grand less than the very thirsty 4.2 v8 the addition of clean turbo diesel power removes dismal fuel economy as the only major stigma we found in our initial q7 tests the 2009 outie q7 tdi is big very luxurious and reasonably entertaining to drive and while it’s still not a high mileage zipper it

Can now hold its own among the most economical big huge going the q7 tdi is one european fashion that americans would be energy smart to follow

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MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Audi Q7 By MotorWeek

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