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Altair Club Cars – Twin Test – BMW 3 Series v Genesis G70 – Twin Test – BMW 3 Series v Genesis G70

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The compact saloon segments is one that despite the increasing popularities of crossovers continues to be a particularly hard-fought category a mainstay for all types of drivers the compact saloon has been a hit with motorists for decades and it’s why there are still a variety of different options on the market here we’ve got two very different options the bmw

3 series is one of the best-known names in the business having been a hit for decades the genesis g70 meanwhile is a real newcomer to the segment but brings an interesting take on the traditional recipe the compact saloon has to tow a difficult line when it comes to styling it has to be interesting enough to stand out but not too distinctive as to divide opinion

Too much the three series has managed this time and time again with the latest version being a great example of this styling compromise but on this occasion we prefer the looks of the g70 it’s interesting and exciting with plenty of different touches which provide a breath of fresh air of course looks are down to the individual but we think the g70 is our design

Winner here the interior of the car is where you’ll be spending the most time this is particularly the case for compact saloons which are often used as business vehicles traveling long distances the cabin of the g70 is just as distinctive as the exterior with a large central screen giving it a particularly high-end look but we just can’t fault the bmw’s cabin

It’s impressively well built with great ergonomics and a spot-on driving position plus all of the major controls are logically placed making it a place where it’s easy to get comfortable from the off of course you want a compact saloon to be comfortable but there needs to be an element of fun there too the g70 does well in this regard bringing impressively

Agile handling and a series of punchy engines it’s just let down by a firm ride which makes it feel a little unsettled at lower speeds and around town however the bmw simply blows it away in this regard mainly due to its all-round ability it’s comfortable over long distances yet it’s steering and handling is rewarding on twisty country roads it’s ideal for those

People who want those longer journeys to breeze by but also want the ability to enjoy more demanding roads too winning costs are a big deal in this segment and the three series does well in this regard thanks to a wide range of engines the diesel of course will be the go-to choice for long-distance motorway drivers while a plug-in hybrid will no doubt be the pick

Of the bunch for those traveling fewer miles or driving around town genesis has gone down the non-hybrid route instead offering turbocharged petrol and diesel engines a comprehensive warranty really helps the g70 to edge the bmw here so on this occasion it’s our winner for this section it’s always nice to know that you’re getting good value for money prices

For the 3 series start from 33 250 pounds and entry-level cars get adaptive led headlights cruise control and a full connected package which includes features such as apple carplay of course being a bmw you can quickly ramp up that price with all manner of optional extras prices for the g70 meanwhile start at 33 400 pounds but you get a wealth of equipment as

Standard including a 10.25 inch central infotainment display adaptive cruise control and a comprehensive range of safety equipment you also get a genesis 5-year car care plan which includes warranty claims servicing and even roadside assistance for this alone the wind goes to the g70 it’s quite a tough one this the g70 is an admirable choice here bringing with

It a really good sense of value plentiful equipment and a distinctive look that’ll no doubt prove popular with many it just loses out because of its somewhat flawed driving experience and a general lack of polish and it’s this polish where the bmw counters it just feels that little more well resolved and though it might cost slightly more after you’ve added the

Extras you want will put a greater smile on your face when it comes to outright driving experience bye

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